Written by Lacey Sled

Renesmee's POV
  After my growing had slowed I was allowed to attend school. I was excited because I got to go to school with mom, dad, Jacob, Alice, Rose, Jasper, and Emmett. It felt good to be included with them, because to them they still thought I was a baby. But I’m now 5 years old and I look like an adult. The morning of school I was just asking “when do we go school??” Mom said in about an hour. While we were waiting I keep asking questions then Uncle Emmett said it’s not as much fun as you think it is and everyone else agreed. I just sighed. Once we arrived at school my first class was English. Since I didn’t know what I was supposed to do I just took a seat and began to doodle. Then a guy sat next to me, It didn’t bug me until he was asking a bunch of questions about me and my family. Then the teacher started class and thank goodness. The guy who sat next to me passed me a note, I didn’t really want to read but I got curious so I opened it and it said “ My name is Corey and I really really like you.. Are you with anyone?” I stared at the note in shock. Then I wrote” I have a boyfriend” He read the note and looked at me angrily. Then someone pushed my chair I turned around and I can’t believe that I for got that dad was in this class with me. He gave me the irritated look. So I turned around. Then the bell rang and dad was the first one out of the door. I followed him just slower until someone grabbed my wrist. I turned to see who it was and it was Corey from English. He was in my face and asking who my boyfriend was. But all I said was “let go of me Corey”. He refused to. Then I saw Jasper heading toward the cafeteria and I said “Jasper help” to where only he could hear. Jasper turned around and he saw me. Then Corey got calmer but apparently not calm enough once he saw Jasper coming over toward us. Corey saw jasper coming over and yelled at me asking “Is this your boyfriend” I said “No he’s my brother.” Then Jasper mumbled “guys we may need backup” so low only to where me and my family can hear. Jasper told Corey to let go of me but all Corey said was “Why” then dad and Jacob and Emmett appered. Dad said because we said so. The Corey released me and ran away. I turned to them and said “Thank you, so much.” Then dad said “lets get back to Bella she’s freaking out” And to that we all agreed because we all knew what happens when she freaks. Once we got back to the lunch table Jacob pulled my chair out for me and sighed. It was a very irritated sigh. I put my hand to his face to ask why and he just shook his head. After school we were all standing in the parking lot talking. Until Alice was no longer in the conversation, which was very odd. We all turned to look and she was in a blank stare, which we all knew what was happening she was looking into the future. Dad was reading her mind and then grabbed me and put me in the car and told everyone to get in home fast.. Jasper had scooped Alice up and ran to their car. Dad, Mom and Jacob slid into the car and we were speeding down the road.. It was to quiet in the car so I ask what’s going and still no answer. Then we are at home and I was dragged into the house without an answer.. Dad says Esme, Carlisle and grandma and grandpa appear. I walk over to mom who looks very worried. I ask mom please tell me what’s going on. She takes a deep breath and says, “Nessie the gut from your English class is a vampire but not any regular vampire he’s a Southern Vampire”. I remembered uncle Jasper’s story. I just stare at mom confused. The she continues saying “They want to destroy us all except for you Nessie. They want to take you away with them.” Once Jacob heard that he was by my side and he was already shaking and about to burst into a wolf. I put a calming hand on him. I said “so they plan to destroy all of you and take me away.” No one answered so I yelled “why?” still no answer. I was crying now so grandma came over to me and said nothing. She was just trying to comfort me. But it was no use. I couldn’t take it any longer so I burst thru the door and I was outside running. I didn’t hear anyone behind me but that didn’t mean much. I kept on running until I reached the water. I didn’t pause I just dove rite in. I was swimming deeper and deeper until I finally wished I would have taken a breath before I dove into the water. I looked up saw how far from the surface I was. Then I started choking and I was sinking deeper. I realized that I was drowning, I fought against the water. The next thing I know I was on dry land and I was alive. I opened my eyes and saw the guy who wanted to hurt my family, and take me away from them forever. Corey saw that I was awake he said “ hello beautiful” I sit up and say Get away from me Corey and my family and I have a boyfriend!!” Then I stand up and trying running back to the way I came from. But I had forgotten that he was a full vampire he was standing in front of me before I could blink. Corey