Read Bella's Life, Part II

Objections and Disagreements, Part II
By Alice

Stephenie Meyer…kidding! Are you still here? Okay…

Edward or Jacob
You say that either Bella should "un"-choose Edward and pick Jacob, or she should stay with Edward, but remain human. I've got a few objections:

1. You always use the word 'regret.' About 5 or 6 times, I think. No matter which way she goes, she's going to have some regret about her choice. If she chooses Jacob, she would miss Edward terribly (hold on about the 'healing' thing, I'm getting to that) and she may never be able to see the Cullens again. Her relationship with Edward is too deep for her to be able to just walk away from him of her own free will. And how could she just let go after having the most amazing experiences with Edward? Yes, she loves Jacob; but not as much. She's been in love with Edward much longer (an entire book longer). There is no way she would be able to choose Jacob and be completely happy. She would always regret her decision, even if she were able to heal somewhat. How could she know how strong her regret would be if she had picked Edward instead? The grass would always look greener on the other side. She can't do experiments and go back and forth between Jacob and Edward and compare how painful each decision would be (though that would be very entertaining to read J). Of course, this goes for if she chose Edward instead of Jacob, too. But, again, Bella and Edward's love is stronger and has lasted longer while the roots of Bella and Jacob's relationship are not as deep. Because of this, I think Bella might not feel as much regret if she picked Edward. But this is just my opinion; I (unfortunately) do not have any way of knowing if this is true.
Then there's the whole kid factor. She won't be able to have kids with Edward, human or not, but she would be able to have kids with Jacob. Again, regret either way. But if Bella chose Jacob, there is still a chance that he could imprint. Imagine how hard that would be if she and Jacob had had kids? Bella would not only be risking her own happiness by choosing Jacob, but she would also be risking the happiness of her children. But of course, if she doesn't choose Jacob, she wouldn't have any kids. Her life is a gamble. No matter who she chooses, she would be risking something that's precious to her. There is really no way to determine whom she should choose by how much regret, guilt, and pain she could go through. It's sweet and sour, either way.

2. You say that if Bella chooses Jacob, she would still be able to see her family. I agree with that. But you also say that if Bella chooses Edward and becomes a vampire, she would never be able to see her family again. I disagree.
My theory about Bella gaining automatic self-control was just a possibility I took and ran with. I didn't say it was a high possibility, just a possibility. Even if my theory were incorrect, she would still be able to see her family. She would still be able to gain control on her vampire instincts, but not as quickly. You say that by the time she gains control, her family would be dead. You're exaggerating time. It doesn't take 80 years to gain control; she would only be a newborn for a year. If Bella's family dies of natural causes, they won't die that soon. Bella doesn't need to have perfect self-control like Carlisle, just enough to resist the scent of her family's blood.
But then of course there's the werewolf pack to worry about if she returns to Forks. I have given my opinion about this in my version of Breaking Dawn. But if that scenario doesn't happen, or something like that, then I seriously don't know. But I don't think Jacob, at least, would kill Bella. He loves her too much. He even says in Eclipse that he would 'hamstring any of his brothers that tried' to kill her. If Jacob really does love Bella, then he would see past the vampire and see the human Bella he knows and loves. If not, then maybe it's a good thing that Bella didn't choose him.

3. You have also allowed the option of Bella choosing Edward, but remaining human. There are several problems with this. First, the Volturi. They will kill her if she doesn't become a vampire. Bella will not let Edward risk his life protecting her. But even if Edward managed to protect her, she'd be on the run. Bella would also be risking the lives of everyone she loves. The Volturi would search for her, like James and Victoria did. They'd go to Charlie's house, Renee's house, and maybe even Jacob's house. If Aro wants her enough, then the Volturi may go to extremes to find her. Even if Aro didn't want her to join the Volturi, Bella has broken the rules. They have never let rule breakers get away, so why would they start with her? How could Bella be happy if her life, and the lives of everyone she loves, is in constant danger?
Then there's Jacob. If Bella remains human, Jacob will take that as an opportunity to try and make Bella change her mind. Once again, Edward and Jacob would be at constant war with each other. How would Bella be happy when all the contention is going on?
And then growing older. I agree, Bella would just need to learn how to deal with it, but how can we be certain she will? She may never get over it and she could never be happy. I would be depressed too if I grew into a wrinkly old lady while my true love was always beautiful and seventeen. Though of course there are more important things then age, but the depression would always be there in the back of her head.
If you ask me, the option of Bella remaining human with Edward is out.



Here's a point I didn't hit before (at least, I don't think I did). You say that, by becoming a vampire, Bella is risking her soul. Yes, that's true. But what's the point of worrying? If Edward is right and vampires loose their souls, then Bella should still become a vampire. Because if Bella remains human, she will die. And when she dies, she wouldn't be able to be with Edward, even if he made another trip to Volterra. There would be no afterlife for him, and for Bella heaven wouldn't be a heaven at all without Edward. But if Bella became a vampire, they would never die and never have to worry about that. So we really should be worrying about what happens if Bella remained human.

Werewolves You say that the werewolf pack will come looking for the Cullens once Bella becomes a vampire. I don't agree. The Cullens would leave before changing her. Not doing so would be suicide. But the werewolves wouldn't come looking for them once she's transformed. The whole reason for the werewolf pack's existence is to protect La Push and the surrounding area. If the Cullens were far away, they wouldn't be a danger to Forks and La Push anymore. They don't go hunting for other vampires that aren't near La Push, so why would they hunt down the Cullens?

You say that because Edward and Bella both think they are being selfish, they should just get rid of the idea of changing Bella into a vampire. I think their selfishness is another reason that Bella should become a vampire. Edward thinks he's being selfish because he wants to change her and Bella thinks she's taking advantage of Edward's love for her and being selfish. But they both want the same thing! Edward wants Bella to become a vampire and Bella wants to become a vampire. So if Edward changes Bella, each of them are giving the other person what they want and getting what they want at the same time!

Oh yeah! One other thing. If Bella chooses Jacob then she would have to still be human and the Volturi would come to La Push. A war between the werewolves and the Volturi would begin, which would cause Bella more pain, more worry, and more danger, especially if she has kids. So that's not a very good option, either.

So either way, pain is Bella's only option. Either way she must risk a lot. But personally I think Bella would be a lot happier with Edward as a vampire. Staying human is too risky for her, and all of the loved ones surrounding her.