My Version of Breaking Dawn

Chapter 4: Wedding Day

When I woke up and looked at my little calendar in the corner of the alarm clock's display it took all of my strength to keep myself from screaming.
Today was August 13th.
Today was my wedding day.
I began to feel dizzy and lightheaded, as if there was blood in the room. I felt the blood drain from my face.
"What's wrong?" Edward asked, now kneeling next to my bed. He had probably been sitting on the rocking chair in the corner before I had woken up. I looked up at him, his face looked worried.
"Today is August 13th." I whispered.
"Yes." Edward said, his tone filled with curiosity.
"Today is the wedding." I said, panicked.
I could tell Edward that was fighting a smile.
"Is that what you're upset about?" Amusement colored his tone.
I nodded.
"Yes, today is our wedding. Speaking of which: Alice told me to tell you that she'll be coming over soon to get you ready. She also said that everything has been set up and that all you need to be worried about is the possibility of you tripping on your gown while your walking up the aisle." He cracked a smile.
I groaned and fell back onto my pillow. Alice was coming, and I knew it would probably take her hours just to do my hair, even if she went at vampire speed. Then I remembered that my Mom had arrived last night and was now asleep on the couch downstairs, and I knew she would want to help. And, knowing Renee, that would just make things worse. I groaned again.
Edward guessed the reason behind my mood.
"I'm sure it won't be that bad. I'll tell Alice to try to keep it simple. But I can't make any guarantees." He smiled again.
"Well, if she's coming, then I'll need a human minuet," I sat up and reluctantly slid out of bed. I gathered some clothes and headed for the door. When I reached the door I turned around and looked at Edward.
"Stay here, I'll be back soon." I said.
"Yes, ma'am." He said as he lay down on my unmade bed. He was then still as a statue.
It reminded me of the earlier days of our love, when things had been simple-well, as simple as you can get when a vampire and a human fall in love-and now today we were taking our love to the next level.
Marriage. I shuddered as I walked to the bathroom.
I was shaking as I got ready, trying to hurry. I reminded myself that after this was over, Edward would fulfill my demands, and we would be together for eternity. I continued to think about that. But in that case, would this be the last day that I would see Charlie and Renee? The thought made me shake even harder.
After I was decent, I went back to my room and found Edward exactly as I had left him. He sat up as I entered the room and held his arms out for me. I walked, almost ran, to him and sat on his lap. I lifted my face up to his with my eyes closed. He knew what I was searching for, and he leaned down and kissed me. Almost instantly, I became dizzy, and my heart beat unevenly. Then, to soon, he broke the kiss.
"Alice is here." He said before I could complain.
I then heard the doorbell ring from downstairs.
"I have to go." He whispered in my ear.
"No!" I didn't want him to go.
"I won't be far. And besides, what would your parents think if I came out of your room with you?"
"I don't care, I don't want you to go."
"I won't be far." He said again.
And then he was gone.
I sighed heavily, and then I headed for the stairs.
When I got there, I found that Renee had already opened the door.
"Morning Mom, hey Alice," I greeted them both when I found them in the kitchen.
"Hi Bella!" Alice said to me at the same time Renee said "Good morning Bella," without taking her eyes off Alice, her mouth hanging open in aw at Alice's beauty.
Alice skipped, or danced, gracefully to me and stopped in front of me. I realized my mouth was hanging open too and quickly composed myself.
"Time to get you ready, Bella." She said to me, her tone playful.
"Oh, can I help?" Renee asked, excited.
"Sure, Mom," I said to her, then I turned to Alice and mumbled, "Let's get this over with."
"Don't worry, Bella. It'll be great." She said before heading up the stairs. I sighed and then Renee and I followed her to the bathroom.