starts walking closer to me and every step he took I took a step back. I wasn’t paying attention and I tripped. Then from the distance I heard Jacob’s voice his voice was calling my name but before I could answer him Corey cover my mouth with his hand and picked me up and ran off. I tried to scream but his hand was still on my mouth so the scream was muted. While he was carrying me off who knows where I had realized how tired I was and I fell asleep. When I awoke I found myself in a sleeping bag inside a tent and with Corey in the tent. He noticed me sit up and said “good morning” I gave him a dirty look and asked “where am I?” He replied saying “in Seattle.” I got up and walked out of the tent. Then I saw what was really in Seattle. It was a bunch of vampires who were southern. They all stared at me and I stared back. Then a girl came up to me and said “so this is the Renessemse I have heard so much about?” I didn’t reply. Then she said “my name is Maria.” I remembered uncle Jasper’s story and took an automatic step back. Maria smiled and says “it appears that Jasper has mentioned me a time or two.” I still didn’t reply. Then Maria called for Corey and he appeared. Maria said to Corey “good job Corey but I’m afraid your services wont be need anymore.” And she snapped her finger’s and to Big Vampires appeared and took him away. Corey was struggling and trying to escape. The two vampires went deep into the forest with Corey. That’s when I heard a screeching sound. Then in the distance there was a puff of purple smoke. Then Maria turned and said to her army “today we fight.” They all began to cheer. My eye’s filled with water once I realized who they were going to fight against. Maria turned back to me and said “child you are with us now” and that’s when the tears began. Maria walked closer to the army and said “come we are leaving now.” They all were lined up and ready to go. They started to run. I didn’t move until the two vampires who took Corey away told me to follow and I did. We walked for a long time. All the sudden the army stopped. Then Maria said “bring me the child” and they two Vampires who told me to follow grabbed my arms and took me to her. I was thinkin they were her guards. I was suddenly beside Maria. When I realized where we were. We were at the Clearing in forks, and close to my family. I decide my chances were slimed but I took off running full speed. Then the Two (Guards) grabbed me and took me back to Maria. But while they were I was screaming and yelling. Then I heard Dad and Jacob calling my name. Then Dad and Jacob appeared out of the forest. Once they saw mw they stopped dead in their tracks and stared at me. Then the rest of my family filed in beside Dad and Jacob. Then Maria grabbed my arm. Then uncle Jasper said “Maria let her go!” Maria then squeezed my arm tighter and tighter until we all heard a snapping sound. I felt then intense pain and collapsed. I was trying to hold on my scream but I couldn’t it just hurt so badly. Through my tears I saw Jacob shaking and burst into a wolf, and then I saw another wolf stop him before he could attack. I glanced over at Maria who was smiling in pleasure. Uncle jasper yelled again “What is it you want Maria? Renessemse hasn’t done anything wrong! Maria don’t touch her!” I saw the other Vampires waiting for the signal. But Maria told them “I don’t think we will need to fight.” Then she turned to me as I was trying to crawl away. She grabbed my angle and had me upside down in the air. I didn’t have to be a mind reader to know what my family was thinking. I know that mom was using her shield and was worrying. I knew that Dad was reading Maria’s mind. Emmett was worried about me but also thinking about who he was going to take down. Jasper was no doubt ready to attack Maria. Grandma was worrying. Grandpa was worrying and already thinking of ways to help me with my injuries. Alice was looking into the future to see the outcome. Rose was ready to come and get me and take down Maria. Jacob was very worried and upset. Everyone was worried and wondering how to save me.. Then Maria put me back on the ground and I saw her hand was raised about to give the signal to attack.. I couldn’t let my family get hurt so I stood up and then attempted to attack Maria. But before I could touch her, her (guards) caught me and threw me head first into a tree. I fell back to the ground and I was bleeding and I could tell some more bones were broken. I knew I shouldn’t scream because I was thinking about my family and Jacob. I was just in so much pain I had to scream and cry. Then one of the (guards) dragged me back to Maria, while I was screaming the whole way back to her. I was now too weak to scream so I just lay there with tears streaming down my face. Then I heard the sound of fighting I tried to open my eyes to see what was going on.. But I couldn’t, I was too weak. Then the sound of fighting was silenced. I heard mom, she was tearless sobbing