"The wall we faced now was different from the others. Instead of bookshelves, this wall was crowded with framed pictures of all sizes, some in vibrant colors, others dull monochromes."
[Bella, Twilight, chapter 16: Carlisle, page 335]


Alice Cullen: By Jithin Thomas Kurian

Alice Cullen: By Teigan

Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene): By Kate

And so the lion fell in love with the lamb: By Celia

Bella and Edward: By Kiana

Bella and Edward: By Nicole

Bella and the Moon: By Kate

Bella as a Vampire: By Kate

Bella's December in New Moon: By Kate

Bella in Darkness: By Kate

Bella Swan: By Nicole

Bella When Edward Left: By Kate

Book two, Jacob Black: By Shannon Barry

Breaking Dawn: By Nicole

Breaking Dawn Drawing: By Deanna

Dying to Love Forever: By Meghan Hurd (Vampire Girl)

Eclipse Collage: By Alice

Eclipse Drawing: By Deanna

Eclipse Remake: By Kate

Edward, Bella, Renesmee, and Jacob: By Tanya

Edward Cullen: By Aubree

Edward Cullen: By Nicole

Edward Cullen 2: By Nicole

Edward My Little Ponies: By Wendy

Everything a Girl Wants in One Book: By Esme

Fan-Made Breaking Dawn Poster: By James Brimsted

Favorite Quotes from Eclipse 1: By Shannon Barry

Favorite Quotes from Eclipse 2: By Shannon Barry

Fire in the Night: By Esme

I Smell A Werewolf: By Nikki

Jacob Black: By Teigan

Jacob Black 2: By Teigan

Jacob's Werewolf Pack: By Maddy

Kristen Stewart: By Jithin Thomas Kurian

Moonlit Forest: By Esme

My Faves: By Dianna Swete

New Moon Collage: By Alice

My Version of Breaking Dawn Cover: By Kate & Alice

New Moon Drawing: By Deanna

New Moon Remake: By Kate

No light: By Kate

Paul: By Teigan

The Prom: By Kate

Renesmee: By Esme

Rosalie: By Teigan

So the Lion Fell in Love with the Lamb: By Tanya

Taylor Lautner: By Nicole

Taylor Lautner: By Teigan

Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black: By Kalaisha

Twilight: By Nicole

Twilight Cartoon Boys: By Isabelle

Twilight Cartoon Girls: By Isabelle

The Twilight Cast: By Dianna Swete

The Twilight Cast: By Shannon Barry

Twilight Collage: By Alice

Twilight Collage: By Megan

Twilight Cover Remake: By Hannah

Twilight Drawing: By Deanna

Twilight, Edward & Bella: By Terry Blas

Twilight Ninjas: By Shannon B

Twilight Remake: By Kate

The Twilight Saga: By Tanya

Twilight Saga: By Alex

The Twilight Saga, Bella and Edward: By Dianna Swete

Vampire and Mortal: By Kate

Vanity Fair Shoot Favorites: By Shannon B

The Volturi: By Nicole


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