My Version of Breaking Dawn

Chapter 11: Provision For The End

Another agonized scream from Jacob tore through the air. I looked back and forth between Edward and Jacob, trying to force myself to come to a conclusion. I knew I had no choice; I wouldn't-couldn't-go through the pain of losing him again. I took a step towards Edward.
"I'm so sorry, Jacob." I whispered.
Pain took me over as I walked towards Edward, leaving Jacob to die. I was a monster, a hideous monster. After all Jacob had done for me, I had continued to put him in pain even to the end. I had loved him, but it wasn't enough. It was just enough to hurt him.
I knew I couldn't live without Edward, but could I live without Jacob? Could I go through my eternal existence knowing that Jacob would've lived if I had chosen him? But I knew that, whatever my choice, I would have to suffer. Pain was my only option.
Jacob screamed again, as if begging me to change my mind. My legs became Jell-O as pain continued to wash through me. I struggled to keep myself standing, to keep walking. I had to help Edward. But then a miracle occurred.
Jasper ran out from the mayhem to Edward's aid. Together, they fought against Embry and Leah. Both sides now had an even chance. There wasn't anything I could do that would be helpful now.
I looked back at Jacob, who was still in need of my help.
The sun broke over the treetops as if encouraging my new decision.
I ran at vampire speed towards Jane. And then, with a thundering boom that sounded like boulders smashing together, I knocked her to the ground. Jacob's screaming stopped immediately, but he stayed unmoving on the ground.
Jane and I both stood up. Jane glared at me, her crimson eyes glowing with anger. Then she launched herself towards me, her hands held out ready to tear me apart. I dodged and she missed me by an inch. She then spun around and launched herself at me again-to my side this time. I tried to dodge, but I was too slow. I screamed as Jane sunk her teeth into the marble skin on my arm, letting the venom flow into my empty veins. But before she used her teeth to rip my arm out of it's socket, I lifted my leg and kicked her in the stomach with all my might. Shocked by the blow, her jaws released my arm. Then she went flying through the air and landed several yards away.
I lifted my right hand to my left arm-to the place where Jane had bit me. The venom didn't send the burning sensation running through my body, but it stung a lot. I clenched my teeth as the stinging continued.
But then Jane returned and the fighting resumed. I never found an opening to attack, so all I could do was dodge her. But she was getting better. She began predicting my movements as the fight continued. I had no fighting experience at all, I was just a newborn; I was only running on my survival instincts and adrenaline. Jane had thousands of years of experience. It wouldn't be long before I lost.
Jane continued to attack at me from different sides and before I knew it Jane was behind me. I knew I wouldn't be able to dodge, or even turn around, in time. I waited for the deathblow. But instead of another attack, I heard what sounded like thunder crashing. I turned around and saw Jane-flat on her back-with Jacob on top of her. Jacob tried to get his jaws around her neck, but she managed to push him off her. Before Jane could get the advantage and attack Jacob, I ran at her again and knocked her back down. And then Jacob was at my side and, together, we dismembered and decapitated Jane, ignoring her screams. I thought I was going to be sick.
Jacob and I turned to see Alec staring in horror at the shredded remains of his sister. Then horror was replaced with hatred as his crimson eyes turned to us. And then, beside me, Jacob collapsed.
I knelt down beside him. He was still breathing, but his eyes were closed.
I looked back at Alec. Frustration was now on his face as he stared at me. What was he trying to do? What was he doing to Jacob? Failure spread across Alec's face before he began to advance towards us. But before he took a single step, Alice came from behind him and was suddenly on top of him.
I looked around. The Volturi were no longer fighting with the Cullens, they were fighting against them. All alliances were gone. It was now a three-sided battle. And-from what I could see-the Volturi were losing.
I heard Jacob take in a deep breath. I turned to him and saw that his dark eyes were open.
"Jacob, are you alright?" I asked.
Jacob let out a sigh as he stood up so that he towered over me. He nodded.
Then I saw a movement in the corner of my eye. I turned and saw one of the Volturi guard-with only one arm-running at us. Jacob also saw, and then charged at him and began doing the same to him as we had done to Jane.
Now that Jacob was safe I began looking around at the mayhem searching for Edward. Was he alright? Had Jasper's help been sufficient enough? Had he survived the battle?
I began to panic as my search came up empty. I left Jacob's side and ran through the chaos, searching frantically. I didn't see him.
No, not again! I can't lose him again! Please let him be alright, please! I begged silently.
As I searched I saw the black wolf, Sam, begin running towards me. I gasped.
"BELLA!" I recognized the velvet voice at once. It was Edward's voice. Even though Sam was about to kill me, relief ran through me. Edward was alive. I turned and saw him running towards me.
My relief disappeared when Edward placed himself between Sam and me-arms lifted protectively in front of me-ready to protect me from Sam.
I took in a quick breath, as Sam got closer. Then, just a foot away from Edward, Sam stopped dead in his tracks.
I looked around and saw that Sam wasn't the only one. All of the werewolves had frozen, everyone except Jacob.
Jacob was looking at Sam, walking towards us. He stopped in front of Sam and continued to stare at him.
"Ah, come on! It's no fun if you don't fight back!" I heard Emmett complain on the other side of the clearing, glaring at a wolf with dark silver fur, Paul.
"Emmett, shh." Edward said so quiet that if had still been a human I wouldn't have been able to hear. Emmett looked at Edward with a curious expression.
I leaned around Edward's arm and looked at Edward's face. His gaze was locked on Jacob and Sam, fascination on his face.
I looked back at Jacob and Sam, wondering what was going on. They continued to stare at each other unmoving. Then Sam nodded and took a step away from Jacob.
Then the whole werewolf pack, except for Jacob, began to move towards the trees surrounding the clearing. Silently, they disappeared into the blackness of the forest.
