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Pictures, Pictures, Pictures! (5/11/09)

Happy Mother's Day! (5/11/09)

David Slade Back Pedaling (5/8/09)

Contests (5/8/09)

New Official Twilight Saga Books! (5/7/09)

New Character of the Month for May (5/2/09)

Justin Chon Live! (5/2/09)

New Moon Soundtrack: For The Fans, By The Fans (5/2/09)

Our Exclusive Interview with Solomon Trimble, Part 4 (4/25/09)

ET's Exclusive New Moon Coverage Tonight! (4/23/09)

David Slade IS Directing Eclipse! (4/23/09)

David Slade to Direct Eclipse? (4/23/09)

Official Picture of the Wolf Pack! (4/22/09)

Twilight Saga Movie News (4/20/09)

Sneak Peeks of ET's New Moon Exclusive! (4/20/09)

Stephenie Meyer is NOT Being Sued (4/20/09)

Alex Meraz Interviews (4/20/09)

New Moon Exclusive from ET! (4/20/09)

Full Official New Moon Cast Announced!!! (4/15/09)

Michael Sheen Confirmed! (4/14/09)

Happy Birthday, Kristen Stewart! (4/13/09)

Michael Sheen Joins the Cast as Aro! (4/13/09)

New Moon Cast News and Sightings (4/13/09)

Win A Trip To Italy! (4/13/09)

Tons of New Moon Set Pictures! (4/8/09)

New Moon Leaks and Sightings (4/4/09)

New Character of the Month for April (4/1/09)

Zac Efron to Replace Robert Pattinson as Edward! (4/1/09)

Vote For Us on Dazzle Awards! (3/30/09)

Jamie Campbell-Bower as Caius! (3/30/09)

Twilight Saga Wins Kids Choice Award! (3/30/09)

Cast Interviews (3/27/09)

Vampire Attacks, Missing Edward, and Rob's Modeling History (3/27/09)

Our Favorite Blogs (3/26/09)

Noot Seear as Heidi! (3/26/09)

Cast News (3/25/09)

AnnaLynne McCord in New Moon...Again? (3/23/09)

More DVD Party Coverage (3/23/09)

New Moon Set News (3/22/09)

Twilight DVD Party Coverage (3/22/09)

It's Time to Party! (3/20/09)

More New Moon Movie News (3/20/09)

Twilight Cast at a Store Near You! (3/19/09)

Casting News: The Wolf Pack (3/18/09)

Exclusive Interview with Solomon Trimble, Part 3 (3/17/09)

Catherine Hardwicke News (3/17/09)

Twilight DVD Contests and Reviews (3/17/09)

Who Let the Dogs Out? (2/17/09)

New Moon Movie Set News (3/16/09)

Project Save the Book Babe (3/16/09)

Birthdays! (3/16/09)

Rachel Lefevre in Vancouver (3/14/09)

Jacob Black's Shed (3/13/09)

New Moon Pictures and Eclipse Director (3/12/09)

Rob on GQ (3/12/09)

More DVD Sneak Peeks (3/12/09)

Twilight: Director's Notebook and Eclipse Movie News (3/11/09)

It's Almost Here! (3/11/09)

Exclusive Interview with Solomon Trimble: Part 2 (3/10/09)

News and Interviews (3/10/09)

Let the New Moon Movie Begin! (3/9/09)

Next Deleted Scene (3/9/09)

Dakota Fanning as Jane Officially Confirmed (3/7/09)

Twilight: Director's Notebook News (3/6/09)

Deleted and Extended Twilight Scenes! (3/6/09)

Exclusive Deleted Twilight Scene! (3/5/09)

Solomon Trimble Not In New Moon (3/4/09)

Hot Topic Clue and Merchandise (3/4/09)

Exclusive Interview with Solomon Trimble: Part 1 (3/3/09)

Which One, Which One? (3/3/09)

Bronson Pelletier in New Moon, Paul Weitz Directing Eclipse, and the Chance to be in New Moon! (3/2/09)

Robert Pattinson at the Oscars (2/23/09)

Eclipse Release Date Too Soon? (2/21/09)

Macey's Twilight DVD Release Party (2/21/09)

MTV Exclusive: New Moon (2/20/09)

Edward vs Jacob Fan Contest Update (2/19/08)

New Moon Movie News (2/19/09)

Too Many Actors, Not Enough Parts (2/17/09)

Site Updates (2/16/09)

Robert Pattinson Stalked! (2/11/09)

Happy Birthday, Taylor Lautner! (2/11/09)

Casting Tragedies and Triumphs (2/10/09)

New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn Movie News (2/9/09)

Twilight Takes Over NY Comic Con (2/7/09)

Edward vs Jacob Fan Contest (2/6/09)

More Rumors (2/6/09)

AnnaLynne McCord as Heidi? (2/5/09)

Twilight: Director's Notebook (2/4/09)

More New Moon Movie News (2/3/09)

Cast, Contests, Conventions, and New Moon (2/2/09)

Site Update and New Moon News (1/30/09)

More Twilight DVD News (1/29/09)

Borders Midnight Release Parties (1/28/09)

The Girl Who Could Fly (1/27/09)

America Young as Emily Young? (1/26/09)

Dakota Fanning as Jane Confirmed (1/24/09)

Tons of Site Updates (1/24/09)

Hillywood Show Sneak Peek and More (1/23/09)

Dakota Fanning as Jane? (1/22/09)

New Moon and Cast News (1/21/09)

Hot Topic DVD Pre-Order Release Parties (1/20/09)

Cast and New Moon News (1/17/09)

Wallpapers, Interviews, and New Moon Stuff (1/16/09)

Rumor Buster (1/15/08)

Twilight DVD and Score (1/13/09)

Year of the Werewolf: Team Taylor (1/13/09)

New Moon Casting News (1/8/09)

Twilight DVD News (1/8/09)

Jacob Black Will Be Played By... (1/7/09)

A Twilight Spoof From Hillywood (1/6/09)

Twilight and New Moon Movie News (1/5/09)

Site Update: New Moon Trailer and Songs (1/3/09)

Interviews, Music, and Dolls (1/3/09)

Justin Chon in Palm Springs (1/2/09)

First Character of the Month for 2009 (1/1/09)

Best and Worst of 2008 (1/1/09)

Celebrity Love Awards (12/31/08)

A New Year, and a New Moon (12/30/08)

Year of the Vampire (12/30/08)

Twilight TV Series a Hoax (12/29/08)

An Online Date with Robert Pattinson! (12/27/08)

New Layout and More! (12/26/08)

Giveaways, Bachelors, and Twilight Merchandise (12/26/08)

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