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The Call
Part Three

Written by Bella.

My eyelids finally fluttered open, and I could feel I was on the couch. It was much too hard to be my bed. I looked up to see his topaz eyes looking down on me.
I sat up, confused.
"Edward, what are you doing here?" I asked finally finding my voice, though it was rough.
"I had to come back." he explained, rushing his words though I could still hear him without having to concentrate. "I couldn't stand it, not being with you. These last few months have been agony."
Oh! I got it. I was dreaming. That was it.
"Great. This is really gonna hurt in the morning." I said. He looked at me with a puzzled expression. then it disappeared, replaced by an understanding one.
"You're not asleep Bella." He said softly, looking down. He almost looked ashamed.
"Then why are you here?" I challenged.
"Because I miss you Bella. I love you." He said, looking back up. Tears came streaming down my face. I knew I was dreaming.
"What's wrong?" He asked starting to get anxious.
"I knew I was asleep." I whispered.
"Bella, you're not. I'm here and I love you." He looked deeply into my eyes while he said this and that mad a sob break through my lips.
"Can you love me back after all I've done to you?" He asked. I dodged his question.
"What about what you said in the forest?"
"It was all a lie, Bella." I still couldn't fathom it.
"Can you still love me?" He asked again. I took a deep breath.
"Edward, I will always love you. No matter what. There is nothing in this world that could ever change that!" I exclaimed. He smiled and before I could protest, his lips were on mine. I couldn't help but kiss him back. This felt so real, I decided I was awake. When he pulled away I was so dizzy I fell back onto my pillow and stared up at him. I wasn't the only one with uneven breathing now. We sat in silence for a few minutes when he suddenly scooped me up in his arms, shut the light off, and ran me upstairs. He gently set me on the bed and laid down beside me. I cuddled up into his side and he pulled me closer. Then I realized my heart was racing. The hole was gone. Not healed, but as if there was no space in the first place. My eyes were dry and they stung from crying so much, but somehow my body found more fluid to pour out of my eyes. I was so happy I couldn't stand it and I pulled myself tighter to Edward, burying my wet face into his chest.
"Are you crying?" He asked anxiously. He rubbed my back soothingly.
"I' happy..." I gasped between sobs. Then they stopped short as realization hit.
What if he left me again? The pain would surely kill me then. I pulled away. I couldn't get any closer to him.
"What's wrong?" He asked, confusion and hurt flickering across his face.
"I can't do this. It will hurt too much when you leave again." I said getting up off the bed and running to the bathroom. Of course I didn't even make it out of the room though without him stepping in front of me.
"I'm not leaving again. I'm not strong enough." He said, brushing his fingertips along my cheek bone. I looked away from his face.
"That's what you said before. You told me you'd be here as long as I wanted you, and you weren't." I accused.
"I had to do what I could to try and keep you safe." He explained taking my hand, pulling me back to my bed, and lying back down.
"Obviously it didn't work with Victoria back." His lips curled back over his teeth as he growled her name. I shuddered at the venom in his voice. Then I took a deep breath, squared my shoulders, and pushed his arms away so I could sit up.
"Do you want me to leave?" He asked, and it made my heart flutter to see that this idea hurt him, though he tried not to show it.
"No," I told him, "I'm leaving."
He watched me suspiciously as I climbed out of the bed and fumbled around in the dark room, looking for my shoes.
"May I ask where you are going?" He asked.
"I'm going to your house." I told him, still feeling around blindly.
He got up and came to my side. "Here are your shoes. How did you plan to get there?"
"My truck."
"That will probably wake Charlie." He offered as a deterrent.
I sighed. "I know. But honestly, I'll be grounded for weeks as it is. How much more trouble can I really get in?"
"None. He'll blame me, not you."
"If you have a better idea, I'm all ears."
"Stay here." He suggested, but his expression wasn't hopeful.
"No dice. But go ahead and make yourself at home." I encouraged, surprised at how natural my teasing sounded, and headed for the door.
He was there before me, blocking my way.
I frowned, and turned for the window. I wasn't really that far to the ground, and it was mostly grass beneath...
"Okay," he sighed, "I'll give you a ride."
I shrugged. Either way. But you probably should be there, too."
"And why is that?"
"Because you're extraordinarily opinionated, and I'm sure you'll want a chance to air your views."
"My views on which subject?" He asked through his teeth.
"This isn't just about you anymore. You're not the center of the universe, you know." My own personal universe was, of course, a different story.
"What are you talking about Bella?" He demanded.
"My mortality. I'm putting it to a vote."

The End

Parts taken from New Moon
by Stephenie Meyer
Pages 520-521