Written by Dinaria

When Jacob ran away

I ran when I wanted and I ate when I wanted.
Sam and the others still kept bugging me though. Seth especially. He had this crazy idea that Bella missed me. But I was alone, for now. It had been ages since I had run away, leaving Billie behind. But I couldn't go back. I knew Charlie was mad at him for accepting my decision to run, but he didn't understand it. He was a good guy, but he needed to let some things drop.
I still couldn't understand why Bells would miss me. She had her Edward- I shuddered and probably would have phased if I wasn't already in wolf form- so what more could she want? She told me she loved me, and I knew I had been right. But then the leech came back and she forgave him.
I sniffed the air and ran towards the scent of deer coming from a near-by clearing. I decided I had to stop thinking 'human' and just keep to my instincts.
I leaped at the nearest deer and devoured it as the rest of the herd ran off. Then I felt someone else in my mind. My eyes narrowed at the deer-corpse. Seth.
Hey Jake, Bella misses you. She's really worried. She need's you right now Jake. Can't you come back just to say goodbye to her face-to-face?
What about Edward?
I snarled the words.
Oops! Instincts, instincts, instincts, instincts. I chanted it over and over in my head. It drowned out the sound of Seth and for that, I was thankful.
I didn't want to hear how Bella missed me. Seth should just butt out! It wasn't his business, he didn't understand. Just because she missed me- I finished the deer and ran- why should I come running to her?
I knew that if I had to talk to her 'face-to-face' I would fall apart. I tried to concentrate on the smells and sounds around me, the soft, rhythmic pad of my paws on the fallen snow.
Seth stayed quiet as he did a quick check of the border before running back to his house. His last thought was of catching up with Edward sometime soon.
I slowed my running and paced over to a cave. I curled inside and slept.
I was woken by several growling voices. I thought it must be the pack, but then I heard Leah and Seth disputing over chores in my head. I yawned and lifted my shaggy head. I could take on any creature the forest could throw at me. I opened my eyes and saw a pack of Arctic wolves surrounding the entrance. The hackles on my back rose and I snarled at them. I heard a whimper from behind me and realized there was an old wolf and two cubs in the cave with me. The poor things must be terrified. Some giant creature had barged in on them. I leapt over the wolves and turned to nod at them. They growled at me and I realized they wouldn't understand the nod.
I would have to be more careful about where I slept from now on. I ran on, unsure of where I was going. I came across two more deer herds and Seth and Leah eventually went away. I was glad Seth hadn't bugged me again.
Embry came in as the moon rose in the midnight blue.
Hey bro, you all right?
I ignored him and paced my steps deliberately.
Just thought I'd remind you that it's Edward and Bella's wedding tomorrow.
I was glad that Embry showed dislike for Edward too, even if it wasn't as strong as my pure hate for him. Then I remembered these were human feelings. I tried to expel them as I padded through the forest.
Well, see ya round.
Sure, sure.

Damnit! Stupid automatic reactions. I looked up at the moon for the first time inů well, I could barely remember. It shone down, marked with craters like holes. I remembered how Bella used to pull her arms around her chest to keep the hole she felt from making her fall apart. I noticed a faint light coming from the other direction and guessed it was morning.
Then it really dawned on me that Bella would be getting married, and all I was getting her was another hole. I shook my head. No one was there, all probably asleep still.
Then I ran.
I realized I was heading in the same direction I had been for the past few days. I guess my subconscious knew I wouldn't- or couldn't- stay away. I ran at full speed, hoping I could make it there in time. In the late morning, Sam dropped in. He was gone within seconds, probably going off to tell the others that I was coming back. I reached La Push in the early afternoon and make my way stealthily to the back of my house. I phased back into human and crept up the steps.
Billy was probably at the wedding. I went into my room and got some clothes on. It was weird, the whole 'clothes' thing. I decided I could do with a haircut so I used the kitchen scissors.
Then, as twilight fell, I made my way through the forest to the Cullen's house.