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Night with a Bite (6/25/08)

Twilight Mania...Are You Dazzled Yet? (6/24/08)

Twilight Stars Meet the Stars (6/24/08)

Four New Twilight Songs (6/23/08)

Gil Birmingham's Twilight Movie Pictures (6/23/08)

Happy Birthday Edward! (6/21/08)

Edward's Birthday Hunting Trip (6/18/08)

Articles and More (6/18/08)

Twilight Tuesday: The Cullen Crest and More! (6/17/08)

Catching Up (6/16/08)

New New Moon Song (6/12/08)

Twilight vs Harry Potter Part II (6/12/08)

New Quiz: The Host Quiz (6/11/08)

More Breaking Dawn and Twilight Movie News (6/11/08)

Breaking Dawn Tuesday! (6/10/08)

New Fan Art: Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene) (6/9/08)

Articles and Interviews (6/9/08)

A Little Editing (6/7/08)

New Fan Fic: Halloween (6/6/08)

Twilight vs Harry Potter (6/6/08)

New Fan Trailer (6/5/08)

Interview with Kristen Stewart (6/5/08)

Copyright Problems (6/5/08)

MTV Movie Awards Experience and More (6/4/08)

Midnight Sun Page (6/3/08)

"Happy Twilight Tuesday!" (6/3/08)

Exclusive Twilight Movie Clip! (6/2/08)

New Character of the Month for June (6/1/08)

We're back! (5/31/08)

Just so you know... (5/26/08)

Movie and Book Stuff (5/23/08)

An Awesome Picture (5/22/08)

Honey Rose: A Poem by Solomon Trimble (5/22/08)

3 New Articles (5/21/08)

Twilight Tuesday and More (5/20/08)

Trailers and Songs (5/19/08)

Articles, Interviews, and Signings (5/19/08)

The Host is #1! (5/16/08)

New Movie Pictures (5/15/08)

Twilight for Horror Movie Fans? (5/14/08)

The Host Updates (5/13/08)

More Articles and Interviews (5/13/08)

Robert's B-Day! (5/13/08)

Articles and Pictures and Videos, Oh My! (5/12/08)

Interview and Other Stuff (5/10/08)

Interviews, Articles, and Rings (5/10/08)

The Official Twilight Movie Site (5/10/08)

More Interviews (5/9/08)

Tons of Interviews (5/8/08)

News is Officially Back (5/7/08)

2 Seconds of Fun (5/7/08)

Oops (5/6/08)

Twilight Movie Poster (5/6/08)

The Host is Out! (5/6/08)

Stephenie Meyer Interviewed for The Host (5/5/08)

Official Twilight Teaser Trailer! (5/5/08)

The Host Review (5/3/08)

G4 'Haunts the set of Twilight' Part II (5/2/08)

Message from Catherine Hardwicke (5/2/08)

The Host and the Movie (5/2/08)

Pictures, Pictures, and More Pictures (5/1/08)

New Character for May (5/1/08)

A Little Remodeling (4/23/08)

Cullen Cast II: Cast of Cullens...And More! (4/21/08)

New Stuff (4/17/08)

New Character of the Month for April (4/1/08)

New Fan Fic: My Version of Breaking Dawn (3/10/08)

New Character of the Month (2/29/08)

Changes to Edward's Meadow (2/25/08)

New Fan Art (2/24/08)

Tour for The Host (2/23/08)

Peter Facinelli talks Twilight (2/23/08)

Christian Serratos as Angela Weber (2/21/08)

Stephenie Meyer Visits the Twilight Movie Set (2/21/08)

Lots of News (2/21/08)

Two New Twilight Songs (2/21/08)

Music for the Twilight Movie (2/20/08)

It's Official... (2/18/08)

Mystery (2/18/08)

Henry Cavill Declines Role in Twilight (2/17/08)

Emmett Confirmed (2/17/08)

News Article about the Twilight Movie (2/16/08)

Four New Twilight Trailers (2/16/08)

Edi Gathegi as Laurent? (2/16/08)

Pictures of the Movie Set (2/15/08)

Two Articles About the Twilight Movie (2/14/08)

Jasper and Mike News (2/14/08)

10 City Tour for The Host (2/14/08)

Excerpt from The Host 2/13/08)

Kellan Lutz in the Twilight Movie (2/13/08)

More Cast Members Announced (2/13/08)

Casting Call for Extras (2/13/08)

Michael Welch as Mike Newton (2/11/08)

New Fan Fic: The Call, Part Three (2/10/08)

Kaili Thorne as Alice? (2/10/08)

Release Date for the Twilight Movie (2/8/08)

Cam Gigandet in the Twilight Movie (2/8/08)

Anna Kendrick as Jessica Stanley? (2/7/08)

More Breaking Dawn News (2/7/08)

Justin Chon to be in the Twilight Movie? (2/7/08)

Breaking Dawn Release Date has Been Announced (2/6/08)

Breaking Dawn Release Date (2/6/08)

Interview with Kristen Stewart (2/4/08)

Robert Pattinson Getting Ready to Play Edward (2/4/08)

New Character of the Month for February (2/1/08)

Director Looking for More Shooting Locations (1/31/08)

Twilight Saga Mentioned in Magazine (1/30/08)

Chapter from the Host (1/29/07)

Twilight is In-Production (1/24/08)

Three New Twilight Songs (1/23/08)

Book and Movie News (1/19/08)

Open Auditions for Jacob Black (1/18/08)

Info from Stephenie Meyer about Breaking Dawn (1/17/08)

Camera People and Extras (1/16/08)

A Visit from Stephenie in Germany (1/15/08)

New Twilight Video: Twilight - Stephenie Meyer (1/15/08)

Even More New Twilight Songs (1/14/08)

Lots of New Fan Art (1/13/08)

Robert Mentions Twilight (1/11/08)

Breaking Dawn Pre-Order (1/6/08)

Twilight Trailers & Videos (1/4/08)

Stephenie Meyer's Birthday! (12/24/07)

Breaking News about Breaking Dawn (12/23/07)

Twilight Movie Posters by Fans (12/18/07)

Newspaper Article (12/17/07)

Weekly Polls (12/16/07)

More New Twilight Songs (12/13/07)

Eclipse Audiobook is #1 (12/7/07)

New Twilight Songs (12/3/07)

New Fan Fic (12/2/07)

Cullen Cast: Episode One (12/1/07)

New Twilight Song (11/28/07)

Bella's Bracelet (11/27)

Grand Opening of Edward's Meadow (11/24/07)


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