My Version of Breaking Dawn

Chapter 10: War

It would've taken an hour to reach the airport had it not been for Edward's fast driving. We reached the airport in thirty minutes. Once we were in the air, all I could do was sit in my seat next to Edward and let the horrible images of what might happen run through my mind. I was so worried that I didn't notice that I couldn't smell the blood of any of the humans on board. Despite Edward's efforts to try and comfort me, I never relaxed. It didn't help when Alice-who had been resting her head against the headrest with her eyes closed-jumped up and said that the Volturi had arrived in Forks. I had begun panicking again and I wasn't able to compose myself until Edward and Alice had told me dozens of times that they weren't hungry yet and that Charlie was safe for the moment. Many of the passengers looked at me like I was a mental patient in a hospital.
When we finally landed in Seattle, we had to steal a car again. We found a good car. It wasn't as fast as Alice's Porsche or Edward's Volvo, but was able to hold all of us.
When we were almost to Charlie's house, my breathing began to quicken.
I'm almost there, Charlie, I thought. Don't worry, you'll be safe soon.
And then there it was, Charlie's house where I had lived for two-and-a-half years. I had my hand on the car door handle ready to jump out of the car the second it came to a halt. But the car never stopped. Edward-who was behind the steering wheel-kept driving.
"What are you doing?" I asked him.
"The Volturi aren't at Charlie's house, they've already searched here. They're going to the clearing where they last saw you." Edward answered.
I felt horrified and relieved at the same time. Relieved that the Volturi weren't near Charlie at the moment, horrified that the Volturi had been here, and then relief again that they hadn't harmed him.
Once we reached the point where we couldn't drive any farther, we all got out of the car and ran at vampire speed the rest of the way through the forest. Along the way I caught a scent that I couldn't identify, but I was pretty sure who's it was. I looked at Edward while we ran and he nodded.
"They're here." He said, confirming my suspicion.
The scent grew stronger as we got closer. Then we stepped out of the trees and into the meadow where the Cullens and the werewolves had fought together against Victoria's newborn vampire army.
And there stood the Volturi guard-in their black and gray cloaks-on the opposite end of the clearing. They turned to face us at the sound of our approach. Edward placed himself in front of me as we advanced towards them.
"Well, well. What's this?" I recognized Jane's voice. I stepped to the side so that Edward only covered half of me and I could see the Volturi guard.
At the front was Jane, shorter then the rest of the Volturi except for her brother, Alec, who stood beside her. Behind them I saw Demetri, Felix, and Heidi, and four others whose names I did not know, but some I remembered seeing in the antechamber where our fate had been decided during our last visit to Volterra. But then I saw that there were not nine Volturi in the clearing. There were ten. Though her dark skin was now vampire pale and her green eyes were now bright crimson, I recognized her at once. Gianna's wish had been granted. The Volturi had turned her into a vampire-into a monster.
"We've been wondering where you were. We were beginning to think you weren't here." Jane continued.
"We've left this area. We now live up in Alaska. We're sorry for inconveniencing you." Carlisle apologized.
"That's alright. Anyway, we were just coming up to check Bella's status. Alice had said that a date was set, if I'm not mistaken." Jane recalled.
"Yes, it was." Alice said.
"Well, then. I take it that she's been changed?" Jane asked.
"Yes she has." Edward said.
Edward then stepped out of the way so that Jane could see me, but he kept my hand in his. Jane's eyes focused on me. Everyone was silent as she studied me. Then she looked away.
"So she has," she mumbled to herself, then she turned back to me, "Aro will be very interested in hearing that you're a vampire, Bella. Speaking of which, Aro would like to speak to Edward, Alice, and yourself about his proposition, of which I hope you remember."
Jasper, who had been standing directly behind me, began to step towards Alice. Edward and Alice gasped at the same time. "Jasper! No!" Alice and Edward cried out in unison.
But it was too late; Jasper was already at Alice's side-leaving an empty space behind me. Edward and Alice turned around and got into attack position, growling. It took only seconds for me to catch the scent. It was bitter and foul. I wondered what could smell so bad. I turned to see what it was and I saw the ten enormous wolves enter the clearing.
Sam, his fur pitch-black, was the first wolf to enter, followed by a wolf that I hadn't seen since when he had attacked Edward in the meadow. The russet-colored wolf's eyes were still the same as when I had last seen them. But this time the hostile look in his eyes was mixed with pain when he saw me as a vampire for the first time. Pain and guilt ran through me. I had never meant for him to see me this way.
