My Version of Breaking Dawn

Chapter 5: Demands

Wasn't the wedding itself enough? Wasn't standing at the altar with Edward and stating my vows of love and devotion for him in front of dozens of people enough for Alice? Why, oh why, did she have to put me through this torture?
Why did we have to have a wedding reception?
I had already known about the wedding reception, but I would rather have Alice dress me up a thousand times rather than be here. It seemed that all of Forks was here, crowding Charlie's backyard. The entire yard was dressed up in ribbons and balloons and lights. I should have never taken my eyes off Alice during the few hours Edward and I had spent in the house after the wedding. But it could have been worse. According to Alice, most people had a luncheon after the wedding and then a reception. But it was still horrible.
Edward and I, Charlie and Renee, and the rest of the Cullens, had to stand in a line as people filed along to chat and congratulate us. Some people I recognized, and others I didn't. It seemed that the line went on forever. But when Jessica Stanley started talking to me, it took her a long time and most of the people behind her got impatient and gave up and went over to the large, highly decorated, refreshment table. Thanks to Jessica, it didn't take as long as it could have. But after that, even worse, Charlie and I had to have a father-daughter dance. Both of us had balance problems, and it was a disaster. I mentally cursed Alice as Charlie and I tripped over each other. But after that things went much smoother. Edward and I danced and he kept me up, never letting go of me. We danced for a long time, but eventually my legs got tired from standing all day, and we went to go sit down on the back porch. People kept taking pictures of us, and it got very annoying.
"I'm never going to forgive Alice for this." I promised to myself.
"You know Alice, you can never reign her in completely." Edward said.
"But she knows that I hate this type of thing. And she does it anyway, though she said she wouldn't!"
In my Anne of Green Gables vision, I had imagined Edward and I-he in his tux and I in my wedding gown-on a porch swing with no one else around. Instead, Edward and I were sitting on the back porch steps surrounded by people. I looked around at the crowd, making a face.
Edward read my expression.
"The reception will be over soon and we can be alone. We still have our honeymoon."
I looked at him and smiled.
"Yes, that will be nice."
Edward and I had decided that he would fulfill my demand on our honeymoon, which we would spend in a small hotel on a quiet beach in California. We would stay inside during the day, of course, or we could spend the day outside in a secluded area around there. I imagined watching him sparkle in the sunlight, being alone with him with no deadlines, and it made me smile wider.
He smiled back-my favorite crooked smile. But then his expression changed from smiling, to shock, to anger. A hiss escaped his chest. For a second, he looked like a vampire. He stood up.
"What is it?" I asked. An image of Jacob's werewolf pack, coming to kill us, flashed through my mind.
"Stay here, it'll only take a second." Edward said.
"What is it?" I asked again.
"Some of our high school friends are going to ruin my car. I'm just going to inform them that I'd rather they didn't do that."
I realized I had been holding my breath. I let it out and then started to laugh.
"Well then let's go tell them." I said, still laughing.
I took Edward's cold hand and he lifted me up. We walked to the front of the house, hand in hand. When we reached Edward's silver Volvo we found Mike, Jessica, Lauren, Tyler, Austin, and Conner with what seemed to be bags of rice, balloons, whipped cream, Oreos, and ribbons. Tyler was writing 'Just Married' on a piece of white cardboard with red marker. I giggled. They looked up.
"Oh," Austin said, "This is awkward."
"Could you please not do that? I know it would be fun, but it would ruin the car and it would be a little inconvenient to fix it when Bella and I are trying to go on our honeymoon." Edward told them.
I looked at Edward's face; his expression was still angry.
"Um, yeah, we were just going…"Mike said as he started picking up the bags of rice.
"Yeah, we're leaving now." Lauren said, helping gather the items that were supposed to be used to abuse the silver Volvo.
There was a chorus of apologies as they put the items in Mike's Suburban. Then they walked quickly away from the Volvo and back to the reception, smiling apologetically in the awkward moment.
"Now you see why I don't like receptions?" I asked Edward.
"Yes, I see your point." He said. He smiled.
We both turned when we heard someone running toward us.
"Bella! Edward! It's time to cut the cake, come on!" Renee called as she jogged to us.
"We're coming!" I called back before she reached us. She stopped.
"Well, hurry up! Everyone is waiting!" She turned around and jogged back to the reception.
As Edward and I followed Renee, I wondered what Edward would do. He detested human food, but Renee (not Alice, for once) had insisted that we have a cake.
"So, are you going to take a bite, or are you going to hide it somewhere?" I asked before we reached the crowd.
"I can eat it, I just won't like it very much." He answered.
"You don't have to if you don't want to. You can pretend your feeling sick or something."
"No, I'll be fine. It's just one bite." He smiled again.
One bite, I thought. One bite could change everything. I suddenly remembered what waited for me after all of this was over. I shook the thought away quickly.
The cake was large; three layers of white gnash and cream, covered cake. Two little figures, which were supposed to resemble Edward and I, stood on top. Renee had bought it in Phoenix. Edward and I cut each other a piece and fed each other a bite. Everyone clapped and cheered. Edward looked fine, but I knew it didn't taste very good to him.
I was grateful when everybody started to leave. A few more people congratulated us, and then left. When everyone had gone except Charlie, Renee, and the Cullens; Alice skipped over to Edward and I.
"How'd you like it Bella?" She asked.
I folded my arms across my chest and looked away. I didn't say anything.
"Look, I'm sorry. But I thought a reception would be fun! And…I guess I got a little carried away."
"A little?" I turned to her, "the entire population of Forks was here! You promised you wouldn't go overboard."
"It could have been worse," she pointed out, and then sighed, "I'm really sorry. Will you forgive me?"
She made a puppy dog pout, but she looked more like a baby angel.
"Alright, you're forgiven." I gave in.
"Thanks, Bella!" Alice hugged me, and then let go, "Well, guess I better clean up. You two go have fun together." She said to both of us and then danced back to where the rest of the Cullens were.
I looked up at Edward and smiled. He smiled too, and then we walked back to the house with his arm around me.

