Sadly, I do not own New Moon or any of the characters in it. Stephenie Meyer does, and I thank her for letting me use them.

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Bella had answered the phone
instead of Jacob when "Carlisle" (Edward) called?
That is what this fan fic is about.

The Call
Part One

Written by Bella.

"Swan residence." Jacob said into the receiver. Someone answered and he was immediately tense, the mask returned. It was probably Alice, and I didn't want him to act like that, so I suddenly snatched the phone out of his hand and held it to my ear.
"This is Bella." I said, grinning at Jake's suprised expression. There was no answer.
"Hello?" I asked.
"Bella." Someone sighed on the other side.
"Who is this?"
"It's...Carlisle." His tone of voice sounded like he was undecided about something. My breath caught.
"It's really you?" I whispered, after a minute of silence, unable to find my voice.
"Yes, Rosalie called and said you were dead. I needed to see if what she told me were true." He said, his voice almost a whisper too. It didn't really sound like him, but I wasn't sure, and I didn't want to ask if he were someone else and sound stupid, because I was probably wrong.
"How are you?" I asked, needing to hear his voice again. I knew I'd been listening to Alice's voice over the past few days, but he sounded somewhat like Edward. I guess it was just because he was male.
"I'm fine," He sounded like he was really depressed. I wondered what it was.
"And you?"
"I'm doing the best I can." I replied as the hole in my chest smoldered around the edges.
"That's good. I need to go," he said abruptly. "Bye Bella."
"Bye," I was so surprised at the sudden goodbye that I couldn't come up with a good enough stall to keep him on the phone. I pressed 'end' and turned back to Jacob with tears streaming down my face. He pulled me into his arms, laying his burning cheek on the top of my head. A quiet sob broke loose from my chest and he squeezed me tighter.
"I need to go. She is waiting for me to leave." He said, his tone of voice turning sour.
"I'll see you soon, though, right?" I asked, hoping he wouldn't say 'not until the bloodsucker leaves' or something like that.
"I'll be on your doorstep when your leech is gone."
I pulled out of his warm embrace and wiped away my tears.
"Bye Bells." He said, wiping away a tear I missed.
"Bye Jake." I whispered, looking down at my feet. When I looked up Alice was standing in his place. She took my hand and led me into the living room and sat me on the couch.
"I'm so sorry Bella. We never should have left." She said, her tone quieting with each word.
"It's not like you left for my benefit though. I understand. You guys need to do what's best for you. I get it. I'll survive or something, right?" I forced a smile, but I could see it in her eyes that she could see through my facade.
We spent the rest of the day talking, and she insisted that she play 'Dress up Bella' before she left, so I got my toenails painted, my makeup done, and everything with it. I was really going to miss her when she left again and the thought brought back that scorching pain where my heart used to be. When she left again, it would be the last time I saw any one of my should-have-been family. The thought was unbearable. To make matters worse, she then told me that she would spend the night once more, but tomorrow she'd have to leave. I started to hyperventilate, and it took me a while to finally control myself.
That night I had the same horrifying nightmare as usual-wandering through the forest, trying to find something that wasn't there. I woke up-screaming like usual-to a frantic Alice at my side.
"Bella what's wrong? Are you hurt? What can I do?" Her questions were flowing so quickly that I had to use all my energy to concentrate on the words.
"I'm fine." I mumbled and turned onto my side. The tears began to run down my face like a faucet, soaking my pillowcase. I sniffled and Alice sat down next to me, stroking my hair in an attempt to comfort me. It helped a little, but not enough to stop my crying. She abruptly stopped, her body frozen next to mine. I turned back over to look at her, and her face was blank.
When she came out of her trance she looked calm, but I thought I saw a little bit of excitement hiding in her eyes.
"What did you see?" I asked, curious.
"Nothing. Go back to sleep." She ordered. I turned back over and closed my eyes, curiosity still flaring, but I suppressed it. I fell back to sleep within moments, and I woke up again in what seemed like a couple of minutes. My eyelids fluttered open to see Alice smiling at me in th armchair.
"Good morning." She said, her grin widening.
"Morning." I said, sitting up and rubbing my eyes. We sat in silence for a little while until my stomach growled, and I decided it was breakfast time. Alice followed me into the kitchen and watched me get my regular bowl of cereal. She suddenly burst out laughing, and I wondered if vampires could go insane.
"Alice?" I asked, confused.
"It's nothing. Just keep eating." She said between giggles. She was exuberant the whole morning, even when she was about to go out the door, and I was hyperventilating, again.
"Don't worry about a thing Bella. It will all work out." She said, kissing my cheek and starting out to Carlisle's car. I was sobbing for at least two hours until I fell asleep on my bed. While I was asleep I had a strange dream. I dreamt of Romeo, Juliet, and Paris, only Edward was Romeo, I was Juliet, and Jacob was Paris. We were in the same clothes that they wore in the Elizabethan time period, and it was hard to move in my dress.

Romeo was leaving, Juliet was stumbling after him, and Paris was following her. I woke up when Romeo turned around to Juliet, said he didn't love her anymore, left, she turned to Paris, and he kissed her. I checked the time and it was only three o'clock, so I went downstairs to do the wash. As I was finishing up, the doorbell rang.

To be continued...