My Version of Breaking Dawn

Chapter 8: Control

Relief flooded through me as the pain began to fade from my fingertips. I had felt as if my whole body had been engulfed in flames for months, though I knew it had only been three days. All I could remember from those three days was the agony, joined by my own tortured screams. I hoped that Alice had succeeded in getting Edward to leave.
I twisted in pain one last time before the burning disappeared completely. Slowly, I opened my eyes.
The room looked very different. It looked sharper, clearer. I turned my head and saw Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, and Jasper standing there. I noticed everything; the slight movement of a finger, the twitch of an eye, an intake of breathe. Carlisle took a step towards me.
"Bella, are you alright? Is the pain gone?" He asked me.
I nodded.
"I'm so sorry, Bella. I tried to give you morphine after Edward bit you, but it didn't work. The venom destroyed it the minute the morphine was in your bloodstream." Carlisle apologized.
His last word was what triggered it. I suddenly noticed the thirst I felt. My throat and mouth were dry. A liquid, which I guessed was the venom, flowed into my mouth. My hands balled into fists around the sheets of the bed I laid on. I tried to control it. I would not be a monster. But I didn't know how.
"Edward, her eyes are open. You can come in now." I heard Alice say in a whisper from the other room.
I saw Edward run into the room and stop next to my bed. He hadn't been running at human speed, but my eyes were now more adjusted so that I could see him run at vampire speed. When I saw his perfect face for the first time in three days, my thirst for blood was forgotten.
"Bella." His voice was full of relief. He leaned forward-as if about to kiss me-but then took a step back, his face suddenly cautious.
I looked at him curiously, and then sat up slowly.
"Bella, it's alright. It's over now. You'll be okay." Esme said.
I didn't answer her. I looked around the room. It was so strange; everything seemed so much clearer, like a high definition TV compared to a normal TV.
I gasped when I saw the window. It was pitch black outside, but light inside, making the window act like a mirror-showing my reflection.
My eyes were what I saw first. They were bright red, almost glowing. But, besides that, I was beautiful. Not as beautiful as Rosalie, but I was still beautiful. My skin was like white stone, like marble. My features hadn't changed much, but they seemed slightly sharper, more angular. I heard Edward walk over to me and he stopped next to me. He slowly wrapped his arm around me. His reflection showed in the window, also. No longer did we look out of balance. We now looked like we were made for each other, equally beautiful. Except for the eyes. My blood red eyes looked evil next to Edward's golden eyes. I hoped it wouldn't take too long for my eyes to turn gold.
After Edward had wrapped his arm around me, he turned to look at me so that I could no longer see his eyes in the window. I turned to him. He looked worried.
Dozens of emotions suddenly ran through me, taking me by surprise. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pressed my face into his shoulder, and started to cry.
"Bella, what's wrong?" Edward asked. He sounded frightened.
I let myself cry for one more moment before pulling myself away from him and trying to compose myself.
"I'm sorry," I said. I lifted my hand to wipe away any tears that had not soaked Edward's shirt, but I found none. Then I remembered that vampires didn't have tears, "I just…I can't believe it! I'm finally a vampire!" I smiled.
I was surprised by the emotions I felt. I felt happy, relieved, excited, shocked, amazed, and some emotions that I couldn't even identify. As if all of my problems were gone.
"Welcome to the vampire world!" Emmett congratulated me. He ran to me at vampire speed and then patted my shoulder with his large hand.
The rest of the Cullens followed Emmett. Most of them were smiling, looking relieved. As everyone else began talking to me, I saw Rosalie's face. She did not seem pleased at all. I looked away. Then I saw Carlisle's face. He looked concerned. His expression worried me. Then I saw Jasper's face. He was looking away, confusion on his face.
"I'm so glad you're alright, Bella." Edward said.
"Welcome to our family." Esme said.
"See? I told you it would work out." Alice said.
"Bella," When Carlisle spoke, his tone serious, everyone went silent, "Are you thirsty?"
Why did he have to bring that up? When he reminded me, the thirst came back. My fists balled up again. I nodded stiffly.
"You'll need to hunt right away. Edward?"
Edward, who was standing next to me, looked up.
"We've all gone hunting recently. We don't all need to go. Do you want to take her?"
"Of course." Edward replied. He took my hand and we turned to the door.
"You ready?" He whispered, but I could still hear him plain as day.
I nodded, not sure if I was or not.
He smiled my favorite crooked smile. Then, together, we began walking at human speed. Then we ran at human speed. And then, side-by-side, we were flying.
It was easy, second nature. As if I had been running at vampire speed all my life. Together, we ran down the stairs. He opened the front door for me, and then we were in his silver Volvo. It had all taken a second. Edward started the car and then we were zooming down the road.
"You're going to love this. We may even find you a grizzly bear. It's the summer, though, so they won't be irritable, but it might become one of your favorites." Edward shrugged.
"I hope not. Emmett would get mad. We would have to share." I said.
Edward laughed and I laughed with him.
I found that, as I sat here with Edward joking about what I would have for dinner, that I didn't feel the thirst for blood I had felt before. It wasn't as strong, at least.
"Well, it would be good for Emmett to learn how to share. But your right, he would get mad." Edward smiled and I smiled, too, grateful that I still felt the same way about Edward. Eleazar had been right. I loved Edward. I would always love him. Not even my craving for blood could change that.

