Read The Call, Part One

The Call
Part Two

Written By Bella.

I put down the soap and stumbled to the door. I opened it and standing in the doorway was my own personal sun -- my safe harbor.
"I told you I would be here when the bloodsucker left." Jacob said coming inside.
"Enough Jacob!" I yelled at him, frustrated. I was sick of his little nicknames for them. I could feel the hole widening, and I gripped my torso trying to hold myself together. He noticed.
"What did I do?!" He exclaimed, pulling me over to the couch.
"Quit calling them those names," I whispered. "It hurts to talk about them, and calling them those names just makes it that much worse."
"I'm sorry." He pulled me into his arms, holding me tight against his chest. I drew away after a minute and smoothed my clothes.
"I'm going to go clean my room, and then make dinner. If you want to stay you can."
I went upstairs with Jacob right behind me. It took me about an hour to clean my room, what with Jake talking, distracting me. After that I went back downstairs to make dinner. He sat at the table talking about strategies he and the pack were using to track down Victoria. It made me uneasy listening. I didn't want Jake, or anyone else for that matter, getting hurt because of me.
Charlie got home when I was putting dinner on the table and was, as always, happy to see Jacob there.
"Hey Jake! How are ya kid?" he exclaimed, taking his spot at the table.
"I'm good." He replied simply.
"Is it okay if Jake stays for dinner?" I interrupted, setting Charlie's food in front of him.
"Of course."
"Thanks Charlie." Jacob said, smiling at me as I set a full plate in front of him. I couldn't help but smile back.
After dinner Jacob helped me do the dishes while Charlie went into the living room to watch the game.
"Thanks for dinner Bells. It was great." He told me as he was rinsing his plate. He didn't eat much, so I knew he was still hungry, considering what a pig he was at Emily's.
"You're welcome." I said, smiling at his compliment. He left shortly after we were done, saying that if he got home too late, Billy would worry. After he was gone, the whole day finally caught up with me, and the edges of the hole smoldered. I told Charlie I was tired so I could go upstairs and finish crying. By now it seemed like that was part of my bedtime routine. Charlie told me he was turning in early because he had to 'get up before the sun' in the morning. Before long I could hear him snoring in bed. I couldn't sleep, so I tried to recall the exact perfume coming off Alice's skin this morning. That kept me busy for a while, but when I was done I started to bawl. That was when I heard it. A small tap on the door. Who would come here this late? I thought to myself, pulling on my robe and slippers. I was blind, tripping down the stairs, but made it in one piece. I switched the light on in the living room--squinting until my eyes adjusted--and went to the door. I fumbled with the locks, but finally got it open. I couldn't believe my eyes, and having to deal with too much emotional stress, fell into unconsciousness.

To be continued...