Written by Dinaria

We walked down the hallway to class. Edward had his arm around my waist as we walked. Alice was talking to Renesmee about the party on the weekend. Renesmee was still growing, but it was slow enough that we didn't have to hide her. I looked up and Edward and smiled as he turned a corner with Jacob. We hadn't been here long enough to see if he could be moved into my classes. I waved and Jasper, Rose and Emmet turned another corner.
Alice and Renesmee eventually dragged me into the conversation. I unwillingly listened to them as they talked about decorations and outfits. Since Jacob, Renesmee and I had joined the Cullen's, we were more able to communicate with humans. We reached English and waited outside for our teacher. He was late, again. I noticed my human friend, Lisa, standing by herself.
Lisa reminded me of myself as a human. She ignored the fright she felt when we approached. She didn't think of us as bad per se, just different.
I excused myself from the party conversation and went over to talk to her. She smiled as I approached.
"Are they still planning the party?" She asked. I groaned in reply and she laughed quietly. I looked over at Renesmee and Alice. "I still think if they made it a sleepover it would be better."
I forced a smile and rolled my eyes.
"I guess they think it would stretch out too long then. Besides, no one would want to sleep."
Or they wouldn't be capable…
She laughed again. She was a good friend to have.
The hardest thing about having human friends wasn't the flames licking at your throat every time you took a breath, and nor was it the annoyance at their slow minds. It was the secrets you had to keep from them.
I saw a group of guys move towards Alice and Renesmee. Renesmee smiled at him. Lisa and I walked over to see what they wanted with Alice and Renesmee. Not that I wouldn't be perfectly capable of hearing them from where I was. I could hear Edward's breathing two blocks away. Listening to a conversation four meters away.
As we approached, one of the guys, Troy, nudged the guy in front and jerked his head toward our approach. The guy in front was called Michael. I had a sudden flash, a blurred human memory, of a boy sitting on my desk, glancing at Edward next to me. But this Edward was ignoring me. Mike, the boys name was. It was a different boy, and he was a man now.
I turned my attention back to Michael's group. I sifted through my memory of them. Michael was one of the 'cool' kids… or at least he thought he was. The Cullen group, my group, was the coolest, and in more ways than one. They thought they were gods. And some of the girls here thought the same. It still amazed me at how blind humans could be. They thought he was hot! Had they seen Edward? Or Jacob? Or Emmet? Or Carlisle? I would say Jasper too, if it hadn't been for the scars all over him. And it wasn't as if I thought of ay of them except for Edward, but it's not as if I'd never noticed either.
Michael cleared his throat and looked purposely fully at Renesmee. I tensed my muscles and fought the urge to run in front of her and protect her. I didn't even know what from.
Then he decided to talk, "Hey there Nessie," I fought a growl back as he continued, "You know, I think you could do so much better than that Indian your going out with."
I saw Renesmee narrow her eyes fractionally, a difference that would not be visible to weak human eyes.
"His name is Jacob." She told him. I could tell she was trying to keep her voice even. I fought to control myself as Michael spoke again, "What ever. You're way better than that native."
Keep the secret! Keep your movements slow. Don't forget to breathe or it'll give us away!
I breathed in deeply to calm myself. I decided to contact Edward. Him and Jacob would be able to sort this out. I lifted my shield. I knew Edward would hear me because he had tuned me into his head so much over these past few years while I practiced lifting my shield.
Edward! I need you and Jacob over here now! I'm not sure whether you've heard Alice or Renesmee's thoughts, but right now I really need someone to restrain me!
I was pulled back into reality as Renesmee let out a small growl. Michael rolled his eyes, "You know that you would be so much better off with me." Alice had said a word. I glanced over at her and saw that she was in a trance. I quickly looked away to make sure no one followed my gaze. Renesmee bared her teeth slightly. I walked over to her and patted her arm to calm her and me.
I lifted my shield again.
Hurry Edward!
I could hear him and Jacob making their way here. They couldn't go fast enough. Stupid witnesses.
I became aware of Michael walking towards us and stopping centimeters from Renesmee's face. I gripped her arm tightly. Michael lent towards her face and said, "You know you want to." He lent closer and kissed her. She pulled back and slapped him across his cheek. I crouched aggressively and Alice placed her hand on my shoulder. She shook her head in one short movement. Renesmee put her hand on my head.
I had a picture of Alice in a trance before it changed to me attacking Michael and twenty horrified onlookers. Then it had a picture of the Volturi and Lisa's frightened face.
I slowed my breathing. I could see Edward and Jacob behind the group. Shock passed their features as they saw me crouched. I straightened slightly so I was more standing or crouching. I wasn't sure whether I didn't want to be angry and rip his head off. Michael and his gang laughed at me. I snarled at them. The laughter lowered to a few nervous chuckles. Edward made his way through the group and put his arm around me. Jacob stood next to Renesmee and Michael stepped back. I could see a bruise in the shape of Renesmee's hand forming on his cheek.
Jacob looked questioningly at her. Then our teacher walked out.
Nice timing.

When the siren rang for the end of school, we made our way to the car park towards Edward's Volvo and Jacob's Rabbit. We couldn't all fit in one car, so Edward, Rosalie, Emmet and I usually went in the Volvo and the others went in Jacob's Rabbit. Today, however, Edward passed his keys to Alice when he came up and we walked over to the Rabbit. I guessed he was letting Alice explain to the others while he and Jacob got the more intimate details.
The drive seemed to take forever as Renesmee told them what had happened. She had to keep her hand on Jacob to stop him from phasing as he shook. Edward ended up swapping seats with him after he almost hit five cars going in the opposite direction.
By the time we reached home, Edward and Jacob knew the whole thing. We walked inside and straight to the dining room. Edward called Carlisle and Esme as the others walked in.
After half an hour we agreed that we had to move thanks to my little outburst.
"It would have been all right if you had just crouched, they all thought you were mental and trying to be an animal, but when you snarled…" Edward trailed off.
We agreed to go to school the next day and tell our friends that we would be moving soon because of an important job offer Carlisle had received. I went through a mental list of people I would have to wave goodbye to. First person I thought of was Lisa.
Once again, I regretted the secrets we were forced to keep.