"Do you like scary stories?"
[Jacob, Twilight, chapter 6: Scary Stories, page 123]

Breaking News
By Bella and Esme

The Call Series
By Brettlynn

Chess Game
By Carmen

By Sara Parker

Dark Star

The Dent In The Wall

Discussions and Decisions
By Lacey Sled

Family Outing
By Stephanie

By Alice

By Dinaria

It Doesn't Matter
By Jacqueline Duveau

My Version of Breaking Dawn
By Alice

Renesmee Cullen's Wedding Day
By Charlotte

Renesmee's Point of View
By Karsen

The Trip
By Anonymous

The Werewolf for the Vampire
By Hannah

Thoughts on the Meadow
By Hannah

Vampire Life
By A Ako

By Suse


Vampire or Human?
A Discussion between Esme and Alice.

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