My Version of Breaking Dawn

Epilogue: Happy Endings

I couldn't believe I was actually here! It had been a whole year since I had been here. I had thought I would never be able to return in order to keep Charlie safe. But here I was walking up to the front door of Charlie's house.
Carlisle had said a year ago that, because of my unusual self-control, I might be able to see Charlie. That was before I had crushed Tanya's front door knob and also smashed the coffee table into splinters. Then he said we should probably wait until I was no longer a newborn and had gotten used to my new vampire abilities.
When Christmas had come, I had called Charlie with the excuse that Edward and I were still trying to get settled in. It took a while to convince him, but eventually he gave up. Then summer had come and I told him that Edward and I were just to busy with school. Charlie had become very suspicious when I couldn't give him many details as to exactly why I was so busy. But when Christmas came again I was able to call Charlie and tell him that Edward and I were coming this year. Of course, Charlie was very excited. So, a week after I had called Charlie, Edward and I got into my new Audi coupe (Edward finally beat me and got me one) and drove to the airport. And now we were here, ringing Charlie's doorbell.
"I can't believe I'm here!" I said to myself, though of course Edward could hear me.
Edward was smiling, happy to see that I was happy.
Then the door opened and there stood Charlie with a smile on his face. His smile disappeared as he looked at me, stunned. I had been afraid of this. I had hoped that I wouldn't look too different to Charlie. I had always been pale, and my gold eyes were just a bit lighter than before when they were brown. And the dark purple under my eyes could just be because of a lack of sleep, which was true. But Charlie noticed the change.
"Wow, Bella. You look…different." He stuttered in shock as he continued to stare at me.
I didn't care if he noticed how different I looked. I was just thrilled to see him. I ran up to him and hugged him, making sure I was gentle enough so I didn't accidentally crush him.
"It's great to see you, Dad." I said as I released him.
Shock was still on his face, but then it melted into a smile.
"It's great to see you too, Bella. It feels like it's been a century since I last saw you. What's been going on lately?"
I glanced at Edward, holding back a giggle. Edward was still smiling his beautiful smile. Then I looked back at Charlie.
"It's a long story, Dad." I said with a smile.