and begging me to open my eyes. I tried and I was able to open my eyes. I opened my eyes and I saw my family looking at me with worry in their eyes. Grandpa was already asking me medical questions. I was too weak to answer. So I just lay on the ground in pain, crying and wanting to go home. Grandpa walked over to Jacob who was looking at the purple smoke. Grandpa said” Jacob we need to move Nessie back to the house” Jacob nodded and walked over to me and scooped me up in his strong warm arms and he carried me home. On the way home I fell asleep. And when I woke up I was in a small bright room and mom was watching me. I looked into her golden eyes and started crying then she said” Edward.” Dad appeared and he walked over to us. Then he said “Carlisle.” And grandpa appeared. He was checking all of my charts, and then he asked me if I was in any pain. I tried to talk but it just came out in a sigh. They all looked at me with worry and panic in their eyes. I tried to talk again and I was able to whisper “no”. Once they heard me speak the rest of my family filed into the small room, except Jacob. They looked as worried as mom and dad did. I decided since no one was telling me where Jacob was I asked mom. She said “downstairs. He’s really upset ness. We almost lost you”. I looked up to her and said “I’m sorry, but I didn’t want you to all to get hurt”. Dad finally spoke “Nessie we know, and its okay Maria won’t bother any of us anymore”. Then Jacob came into the room to see what was going on. Once he saw that I was awake he looked so relived. Then I asked dad “How did you destroy Maria?” dad replied “We attacked when all the army including Maria were all distracted by your blood”. I was so happy to hear that my family and I were safe. Then that reminded me “How bad am I hurt?” I knew I didn’t really want to know but I wanted to walk over and hug each one of my family members. Grandpa said that I had a broken arm, broken ribs, and a few fractures in my in my other arm. I asked grandpa “can I walk?” He said “Nessie your legs are going to be very sore for a while. But if you would like to try you can.” I told them I wanted to try. Dad and grandpa helped me up out of the bed. I tried to walk but my legs were so numb, and I started to sway. Dad and grandpa steadied me and I tried again. I stated walking, I walked to mom and attempted to hug her but with a broken arm and a fractured arm it was kind of hard. I went down the line and hugged my family, and then I got to Jacob. I was doing my best to try to hug him but he did most of the hugging. Jacob released me and I started walking to a chair. Then I got really dizzy and everything went sideways and so did I. Jacob caught me before I hit the floor. Grandpa told Jacob to put me back on the bed. He did and everything was still so dizzy. Grandpa got a small flashlight and moved to each eye and then said “She also has a concussion”. I finally could see everything again. Grandpa told everyone that I needed to sleep. He gave me some medicine and I fell asleep. While I was asleep I had a nightmare about Maria. Then I woke up screaming and I felt cold hands on me trying to soothe me and one warm hand. I opened my eyes and my family was looking at me panicked. Dad was telling them about my dream. Once my family knew why I was screaming they all keep telling me “it’s all right Nessie”. I was starting to heal two weeks later, except for the dreams I had nightmares every time I was asleep. I wasn’t allowed to go to the cottage until the nightmares stopped. I was able to go back to my house a two weeks after the incident. I saw the cottage from a distance and I was so happy to see the little cottage. I hurried inside to see the house I missed so much. I found put that I would be going back to school tomorrow. I begged mom and dad to home school me but they said I needed to be in school like a normal person. I was no where near to being a normal person especially with a vampire family, a werewolf boyfriend, and me being half-human, half-vampire. I love my family and my boyfriend and I also love me being different. That night the family sat down to figure out what the story would be for my being absent. When morning arrived I got dressed and ready for school. When we arrived at school I got so many stares. It was because I attended school one day and then disappeared and came back with a broken arm and covered in bruises and cuts. We told everyone that the family went to Seattle for a weekend and I wanted to leave early. The reason I was hurt was because I was in a car wreck. Everyone seemed to buy the story of me being in a car wreck. When we got back to the big house, everyone was trying to help me do everything. Three weeks later grandpa took the cat off my arm and my cuts and bruises were healed. I went to school, had a vampire family, a werewolf boyfriend, and I was half-human, half-vampire. I loved my family, my boyfriend, and being different with all my heart.