Renesmee Cullen's Wedding Day
By Charlotte

I stared at my reflection in the mirror. My dress was white with crystals on the chest. My hair was just left natural, much to Alice's dislike. She had been showing me her hundreds of ideas but I was adamant on just having it natural. It swept past my shoulders into bronze-brown ringlets. I didn't want any of the tiaras Rosalie had wanted me to wear, just a single red rose in my hair. I wore very little make up, apparently I didn't need it. My pale white skin had a slight sparkle, nothing compared to my parents, who were on either side of me. My mom wore a simple lilac dress and my dad wore a black tux. Their skin made a diamond look like cheap plastic. They were perfect. They had matching eyes, amber. I just had average human eyes, brown, like my mom's before she changed.

"You're beautiful" Dad said. He had his arm around my mom and she just smiled at me.
"If I could cry right now, you know I would" She whispered. I was slightly embarrassed, they were looking at me and it was as if they were having a conversation without speaking.
"How do you feel?" Alice asked as she and Jasper walked into the room, also looking unnaturally beautiful, Alice in a red dress and Jasper in a similar tux to my dad's.
"Nervous I'll mess it up and happier I've ever been!" I grinned. I spotted Rosalie, Emmett, Carlisle and Esme hovering in the corner of the room. Mom nodded to invite them in.

It's weird to think Carlisle and Esme are my grandparents. They don't even look thirty! I look the same age as my own parents, around seventeen. I'm actually eight in human years. Uncle Emmett says I'm seventeen in 'nessie years' as I am half human, half vampire. And I'm about to marry a werewolf, a vampire's enemy.

"You look stunning" Esme smiled. My whole family stood around me. They were all smiling, making me cringe.
"Don't be embarrassed, we're admiring your beauty" Dad smirked. The whole mind-reading thing can be very annoying. The only one who can block his power is my mom, much to his disappointment!
"Grandpa! You're here!" I smiled as my mom's human dad entered. He was still slightly wary of the fact he entered a room full of vampires. I don't really blame him, at least he knows we are 'vegetarians'.

"Had to come see my granddaughter get married!" He said.
"Ready to go?" Carlisle asked. He meant down the aisle, into a room full of twenty-four vampires and two packs of werewolves. And the odd human.

Everyone was in their seats, waiting. I knew at the end of the aisle stood my Jacob. He wants to be with me for his whole life. But I'm might live forever (no one is sure as my kind is very rare) and I'm not sure whether werewolves do. But if they don't…

I blocked out that thought. It's my wedding- be happy. And soon I was as me and my parents walked down the aisle, one on each side. Jacob was there with Seth, his best-man. Leah, Seth's stood behind him. All eyes were on me and that made me nervous. Would all these wolves accept me? Would the vampires accept Jacob?

"Who cares?" Dad murmured, get outta my head dad! Otherwise you're in trouble… I thought.

When we reached the alter the service began. Jacob looked so handsome in his black tux. His eyes met mine and we exchanged thoughts. (not literally!)

Then it was time for our vows. We spent ages writing them and kept them hidden from each other but at lat it was time to share our love for each other to the world. I held my breath as Jacob began to speak.

"Renesmee" He began. Just the way he said my name sent shivers down my spine. "I have known from the moment you were born that you were something special. I can't remember how I survived before you came along! You are the most beautiful… creature" he added. "This world will ever know. You are also the kindest most caring person. Without you I have no reason to exist. You are my everything and I love you". His words opened up a floodgate. Every girl in the room was crying (with the exception to vampires, they can't cry but I can being both human and vampire) and tears ran down my cheeks. I could've sworn I saw a tear in my mom's eye but I couldn't be sure.

"Jacob. There is so much to say. How can I possibly tell the world how I feel about you in less than a century! You have been with through everything and I don't feel alive unless you're with me. Without you, I am nothing. You make me who I am. If living meant without you then what's the point? I'd have no reason to carry on. I promise to spend the rest of my life loving you" By this time everyone, accept Jacob, was emotional. Jacob remained all tough and manly, which made me smile. He always puts on a brave face for the benefit of others.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride" Jacob took me into his arms and kissed me softly. I felt fireworks inside of me exploding and my heart was racing, but I liked it. I didn't want it to end but of course it had to, my family were right there! I looked at them all, they all just watched us walk back down the aisle. Mom and Dad walked behind us, hand in hand. I vaguely heard them talking but I wasn't even listening. Jacob was there and that's all I'll ever need.

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