Charlie, Edward, and I sat together in the family room talking. At the moment we were talking about college. Charlie was still under the impression that Edward and I were still going to the University of Alaska. Though of course we weren't. So we had to make up stuff as we went along.
"So, have you made any friends in college?" Was one of the questions Charlie asked.
"No, not really." I answered. It was true, unless you counted Tanya's family. Except for Irina, who was still upset, we were all getting along really well. But I was still glad we didn't have to live together any more. Instead, we now lived in a house near Tanya's house.
We continued to talk until the doorbell rang. I looked at Charlie curiously. Charlie suddenly seemed uncomfortable, embarrassed.
"Who is it, Dad?" I asked him.
Charlie was silent for a moment. I looked at Edward. His smile was gone and his face was now empty of emotion. I looked back at Charlie.
"Um, when you called I, uh, told Jacob you were coming to visit. He had wondered if he could come down and see you, and I said yes." Charlie finally answered. He smiled weakly, embarrassed.
I didn't say anything. Jacob was at the door. The memories of the last time I had seen him, after the war, popped into my head. I just stared at Charlie with my lower jaw hanging. Charlie stood up.
"I'll go answer it." He said before walking out of the room. I listened as he opened the door.
"Hey, Jacob! Hi, Angela! How are you doing?" He greeted them.
Angela? I perked up and listened harder, though I knew it wasn't necessary. I could already hear everything perfectly.
"We're doing good. Is Bella here?" I recognized Jacob's voice, a voice I hadn't heard in a long time.
"Yes, she is. Why don't you come in?" Charlie said.
A few moments later, Charlie walked into the family room with Jacob and Angela, who were holding hands, behind him.
I stared at Jacob's face. It seemed like forever since I had last seen his human face. But Jacob didn't meet my gaze. He was looking at Edward with discomfort and apology on his face.
I had to strain my neck to look up at him. He was huge! It seemed like he had grown another two feet since the last time I had seen him human more then a year ago. I wasn't sure if that was just because I hadn't seen him in a while, or if it was because he really had grown.
There weren't enough seating places, so Jacob and Angela sat on the floor-keeping their hands entwined. I wondered…
"It's great to see you guys again. I've missed you. It was like you disappeared off the face of the earth." Angela said.
"We've been really busy with college." Edward said with a conversational voice. I looked at him. He seemed to be alright, but I knew better then to believe what I saw. I hoped he was okay.
Angela looked at us curiously. I wondered, if my suspicions were correct, if she knew everything.
"Yeah, I was going to the University of Washington. But when I came down to spend the summer with my parents," She turned to Jacob, "I met Jacob at the beach. We fell in love and I decided to drop out of college to marry him," She turned back to us, "My parents were a bit mad. They thought I should get a good education first. But I couldn't wait."
I struggled to keep my lower jaw from dropping again. Had I heard her right? Jacob and Angela were married? Had Jacob imprinted on her? Angela? Who'd have thought?
I was taken by surprise when I felt a small twinge of jealousy. That wasn't a reaction I had been expecting. This was what I had wanted: For Jacob to find his soul mate, to be happy. Jacob seemed very happy sitting next to Angela. I shouldn't be feeling jealous, but a part of me was.
Before I could stop myself, a question from the jealous part of me escaped my lips.
"What happened to Ben?" Had I still been human, I knew I would have blushed.
"Things didn't work out. We broke up." She didn't seem sad about this fact.
"Hm." I tried to sound uninterested, trying to make up for the rude question.
The conversation didn't last long. Nothing exciting had been going on lately, at least nothing we could say in front of Charlie. None of us spoke much. So, after a long moment of silence, Jacob and Angela stood up and said that they should get going. Charlie, Edward, and I began to walk Jacob and Angela to the door. But before we got out of the family room, Jacob stopped.
"Could I talk to Bella alone for a moment." He asked, looking at Edward and I.
I looked at Edward. Worry was on his face, but he nodded. Then Charlie, Edward, and Angela left the room-leaving Jacob and I alone.
"You imprinted on Angela?" I asked, though I was pretty sure I was right.
"Yep." Jacob answered simply.
"Wow." I muttered.
It was silent for a moment, but then Jacob started talking quickly as if we only had a few more seconds to talk.
"Oh, Bella. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry for everything I've done to you. I'm sorry for attacking Edward. I know you love him. It was just so hard for me to except that you chose him over me. I know I shouldn't have interfered, but I couldn't just stand there and let him bite you. He could have killed you. I would have died if that had happened to you. I was only trying to protect you. But that's no excuse. I'm so sorry. I wanted to apologize sooner, but I didn't want to make you upset. But when you left, I couldn't sleep. I was always wondering what had happened to you. It nearly killed me, not knowing. I'm so sorry!" He said in a rush.
"Jacob," I stopped him. Why was he apologizing? That was what I was supposed to be doing, "It's alright. Edward's fine. I know you were just trying to stop Edward from biting me, though that wasn't what he doing, but it's alright. I forgive you." I smiled, trying to make him feel better.
Jacob looked at me with a confused expression, "He wasn't about to bite you?" He asked.
"No, he was just…" Would it hurt him if I told the truth? I didn't know. But he deserved to know, at least, "kissing me. You know?"
His confused expression was replaced by guilt and embarrassment.
"Oh." Was all he said.
"But I had one question. Why didn't you burn him?" I asked.
"Well, I realized what I had done and I knew it would hurt you. I hoped those legends of vampires being able to put themselves together was true. Turned out they were right." He answered.
Neither of us spoke for a moment. I could tell that Jacob was uncomfortable in the silence. He looked at the floor.
"Well, that was all I wanted to say. So, I guess I better go now." Jacob said, breaking the silence.
Before I could stop him, Jacob left the room. I ran after him.
I had to slow down to a human walk once I was out of the family room. When I reached the front hall I saw Jacob with Angela about to leave out the front door.
"It was nice having you over." Charlie said.
"Thanks for inviting us. It was nice to see you again." Angela said to Edward and I when I reached them.
"See you later." Jacob said, mostly to Charlie. Then he and Angela walked out the door.
"Wait!" I let go of Edward's hand and ran to Jacob. Jacob stopped and turned towards me. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him.
"Thank you so much, Jacob." I whispered in his ear.
"Anytime." He whispered back. I let go of him and saw that he was smiling. Then his smile faded.
"I'll miss you." He said.
"I'll miss you, too," I said, "Don't worry, I'll still come back and visit a lot. I'll visit so much that you'll get sick of me." I smiled. That had been one of the first things I had said when I had visited Jacob in his house for the first time. Jacob's smile returned.
"I doubt that. I've never gotten sick of you." He said.
Jacob glanced at Angela and then began to reluctantly back away from me.
"Bye, Bella." He said.
"Bye, Jake." I said back.
Then Jacob turned around and ran to Angela. Then they got in Jacob's Rabbit. I ran at human speed back to where Edward and Charlie stood. I turned around to see Jacob and Angela leave as I took hold of Edward's hand. Silently, we watched them drive away until we couldn't see them anymore. I turned and looked up at Edward. I smiled at him before bringing my lips to his.
I knew that I could now be happy for the rest of my eternal existence. I would be with Edward forever, Jacob was happy, and I would be able to visit my mortal family. The dangers were gone. James, Victoria, Laurent, and the Volturi guard were all gone. Carlisle had told Aro that the Volturi guard had attacked us and had never told him about the werewolves. Aro had believed him, and Carlisle was certain that the Volturi would no longer be a danger to us. No threats lingered in the darkness. No more risks would have to be taken. No more sacrifices would have to be made. Edward and I could be together for all eternity and our love would last forever.
As the sun shone down on us, Edward and I continued to kiss with a passion that could not be broken and a love that would never end.

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