Family Outing
Written by Stephanie

    Reneesme smiled with youthful beauty as she was cradled by Edward, who's other arm was wrapped around my waist. With my new self, I no longer had to worry about ice. Or so I thought. The three of us strolling along the sidewalk at the community park, suddenly I felt the ground slip out from under my feet and the cold, thin ice under my hands. Reneesme giggled with glee, Edward attempting poorly to conceal his amusement. "Bella, Bella, Bella. I knew it was to good to be true." he sighed with sarcastic dissapointment, set Reneesme on the floor, and pulled me up with one hand. I couldn't help but laughing at myself. Soon a small laugh turned into hysterical fits, and Edward looked at me with confusion. "What's so funny?" he asked. Reneesme laughed along, trying to be like her mommy. "I....feel like.... nothing....changed!" I declared between chuckles. Edward shook his head, wrapped his arms around me, and ressed his cool lips to mine. My daughter clapped her hands with joy from standing in between us, and Edward pulled away to lift her up. "Perfect family outing!" Reneesme giggled, and placed her hand on my cheek. Suddenly I saw a replay of my fall before my eyes. "Yes. Perfect." Edward and I agreed in unison, and continued our walk.