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Here is how to apply for affiliation with Edward's Meadow:
1. Post a link on your site back to our site,, by using one of the button links or text link below. Note: You MUST link back to us at least 3 weeks after you apply or else you will not be added.

2. E-mail us at one of the following addresses:
Your e-mail should include:
*The name of your site.
*Your URL (site address)
*What type of link you want us to link back to you with (text link or button link). If you want us to post a button link to you, then please include a link to your button, or attach it to your e-mail (if you do not know how to make a button link, let us know and we will gladly make one for you).

If you want to become a top affiliate, then additional requirements must be met:
3. You must link back to us on every page of your site (then we will do the same for you).

We get hundreds of e-mails every day, so we will probably not be able to add you right away. But we will read over all applications sent and, if you follow all the steps above, add you to our links page.

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