My Version of Breaking Dawn

Chapter 2: Attack

It had been two weeks since Edward had told me of Jacob's disappearance, and Jacob still hadn't returned. Billy had called Charlie to report him missing, though I knew that Billy knew that Jacob hadn't been abducted. Billy had probably told Charlie so that the police could keep another set of eyes open for Jacob.
Edward was now always worried about me, always being cautious around me, in case I cracked again and started crying. After a while it started to get annoying, but I knew I would probably do the same thing if the situation were reversed.
The rest of the Cullens seemed perfectly at ease, only worrying about the wedding. Jacob's absence caused them no distress. Though, when Esme looked at me her face was full of care and worry about me. Alice would always give Edward angry glances. I wondered why she was so mad. It wasn't Edward's fault that Jacob was missing, it was mine.
So that day, when Edward was driving me home in his Volvo, I asked him.
"Alice still seems pretty mad at you about Jacob. Why is that?"
"Well, because it was against the rules." Edward answered.
"Against the rules?"
"The treaty." He reminded me.
"Oh." I let the subject drop. The treaty that kept the werewolves and the vampires from fighting right now. Of course Alice would be upset if Edward had put their safety in jeopardy. But Edward seemed confident that it wouldn't come to that though, so I wasn't worried. I didn't have enough energy to be worried. There was so much that I already had to be worried about: Jacob, the wedding, the Volturi, me becoming a vampire, Jacob.
Jacob, I repeated in my head.
Would he ever come home?
I didn't know.

