Written by Jennah Fakhouri

Edward's POV
The very thought of being away from Bella for any length of time was agonizing. Now that a more permanent seperation is on the horrizon the pain is of a man slowly being murdered by some torturous method. I love her with all of my heart (beating or otherwise). Alice has been trying to convice me to stay. But how could I not leave if stay was her one way ticket to hell? How could i live with knowing I am responsable? Alice was screaming at me at the top of her voice but i tuned her out. I wasn't in the mood for lectures. Although i tried not to hear, I heard some of her unnecessary fit. "Edward! THINK OF WHAT THIS WILL DO TO BOTH OF YOU! YOU'RE OVER REACTING!" she shouted at me. I laughed with black humor. Bella was human. She would recover and probably date some one else. I was abrutly enraged by the thought. That's when Rosalie inturupted. "Why don't you just killl her? Everything would go back to normal and we wouldn't have to leave!" she beamed at the thought. Already in a foul mood I couldn't stand her words sitting down. "ROSALIE! YOU SELFISH IDIOTIC ATTENTION CRAVING" I yelled at her. But Emmett cut me short. He looked me in the eye and hissed "Leave. Her. Alone." Leave her alone? Rosalie? Alone? Her of all people should be dead and yet here she stands! An immortal annoyance. "Hypocrite!" I growled. That did it. Emmett came at me like a bull from hell and tried to punch my face. But i was quicker than him and had the advantage of reading his mind. I dodged his punch and landed a blow of my own in his rock hard gut. The fight didn't last five minutes before Carlisle and Jasper were breaking it up. "Edward be reasonable." Carlisle tried to sooth me. "Emmett was just protecting Rosalie. You would have done the same for Bella." Hearing her name sent waves of pain through me. "Bella" I whispered torn.