I waited behind the tree's-with Alice and Rosalie behind me, and Charlie beside me-for when the music would start. I was wearing my wedding gown, long and flowing, which looked just like my dress from my Anne of Green Gables vision. My hair was done up in a bun, with long strands of hair curled up on the sides of my face. It had been the last of several experimental hairstyles, some stranger than others.
I was shaking, and as every minuet passed-every minuet, which brought me, closer to the time when I would walk down the aisle-I shook harder. Eventually I was shaking so hard that it probably looked like I was having convulsions.
I turned to the sound of Charlie's voice, my vision of him obscured by the veil that hung over my face.
"Bella," He said again. He lifted his hand and gently put it on my shoulder, "I just want you to know that…whatever happens after this, you'll always be my little girl. I know you're nervous…" That was an understatement, "But there's nothing to be afraid of. Edward is a good man…and I know he'll take care of you. Everything will be fine. It's not like the end of the world." He laughed weakly.
I didn't say anything. His words went through my head over and over again, as I thought of how wrong he was.
It was the end of the world, my world. My human life was coming to an end. And, though I knew it was what I wanted, there were still parts of my human life that I would miss terribly: my parents, and my friends. And I knew that once my human life had ended that I wouldn't be able to visit them in fear that I may kill them, or someone else from my dark world would.
But the thought of remaining mortal, to grow old-and eventually die-while Edward stayed beautiful and seventeen was also to horrible imagine. My decision was made: I couldn't live without Edward.
"I love you, honey." Charlie broke my thoughts.
"I love you, too, Dad."
Then my Dad hugged me, and I hugged him back. When we broke apart, I realized that I had tears strewn down my face. I reached my hand behind my veil and wiped them away. I was glad that Alice had used waterproof make-up on me again.
I looked behind me; Alice and Rosalie were looking away-at nothing in particular-trying to ignore us, though I knew that they could hear us.
Then I heard the wedding march coming from the speakers that Alice had set up, and I froze.
I felt Charlie wrap his arm around mine. I looked at him and he gave me an encouraging smile.
Then we walked forward.
I concentrated on my feet so that I wouldn't trip, which helped me not notice the dozens of people staring at me. I looked up at the platform ahead of me and I took in a deep breath as I saw Edward, looking more beautiful than in my vision of the wedding, standing a few feet away from Emmett. I fought a smile. Edward had gotten Emmett to get a clerical license off the Internet, probably trying to make me feel more comfortable, just as he said he would.
Charlie then released my arm and I walked up the steps alone. Edward took my hand, smiling at me. We then both looked at Emmett, and he spoke.
"Welcome to the marriage of Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen. You have been asked to gather here to witness and share in the joy of this union."
Then Edward turned to me and I turned to him, just as we had rehearsed during the wedding rehearsal.
"There was darkness for a long time and then there was light, and that light was you. Your love has given me wings, and our journey begins today. I pledge before this assembled company to be your husband from this day forward. Let us make of our two lives one life. I want you for today, tomorrow, and forever." Edward said.
Then I repeated the words that I had practiced yesterday during the wedding rehearsal, which had included a lot of tripping and stuttering until I had gotten it right.
"I have dreamed my whole life of having someone as wonderful as you love me the way you do. I give myself to you as your wife, and I promise here to treasure for all of my days the love we celebrate today. Let us bring together our lives and find ourselves anew each day."
Emmett then turned to me, and my stomach started doing flips.
"Isabella Swan, do you take Edward Cullen as your husband, in happiness and with patience and understanding, through conflict and tranquility?"
I took deep breath, "I do."
I turned toward Alice, who was standing behind us holding a small silk pillow with two rings, and took the one that belonged to Edward. I then placed it on his cold finger.
Emmett then turned to Edward,
"Edward Cullen, do you take Isabella Swan as your wife, in happiness and with patience and understanding, through conflict and tranquility?"
"I do." Edward's honey sweet voice was calm.
He then took the last ring from Alice and turned to me. I lifted my left hand to him and he placed the ring on my fourth finger, Elizabeth Masen's ring.
Emmett spoke again, but Edward and I didn't look at him. Instead, we stared at each other. Edward wore his crooked smile, and his astounding beauty took my breath away, as usual.
"In the years which shall bring Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen into greater wisdom, we hope that their love will be ever young; that they shall always be able to recover from moments of despair. In this hope, may they keep the vows made on this day, in freedom, teaching each other who they are, what they yet shall be, enabling them to know that, in the fullness of being, they are more than themselves and more than each other, that they are all of us, and that together we share joyously the fruits of life on this earth.
"Inasmuch as Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen have declared their love to each other before family and friends, I now greet them with you as husband and wife."
Emmett then leaned down to Edward with a huge grin on his face,
"You may kiss the bride."
Edward lifted my veil and flipped it behind my head, gave me one more beautiful smile, and then brought his lips to mine. I thought it would be the same as all of our other kisses, but it was different. It felt more…official, as if the bond we had just forged between us had made our love even stronger. But some things hadn't changed; my heart pounded unevenly, I couldn't breath normally, and I started to feel lightheaded. Then-all too soon-Edward broke the kiss, his smile still on his face and excitement flashing in his gold eyes.
I suddenly wondered how Charlie was taking this.
Then Edward took my hand and we walked back down the aisle together, as husband and wife.

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