I wasn't surprised when I saw the 'Welcome to Forks' sign and knew that we had made a two-day journey in one. I was disappointed that our honeymoon was over. It felt like we had left Forks yesterday-though I knew that we had left about a week ago-and now we were back.
Edward had paid for everything, though I had objected, saying that he wouldn't let me spend my college money (he was still hoping that I would change my mind and go to college, at least before he changed me).
Though the time had been to short for me, it had been one of the best weeks of my life. Possibly the best week of my life. I smiled to myself as the memories from our honeymoon flashed through my mind. Edward and I on a secluded beach, Edward sparkling-beautiful beyond belief. We had even had a picnic. Well, I had a picnic, Edward just watched me eat. Edward wouldn't go hunting, even when his eyes became dark onyx, until I practically kicked him out of our hotel room. The hotel had been nearly vacant, so it had been very quiet-which I hadn't noticed until Edward left. The silence and his absence had nearly driven me to insanity. But I didn't notice the silence when Edward returned, his eyes liquid butterscotch.
But the best part of the amazing week was when Edward fulfilled my demand. The experience that I wanted to have as a human, before my lust for blood took me over. Of course, Edward had tried to make me change my mind-reminding me of the dangers, the risks it held for me. I had reminded him that he promised we would try. Despite Edward's worries, I had walked away unharmed.
But even the best things had to come to an end. I sighed as we pulled up in front of Charlie's house.
"You're not happy we're home?" Edward asked, misunderstanding my mood.
"It's not that. It's just, it seems like we just left yesterday."
"I know what you mean." Edward agreed.
Charlie seemed very excited about my return when he opened the door for us. He gave me a hug and shook Edward's hand.
"Did you kids have fun?" He asked both of us, which surprised me. Usually he only looked at me and ignored Edward.
"Yeah, it was great." I said.
"That's great. How 'bout you, Edward?" Charlie asked.
"Yes, Charlie, we had a great time." Edward replied.
I smiled. It was nice to see Charlie being polite to Edward, for once.
"That's good. There's pizza on the counter, if you're hungry." Charlie said as he started walking toward the family room. There must be a game starting.
"Thanks." I realized that my stomach was grumbling, so I walked to the kitchen with Edward beside me. I took a slice from the half empty box of pizza and began nibbling on it.
"Did you enjoy yourself?" Edward asked.
"Yes, really, I did." I assured him. I smiled again as the memory's ran through my mind again.
This whole compromise thing had worked out well; Edward had gotten what he wanted, marriage, and I had gotten what I wanted. Almost all of my demands were fulfilled, except for one. For Edward to bite me, to give me immortality as a vampire.

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