A Tribute to the Fans (And their Shirts)

While we were waiting for the discussion and signing to start, we decided to find the best Twilight fan T-shirts
and take pictures of them. We found some great, creative, and original shirts and we loved them all!
Unfortunatley, not all of the pictures came out good, so we couldn't use them all. So if we took a picture
of your shirt and you don't see it here, it's not because we didn't like it or something--the picture just didn't come out good.


Another Stephenie Meyer on the way

Note to self...

...Just breath

Do I dazzle you?

I love hot guys with super powers...

Emmett's Little League
Playing with the Grizzlies since 1935!

Henry Cavill T-shirts

Bite me

Twilight Movie Poster T-Shirts

Team Edward

Left to Right: Jacob can imprint on me, Sparkles, Edward Cullen

Twilight Moms

Bite me...

Vampire Girl