The Trip
Written by Anonymous

    At the same time the bell rang it started to rain in Forks. School was out for Thanksgiving and Jacob and I are heading to Isle of Esme for a few weeks. My mom and dad have decided to go to Spain, Rose and Emmet are heading out to the Rain Forest, Alice and Jasper are going to Greece, and Carlisle and Esme are going to Brazil.
    “Nessie, did you grab the tickets,” Jacob hollered from down stairs.
    “Yes, honey, I did.” I shouted back as I finished doing my hair.
    This is the first trip Jacob and I are going on since this summer, so Jacob is overly excited.
    “Wow,” I said as I walked down the stairs.
    There were four suitcases filled to the rim with clothes and I could tell that my Jacob was having a hard time closing them without breaking the zippers. Jacob had let Alice pack all of our stuff because she wanted to surprise me with new clothes.
    “I can’t believe I actually let Alice do this,” Jacob growled through his teeth. “Nessie could you please sit on the suitcase so that I can close it!” He demanded more than asked.
    My mom in the background gave a quiet growl and my dad just chuckled under his breath when Jacob turned around and glared at her as he read his thoughts.
    Stupid Alice, why did she do this, oh she is so dead when I see here after break, I but she can see it coming!!!!
    “Ha, ha, relax Jacob, just give it a rest!” My dad laughed loudly.
    Jacob took a deep breath and zipped the suitcase and swung it over his shouldered and walked to the car quickly.
    “Bye mom, bye dad, love you,” I said and ran out to the car were Jacob was waiting.
    The drive to the airport was quicker than I thought it would be, even though it was still early in the morning for a human to be up. The flight to Isle of Esme went by quickly and so did the boat ride to it. Right when we got there we sprinted upstairs and put our suitcases up, changed quickly into our bathing suits, and headed out toward the beach.
    The beach had pure white sand and the ocean was such a clear light blue that you could see the fish and coral. Jacob and I laid out a towel and laid in each others arms for the rest of the day just resting and thinking. Finally we walked into the water together which was so warm and comfortable with Jacob holding his arms around me and never letting go. I can see why my parents loved this place so much.
    “What do you want to do,” I asked Jacob as he looked into my eyes.
    “Well…..I have a surprise for you, but its inside,” He said with a huge smile on his face.
    “Ok, well should we go inside the?” I asked already knowing what the answer would.
    “Yep, lets go.” He said excitedly.
    Once we were inside he ran upstairs and told me to wait down stairs. I heard a few zippers opening but never closing, I guess he was tired of struggling to be gentle with the suitcases.
    “Renesmee,” he said as if appearing out of no where.
    “Yes,” I said eyeing the little brown box in his hand that was jeweled sapphires with and pearls.
    “Here, um, open it,” he told me nervously.
    “Ok,” I said taking the box and opening it slowly.
     Inside was the prettiest necklace that I have ever seen. It had a simple chain that was silver and sparkled when you moved it. On the end it had three pearls that were the size of a quarter and was studded with sapphires.
    “WOW!!! I don’t know what to say Jacob; this is the prettiest necklace I have ever seen!!!” I told him lovingly.
    “I’m glad you like it. I was afraid that you wouldn’t like it at all,” he said sheepishly like he was embarrassed that he thought I would hate it.
    “No, its perfect thank you,” I replied as I reached up to pecked him on his lips.
    Suddenly the necklace was out of my hand and back in the box on the living room table. Jacob grabbed me and pulled me into his strong arms and held me there and leaned down to kiss me. We held each other in our arms just like we had on the beach before.
    “Nothing could ruin this moment,” I told him when I reached up and touched his face to show him how much I loved him.