It was just a few days until the wedding, and I was nervous.
Nervous was putting it mildly. I was terrified. But I had to get it over with, and afterwards Edward would have to fulfill all of my demands. I told myself that over and over again, and that's what kept me from screaming. And to make matters worse, Jacob hadn't come home. I was getting frantic. I now called Billy's house every half hour to ask if he was back. And always the same answer: no.
As I became more panicked, Edward kept trying to distract me, which was fine, but it still didn't erase my worry.
One day, Alice wanted Edward and I to go up to the meadow with her and make plans. Edward was eager, wanting to distract me some more. So I agreed, and we went.
The trip there was exhilarating, as always.
When we reached the meadow, Alice was already there looking around with her hands on her hips. She didn't look surprised to see us, of course.
"This meadow is so small!" Was the first thing she said to us.
"Well, that won't be a problem. We don't have that many people coming. It's supposed to be a small wedding, remember." I said.
"Yeah, I guess. I was just hoping we could have more room for decorations and stuff." She complained.
"Not too overboard, Alice. Remember?" I reminded her.
"Yeah." She mumbled.
She turned away from us and started pointing to different sections of the meadow and mumbled to herself.
"The chairs will go along here, and Bella will walk along here, and maybe some light's here…"
I looked around the meadow. It was just as beautiful as it had been the first time I'd been here with Edward. It had been the first time I'd seen him shine in the sunlight, looking like a god. I looked up at the sky. It was cloudy, unlike my first day here, but it was still beautiful.
"Do you remember our first day here together?" Edward asked me. I turned to him.
"Yes, I was just thinking about that. I thought you couldn't read my mind?" I asked, teasing.
"I can't, I just get lucky sometimes."
Then he brought his lips down to mine and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and he wrapped his arms around my waist. As usual, my breathing became uneven and my heart pounded.
Edward's lips left mine and traveled down to my neck. While Edward continued to kiss me, I tried to remember how to breathe normally.
All of a sudden, Alice gasped.
Edward released me and we both turned toward Alice.
She was looking at nothing in particular, but her face was paler than usual, and her eyes seemed unfocused. But I knew, and so did Edward, that she was no longer seeing the meadow, she was seeing something that was yet to come, something that might happen.
Edward and I ran to her, Edward running at human speed next to me.
"What is it Alice?" I asked her.
Her eyes suddenly went back into focus, and she looked at us, her eyes were filled with a mixture of anger, anxiety, and terror.
"We have to leave, now!"
"Why?" I asked, confused.
Several things happened at once.
Both Edward and Alice stiffened, Edward let out a growl of rage, and I saw a pair of shining eyes in the forest surrounding the meadow. Then Edward and Alice went into attack position, half-crouched, placing themselves between the glittering eyes and me.
Edward and Alice backed up, pushing me with them, as a huge, russet-colored, wolf entered the meadow.
I wanted to run up to him, grab on to his shaggy fur, put my head against his warm body, and cry in relief. But then I looked into his eyes again, and a shiver ran down my spine. The look in his eyes was hostile, murderous. He, too, was in a crouch, ready to pounce. A growl came from his chest.
I looked back at Alice and Edward, ready to attack, and I wanted to scream.
This can't be happening. This can't be happening!
They were going to fight.
Edward started whispering to Alice so low and so fast that I couldn't hear. Whatever Edward had told Alice made her look at him in shock.
"Now!" Edward said louder and slower so I could hear.
Slowly, Alice walked to me, still in her crouch, never taking her eyes off Jacob. She grabbed my arm.
"Jacob--" Edward started, his velvet voice full of authority.
Before he could finish, Jacob attacked.
Jacob jumped, closing the gap between him and Edward. Jacob slashed his paws at Edward, trying to tear him with his claws. Edward moved out of the way so fast I couldn't see him. I stared in horror as Edward and Jacob fought, so fast I could hardly see them.
Suddenly, I found myself in Alice's arms. And then we were flying through the forest, leaving Edward and Jacob fighting behind us.
"No!" I screamed. I struggled to get out of her steal grasp, but to no prevail. "They're going to kill each other, we have to go back, we have to stop them!"
But how?
This wasn't Edward and Victoria. This was Edward and Jacob. My true love and my best friend. I couldn't just threaten to cut myself with a rock or a knife. And if we went back, Alice would just help Edward kill Jacob.
"Edward told me to get you out of there so you wouldn't get hurt. We'll go back to the house and I can the rest of the family and we'll go back and help Edward." Alice's voice was confident, but the look in her eyes did not match her tone.
No! I didn't want Alice to get reinforcements; I wanted the fighting to cease completely.
When we were in the Cullen's house, Alice laid me on the couch and then ran upstairs at full vampire speed. After what seemed to be hours, but only a few seconds, Alice returned downstairs with the rest of the Cullens. Carlisle spoke quickly to me.
"Stay here, Bella. We'll help Edward. You wait here. Do you understand?"
"Yes." I whispered, my voice shaking.
Carlisle nodded once and then they were gone.
I was now alone, with no occupation, left to think. Horrible images flashed through my mind, the look in Jacob's eyes, Edward and Alice in attack position, Jacob's claws slashing at Edward.
I tried to shake away the memories, but they wouldn't leave my mind. I tried to get up to walk around, but I was too shaky to get off the couch.
In my head, I saw Jacob dead on the ground, or Edward ripped to shreds.
Why was Jacob doing this? He had been my friend. My safe harbor. My sun.
And now it seemed that my sun was setting.
I remembered how Edward had been kissing me. Had Jacob been watching? Was that too much for him? Had he just snapped?
Or was it something else? Had Sam ordered Jacob to attack Edward? But why, what was the motive? Sam knew my decision, why would he do something like this? I knew it wasn't to prevent to Cullens from breaking the treaty. In doing this, the treaty was already broken.
Oh no!
Would the war start early? Would we have to leave sooner? No, that couldn't happen?
But what if it did?
As I waited for the Cullens return, I tried to think of other reasons Sam would order Jacob to attack Edward, but I couldn't think of any.
I hoped the Cullens would come back soon. The horrible images kept going through my head, and I wanted to see Edward, alive and whole, and have him hold me and help me forget everything. But if the Cullens returned, then Jacob would have to be dead.
But if Jacob survived, then the Cullens would be dead.
But could Jacob destroy an entire family of vampires? Only if the rest of the pack helped him.
This couldn't be happening!
But someone would have to win, and someone would have to loose. Someone would live, and someone would die.
Then I heard the front door open. I looked up. Could there be a chance that all of them, even Jacob, were alright? I doubted it.
Carlisle entered first, followed by Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett. I looked around for Edward, but I couldn't see him.
Then I noticed that some of the Cullens were carrying something. I studied the pieces of white stone in their arms. And then, unable to breath, I fell into unconsciousness.

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