Discussions and Decisions

Written by Lacey Sled

(Edwards point of view)
Bella and I were waiting for Nessie in the school parking lot. It was nessie’s first week of Jr. High. While we waited Bella asked me if I was okay I said “Can you believe that Nessie is in Jr. High? It seems like yesterday she was just a little baby.” Bella replied “Edward, I know she’s growing up but don’t worry.” Then I saw Nessie walking over to the car were we waited. She got into the car and we asked her how her day was. She said “it was great, I was really nervous at first but then I made some friends and it was a great day.” I saw in her mind exactly how her day went; she really did have a good day. Then she started thinking about something else and I asked her “Is there anything else you want to talk about? “ I’m sure she knew what I meant. “Well my friends were talking about cheerleading and it sounded really fun, they asked me if I wanted to try-out with them. I told them I would have to talk to my parents about it. So what do think, could I try-out?” Nessie explained. I could tell that she really wanted to. I looked at Bella and she dropped her shield and we both were thinking the same thing “I don’t know, since she’s part vampire it may be too dangerous.” I looked in the rear view mirror and she knew what the answer was she had her head down and was thinking that she should have just told her friends no she couldn’t try-out. When we got home I went straight to Carlisle, I explained the situation. He replied “Edward I don’t see why not, as long as she watches her strength I don’t see a problem.” I decided to talk to Bella some more ab0ut it. She thought it may be nice for her that she would be able to do something out of the house.

(Bella’s point of view)
I want my daughter to do normal human things, but I don’t want to risk exposing us. This was a very hard decision. Edward of course didn’t want her to grow up and neither did I. We had come to a decision. After Nessie got home from hanging out with Jacob, we called her into the living room of our little cottage. She still seemed very upset. Then Edward said “Nessie we have talked it thru with everyone and you may try-out for cheerleading.” Nessie jumped up with joy and was squealing with delight. She hugged us both and thank you so many times. Then I sat her down and explained the rules. She understood that she had to watch her strength and speed. Then we gave her a kiss goodnight and sent her to bed. Edward and I had decided to watch a movie. It was Romeo and Juliet, one of my favorites. Edward wasn’t a fan of the movie but for some reason he wanted to watch it. We sat on the couch and watched. Then Edward stiffened as did I. We could smell Jacob, which was odd because he wasn’t awake at 2 in the morning. Edward jumped off the couch and ran to the door. Jacob said “Edward is Nessie okay??” Edward replied “Yea she’s sound asleep.” Then Edward’s breath caught as he read Jacobs mind. Jacob decided to speak out loud so I could understand what’s going on. Jacob was saying “Nessie said earlier how scared she was, I asked why and she said she didn’t really know why just that she felt scarred. I tried to comfort her but she was really out of it. Then she asked if I would take her home. I said yea. While I was driving I noticed how she was zoned out. I knew I should wait to ask you guys after she went to sleep. What do you do think is wrong with her?” I said “Jacob she was perfectly fine when she got home. We told her she could try-out for cheerleading and she was really happy. But she was looking upset when she walked in.” Edward was quiet and then took off down the hallway to Nessie’s room, he flung the door open and we saw someone sitting in the rocking chair in the corner. He laughed and then looked at Nessie and she started screaming in sleep. I moved and then the screaming got louder, I froze. The screaming stopped. Jacob was shaking and quivering with anger. Jacob said “who are you and what do you want?” He replied “You don’t know me and you don’t know anything about me but, I do indeed know about every single one of you.

(Renesseme’s point of view)
The entire night I just had the feeling of fear. Jacob noticed and asked but I said I just didn’t know except that I felt scared. I knew Jacob would always be there for me and protect me. I asked for Jacob to drive me home. He did. As I got closer to home the feeling of fear was even more intense now. I actually started shaking but I didn’t let Jacob know. My heart was pounding as I walked to the door. I hoped Jacob didn’t hear it. Dad and mom were waiting for me and then explained that I could try-out for cheerleading, I was so happy, but still feeling of fear was around. When I went to bed, I felt very tired and I went into a deep sleep. Then I had a dream and it was completely terrifying. I wanted to scream but for some reason I remained silent. Then the dream was so real and then everything disappeared and I started falling but I couldn’t see the ground, I then began to scream then it got louder. Then I just stopped.

(Bella’s point of view)
The man said he was one of Nahuel’s old friends. Edward asked him “Are you a vampire?” He replied “Of course!” Edward said “You don’t have a scent?” the strange man replied “You’re a fast learner. Your right I don’t have a scent but my gifts are the very reason why I can do that. I have some gifts you have never heard of. I’m able to not a scent, I can control emotions like jasper, and I can get into people’s dreams, daydreams included and mess with their head. As I have done to sweet little Renesseme”. He reached over and patted her head. The three of us growled in defense. Then Nessie awoke and sat straight up in her bed, her eyes wide open when she saw an unfamiliar face. I asked “what do you from us?” His eyes squinted together and said “I came here to convince Nessie that Nahuel misses her terribly and wants her to come visit him.” Edward said “Well, why didn’t he come to us instead of sending you?” The stranger said “By the way my name is Benjamin, He was to shy.” Then Nessie was glaring at Benjamin with hateful eyes. Benjamin Glared back but all the sudden Nessie stood up and started to walk towards us and then Benjamin was gone. I grabbed Nessie and held her tight. I looked to Edward but he was in shock. He warped his arms around us and pulled out his cell phone. “Carlisle, something very strange is going on and you need for everyone to stay together no matter what. We are going to come to the house, but just get everyone in the same room and be ready when we get there.” He shut his phone and then told Jacob to stay with us. I carried Nessie, and Jacob was on one side of me and Edward on the other. We ran as fast as we could and I burst through the door first. Emmett and jasper were at the door and looked worried. I put Nessie down and she went to sit with Jacob on the couch. Edward was filling in the family and then Nessie’s breathing started accelerating and her heart was pounding. Jacob knew what was happening and he tried to comfort her. We all did then we heard something on the stairs we all looked up and it was Benjamin. He laughed his dark chuckle. Edward was beside me one second then he had Benjamin in a head lock. Emmett and jasper grabbed Benjamin also in the next second. Then Nessie was calm. I watched as Edward began to lose his temper. I put a calming hand on his back. He calmed some but we all knew what had to be done. Edward, Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle, and Jacob went outside to start the fire. After 30 minutes they returned and they were relived. Everything went back to normal. Nessie had try-outs and made the squad. We went to every game because in forks you can’t have football, it rains too much. But forks high school had a basketball team. Edward complained about the uniform. I knew he was proud of Nessie; he was just being a daddy. Life went by as if nothing ever happened.

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