Jacob took a step towards Edward and I. Edward kept his protective stance in front of me.
I gazed into Jacob's eyes. Pain ran through me as I saw the pain in his eyes.
"Jacob-" I wanted to try and comfort him some how. It hurt me to see him this way. His pain was my pain. It had always been that way.
But before I could continue, Jacob suddenly darted away and followed the rest of the werewolf pack into the forest, leaving my family and I alone in the clearing with the shredded remains of the Volturi guard.
Dozens of emotions came crashing down on me at once. I knelt down on the ground and began crying my tearless sobs. Edward knelt down beside me, picked me up, and cradled me in his arms.
"It's alright, Bella. It's over now. You're safe. It's over." He chanted in my ear.
As I continued to cry the Cullens began to converge on us. I felt another emotion, relief, when I saw that all of the Cullens were there, unharmed.
"Bella, are you alright?" Esme asked.
I didn't answer. Why should they care if I was alright or not? I was a monster. I wasn't worth caring for.
"She seems to be alright. You better take her away from here, Edward, help her calm down. We'll take care of things here."
I was pretty sure I knew what he meant by taking care of things: to take the remains of the Volturi-including Jane who I had helped destroy-and burn them. I shuddered.
Edward stood up, and then we were flying through the forest away from the clearing. I continued to cry until we reached the stolen car. Edward opened the car door and sat me down on the passenger seat before sitting down next to me and closing the door behind him. I tried to calm myself down. There were so many questions I had for him. Edward waited patiently as I struggled to compose myself. Eventually I was able to stop the sobs, but I didn't know how much more I could take. I decided to start with the easier questions.
"How did the werewolf pack find us?" I asked first.
"They caught the Volturi's scent and went to investigate. When they saw us they couldn't attack unless they knew we had broken the treaty. Jasper was standing in between you and the werewolves, so they couldn't see you." He answered.
"So when Jasper moved…"
"The werewolf pack saw you." Edward finished.
Then another question popped in my mind.
"What was Alec's power? He started doing something to…" I took a deep breath, "Jacob, but I'm not sure what."
"Alec's power is what usually makes the Volturi invincible, well except for tonight…" Edward paused when I shuddered at the memory of the destroyed Volturi guards on the ground in the clearing, "He has the ability to weaken someone's body with his mind. He can weaken an entire army at the same time. It's pretty handy talent in a fight." He answered.
Then I reached my final question.
"What happened? Why did the werewolf pack leave?"
Edward kept his face emotionless as he answered.
"Remember how every werewolf pack in Quileute history has had a pack leader? And then another leader below him? An Alpha and a Beta?" He asked me.
"And how the rest of the pack have to obey the Alpha's and Beta's orders?"
I nodded.
"Did Jacob ever tell you that he was actually supposed to be the Alpha? Not the Beta?"
"Yes, he did." I answered in a whisper. Pain tore through me at Jacob's name.
Before Jacob had become a werewolf, Sam, the first one to transform, had been a temporary Alpha. When Jacob had transformed, Sam had offered him his rightful place as leader of the pack, but Jacob had turned him down. He hadn't wanted the responsibility. So he had become the Beta instead while Sam remained the Alpha.
Edward was silent for a moment.
"When Jacob saw Sam running at you, he knew the only way to stop him was to order him to stop. The only way he could do that was by becoming the Alpha. He chose to become the leader of the pack to save you. Without him, the war would have continued." His tone was full of gratitude.
All of the emotions hit me again. But with the revived pain and guilt, I felt gratitude. He had saved my family, my friends, and myself. Without him I would have lost everything. But the gratitude was what fueled the pain and guilt. He had saved me during my darkest night and brought hope and light into my new life of darkness when all hope was gone, like the breaking of dawn. And all I had done was put him through pain. And now he would be in pain for the rest of his life because of me. I knew that the sight of me as a vampire would haunt him forever, as would the memory of the pain in his eyes haunt me.
"Bella, what's wrong?" Edward asked, his voice full of worry. I realized I was crying again.
I looked up at Edward, nothing but concern for me on his face.
No, my life was not a life of darkness. I still had Edward, the one I loved more then anything-even Jacob. But to be with Edward I had to let Jacob go. I remembered how Edward had said that I couldn't save everyone and I couldn't make everyone happy. It was true. I knew it would be hard to except, but that's how things were. Even as a vampire that would have been an impossible task to accomplish. All I could do was hope that the wounds I had inflicted on Jacob would heal over time.
I knew that if everyone on in the world had a soul mate, then Edward was defiantly mine. Someone for Jacob had to be out there. He just had to see her. Hopefully she would be enough to make him happy, because I couldn't make him happy anymore. I had chosen my path. I was a vampire. I would spend the rest of eternity with the Cullens, with Edward.
As if I had called them, the rest of the Cullens appeared.
"We're done." Rosalie said, no emotion in her voice.
I looked up in the direction of the clearing and saw a pillar of strange, purple smoke rising in the distance.
"I'll need to go to Volterra and explain all this. It should be alright. Aro, Marcus, Caius, and I are old friends." Carlisle said.
"Why did we have to burn them? Couldn't we have just let them put themselves together?" I asked.
"They'd probably end up looking for revenge. It's better this way." Edward answered, his voice emotionless too.
I looked back up at the smoke and shuddered. I felt like I was about to cry again as the memories of the war ran through my head. It had been so horrible
But it was over, I reminded myself. The war was over and everyone I loved was safe. I was surrounded by my family and my true love, the ones who I would spend the rest of my eternal life with. Jacob had saved them all, had saved everything and everyone I cared about. He had been my breaking dawn. And for that I would be eternally grateful.

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