Despite the darkness of the forest, I could still see perfectly. I was able to dodge every branch and every rock as Edward and I ran through the woods.
I caught the scent before we reached it, making fresh venom flow into my mouth.
Then we saw it. It was large, furry, and full of fresh blood. Our passage through the trees had been so quiet that it hadn't heard us, and was still unaware of our presence. I took in a breath, smelled the blood of the doomed grizzly bear we had found, and then I lost control.
I shot through the air toward the bear and Edward followed behind me. I no longer had a conscience; all I had was my instinct. I was a predator and the bear was my prey. That was all that mattered.
Killing the bear was easy. We were too strong, too fast for it. It took only a second for me to snap the grizzly's neck. Then, wild with thirst, I knelt down in the dirt and sunk my sharp, venom coated, teeth into the bear's flesh.

I ran through the forest searching for another animal, with Edward not far away doing the same. I was now excited. I remembered the taste of the grizzly bear's blood in my mouth, the feeling of it going down my throat. It had tasted delicious. I wanted more.
Then I saw the light, a dim light past the trees. Curious, I ran towards it.
I gasped when I saw the source of the light. I braced myself, waiting for the thirst to hit. I hoped Edward was nearby so he could stop me before I killed the group of happy humans that sat around the campfire.
A second passed, then another second, and then another. I waited for my instincts to take over, for me to lose control. But nothing happened. I couldn't smell their blood, though I knew I was close enough to do so. What was wrong?
"Bella!" Edward whispered from behind me, his voice panicked. He grabbed my arms and began pulling me back.
"Edward, I'm alright," I turned to him. Confusion replaced the panic on his face, "I'm under control. I can't smell them."
Though I told him I was under control, he took my hand and began pulling me away. When we were miles away from the campsite, he stopped.
"You couldn't smell them?" Edward asked, confusion still on his face.
I shook my head.
Edward was silent for a moment.
"We need to talk to Carlisle." He finally said. He took my hand once more and we were flying again.
We stopped once on the way back to Edward's Volvo when we found another animal, a Caribou. But then we ran at full speed to the car. I didn't speak the whole time until we were shooting down the road at one hundred miles per hour.
"What's wrong with me?" I asked. I knew, as well as he did, that what had occurred was not normal…for a vampire.
He turned to me and lifted one of his hands to face, keeping the other hand on the steering wheel. He laid his hand on my cheek.
"There is nothing wrong with you. It was just a little strange, that's all. Everything will be alright." He comforted me.
I nodded, still staring into his golden eyes, not entirely convinced.
When we reached the house we ran inside and burst into the kitchen. The kitchen was not small, but not large either. The cupboards were wooden and the long counter tops were marble. Carlisle stood against the nearest counter across from Jasper, both of them lost in thought until we entered. They both looked up.
"What's wrong?" Carlisle asked when he saw my face. I didn't know what he saw there. I wasn't paying attention.
"Carlisle, something…strange happened," Edward said, "Bella came across a campsite full of people. She was defiantly close enough to catch their scent, but she couldn't smell a thing."
Carlisle looked at Jasper for a moment, his face full of understanding, before turning to me.
"I thought this would happen," He said, "After you had became a vampire, you felt thirst-but it wasn't strong enough. It's usually stronger; it was for all of us. I wondered why that was.
"Jasper and I were just talking about it. I think it may be because you chose this way of life willingly, unlike the rest of us. Maybe you have gained more control."
I suddenly felt excited. More control meant a better chance that I would not become a monster. But then I thought of something.
"Vampire's sometimes get special talents, right?" I turned to Edward, "What if this is my special talent."
"You can't have two special powers." Jasper said. I turned to him, confusion spread across my face.
What did he mean two powers?
Jasper saw my expression and nodded. "When you started crying upstairs, I had tried to calm you down. But I didn't affect you at all. I couldn't even feel the tenor of your emotions. My talent hadn't worked on you.
"Carlisle believes that your ability to protect your mind has now spread to your body. No vampire power can affect your mind or body."
I felt shock replace the confusion on my face. Was this true? Could I now protect my body as well as my mind? Yes. I could. I could feel it in my un-beating heart.

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