I heard the Volturi gasp when they saw the werewolf pack. Horror flooded through me when I remembered what Edward had said before the Volturi's last visit:
"The Volturi do not honor truces with werewolves." Edward had said.
But now there was no truce. I had been changed. The war would start here and now. My family and friends would have to fight against each other. I looked back and forth between Edward and Jacob, both ready for attack. This couldn't be happening, not again!
But I was a vampire now. I no longer had to stand on the sidelines and wait to see the outcome. Was there a way I could stop this?
I looked back at the Volturi, shock on all of their faces as they looked at the werewolf pack. What would they do? Which side would they take? Would they even take a side? Or would they just stand on the sidelines and watch my family and friends slaughter each other?
Edward put himself between the werewolves and me.
"You have broken the treaty, you are not welcome here any longer." Edward translated, hearing the words in the werewolf pack's mind.
"We will leave immediately. We mean you no harm." Carlisle said calmly, trying to keep the peace.
The lead werewolf, Sam, shook his head.
"We do not give mercy to our enemies. Especially enemies who have broken the rules." Edward translated.
"We do not want to fight against you." Carlisle said.
"You have no choice."
I small scream of horror escaped my throat as Sam leapt through the air towards Carlisle. The rest of the werewolves followed his lead and attacked different members of the Cullen family.
I expected Jacob to attack Edward. But the russet-colored wolf attacked Jasper instead.
A brown wolf-Embry-ran at Edward. I gave out another cry of horror when he whipped one of his claws at Edward, but Edward dodged it. Embry and Edward began to circle each other, breaking the formation only once in a while when one would try to attack the other again.
I tried to will myself to move-to help-but how could I choose a side to fight for? Every single person fighting was someone who I loved. Except…
I gasped when I saw that the Volturi had joined the battle. They were fighting against the werewolves with the Cullens. The werewolves were outnumbered ten to seventeen. Oh, this couldn't be happening! It was the fight between Edward and Jacob in the meadow all over again! Though I was now a vampire, I was still just as helpless. All I wanted was for the war to stop completely, but there was no way I could make that happen. All I could do was stand and watch in horror as the war continued.
Then I saw, in the corner of my eye, a light gray wolf running towards me. I turned towards Leah, as she got closer. I suddenly realized that I had no idea how to fight a werewolf in the first place. Fear ran through me as I braced myself for the blow.
"No!" I heard Edward call out. In my peripheral vision I saw Edward ram himself into the werewolf's side-knocking him down and momentarily stunning him-and then he put himself in between Leah and me. Leah then began to fight against Edward instead.
As Edward fought Leah, Embry recovered from Edward's blow. He ran at Edward to assist Leah. Edward was now outnumbered.
I didn't care if I wasn't good at fighting, I could at least distract one of the wolves so that Edward would have a better chance. But I wasn't able to take a single step towards battle before I heard the screaming.
My head turned automatically towards the sound. It was horribly familiar for I had heard it once before. But it was different this time. Before, the scream had been a scream of pain when he found out that Edward and I were getting married, but it was different now.
Jacob was in physical pain.
Then I saw that Jacob was no longer fighting with Jasper, he was now on the ground-writhing in agony-at Jane's feet.
Anger flooded through me as I saw Jane smiling while she tortured Jacob with her mind. But anger was replaced with pain as I realized what I had to do.
I looked back at Edward fighting two werewolves at once while trying to protect me.
And I realized that I had never made my choice. I had only been keeping the official choice on hold. Though I had chosen Edward, a piece of my heart still belonged to Jacob. I had thought that that was how I'd have to live for eternity-a part for Edward, a part for Jacob. I remembered how Edward had said that I could have any piece of him I wanted-or none at all-whichever I decided. In this moment, I saw how wrong he was. I couldn't have both Edward and Jacob at the same time. I could choose only one. But by doing so I would be condemning the other to death. And if I didn't choose quickly I would lose them both.
Suddenly the ghosts of the two holes-one made when Edward left and the other made when Jacob left-made themselves known again as each one awaited my decision, each one ready to tear itself open again. Both pieces of my heart screamed at me as I tried to decide whom to save. As the battle raged on around me, the battle inside my head began. The outcome of each battle would be the same. The fate of the war, and the lives of Edward and Jacob, depended on my decision.
In the darkness of the night, the war continued as I tried to make the impossible choice.

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