My Version of Breaking Dawn


Special thanks goes to:

Stephenie Meyer, for creating the wonderful world of Twilight for everyone to enjoy and obsess over.

Bella and Esme, for always being my friends even when I get a little too crazy, for helping me out when I have writer's block, and for introducing me to the Twilight saga. I love you guys!

Kate, for using her amazing artistic talents to make awesome Twilight pictures for our Fan Art page. You're awesome!

Matt, for teaching me how to make a website so that I could make my own. I love you.

Sheri, for helping me see the silver lining when I'm having a bad day. I love you, too.

Jay Armstrong, for keeping calm when everyone else is in a rush. You always made me feel special. I miss you.

The wonderful people at His Golden Eyes, for always making me laugh and giving me inspiration when I'm dry out of it. Woot Woot!

Cathrine Hardwicke and everyone else helping to make the Twilight movie, for working hard to bring Twilight to life. Keep up the good work!

The Twilight Lexicon, for providing information that I otherwise would have been without.

Seth, for putting Edward's Meadow on the fansites page on Stephenie's official site and for working hard to keep the Twilight Fans up to date or we would all go crazy. Keep on truckin'

Stay Twilight, your site is awesome! Congratulations!

All the other sites that have affiliated with us, thank you so much for helping to make Edward's Meadow popular!

Everyone who has donated their work and ideas to us, thank you!

And to anyone I might have missed, sorry and thank you!

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