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Bella's Life, Part II
By Esme

      When we think of true love, we always think of a fairy tale. It starts with someone lonely falling in love. They get together and live happily ever after. Unfortunately not all stories can end this way. In the story of Bella, no matter what life style is chosen there will always be a scar left behind, However, there is a path that can leave fewer scars than the other path. The choice she makes could leave regret and mourning.
      No matter which way she chooses, she is going to lose someone. Which ever way she chooses she is going to have to leave loved ones. Eventually, if she stays human, she will have to move out of the house. She will go to college and not see anyone for a long time. Yet, she will see them again. She will not be able to see the rest of her family when she is a vampire. She will have to leave them behind because of lack of control. She could gain control eventually, but by then almost everyone will be dead. I say almost everyone because Jacob will still be alive. Jacob could give her all she ever wanted. If she goes with Jacob she will be able to do what she wants with him. Jacob is positive that he will never imprint on anyone. He only sees Bella. He won't leave her. She has chosen Edward. She can just as easily "un"-choose him. If she would just look to the future, and not her wants she would choose differently. She can still be happy and leave Edward.
      What she is showing is that she is willing to toss her life away. She is treating it like a dirty dishrag and tossing it aside. She could live a happy life and still be with Edward. She is just too stubborn to look at what she could have. She's not willing to look at what she could have. Instead, she is basing her happiness on what she wants. Getting what you want doesn't always make you happy. It may make you happy in the beginning, but in the long run she might regret it for the rest of her existence. Regret can be a strong thing. It can be very painful to endure.
      She could easily stay human if she stayed with Edward. What Bella dislikes about that idea is that she is going to die if she stays human. However, if she turns into a vampire she will gain more enemies than friends. The wolves will turn against her. They will always be her enemies after that. When they are gone the wolves will start searching for them. The Volturi are not going to help them. They won't go out of their way for Bella. They don't really care about the Cullen family. They are not willing to waste their time. They only get involved when things are out of control. The wolf pack is just getting larger, and it will keep getting larger. They are going to over power the Cullen family. The Cullens will put up a good struggle, that much is for sure, but they are out numbered. They will be destroyed. Another enemy Bella will gain will be Rosalie. Rosalie already doesn't like her, and the reason behind that is Bella has chosen to become a vampire. Rosalie doesn't want Bella to keep and fulfill that choice and then regret it later. Rosalie has made it clear that she does not want Bella to change. Imagine when Bella turns into a vampire, the revulsion Rosalie will feel for her will be very great. There will be a conflict throughout out the rest of their existence. They will be family and that will create a problem in the household. That could cause frictions between them.
      Bella has made it clear that she cannot live without Edward. She needs to live with him forever. but could that just be an exaggeration? Jacob is completely right about one point. She never tried to let go. She was still holding on to him. That is completely understandable. The thing is, thought, that when he left she was in pain. She didn't let go. Her experiences have led her to believe that she will go into pain when ever he leaves. Because she didn't let go it makes her think that she will die without him. This will cause her to believe that she can't make it. It makes her believe that he is the only one that can keep her whole. She believes he is the only one meant for her. That is not so. She can move on with her life, she just needs a little time to heal. She will not try to let go now. She is not willing to try and heal.
      You can believe that she will have this talent that will let her see her family or do something else she will want to do. The thing with that theory is that you can't know for sure. It hasn't happened yet so you can't be sure that you are right. Bella shouldn't take her chances. It is too risky. If she focuses on what could happen, then it will be a major let down when if doesn't happen. You can't go through life hoping that what you want will happen. It just doesn't work that way. Once she changes there is no going back, and that will cause grief and despair.
      If Bella chooses to become a vampire she will not only hurt Jacob, but the rest of her family as well. With Jacob she is going to hurt him by becoming his enemy, and by changing she is telling him that his love is not good enough for her to stay with him. If she stays human she will still hurt him, yet she will not betray him. She will still be able to see him. With the rest of her family, if she changes she will never be able to see them again. She will break their hearts by telling them she can't come back.
      Of course, she could stay with Edward, but that is her choice. Anything could happen after that choice. She could easily regret it later, and that regret will hurt because she will know she can not change it. That will hurt more than if she hadn't chosen to be a vampire.
      This is a great example of the act of selfishness. She is easily using Edward's love so she can get what she wants. Normally he wouldn't change her but his love is too great to let her down. He will do anything for her, eve the things he would normally argue against. Now it says in the books that he believes he is being selfish because he wants to change her. Bella believes she is taking advantage of his love. So they both believe they are being selfish. If they are both being selfish then why even think of the matter. If they are being selfish then let the idea wash away into nothing. If they ever find out that their souls really do get taken away or destroyed Edward could easily go into an unwanted depression.
      She could live with Edward while she is human. She is too proud to endure the fact that she is going to get older. She will start to age. She will begin to look and feel older. The thing that she is not willing to live through is always being older and always looking older than Edward. If she stays human she will still be able to live with Edward. She will just have to grab the fact that she is going to grow older and endure it. If she can't grab the fact that she will look older than him, she should just let go of him. Her memory of him will leave nothing but a scar. If she turns into a vampire she will be with Edward. She will look as beautiful as him and will not age. That is what she is basing her thoughts on. She is not looking at the consequences towards the future. The thing is that if she were to truly look at herself she would see that she doesn't want to be humiliated by the fact of her looks. If she would search deep inside and let go of her pride she would find that she can endure the fact of getting older. If she truly loves him she could forget the fact that she is getting older and just have fun with the memories of being with Edward. She can let go of the fact that she is growing older by forgetting it. She just needs to get over it and enjoy life. She could be very happy if she just tried to forget everything but her true love for Edward. That can create eternal happiness.
      If her soul does get destroyed or taken away than when/if she gets destroyed she will not see Edward again. She will be more likely to die than ever before. She will, again, gain more enemies. That will create the likelihood of her being destroyed. If she stays human she might be able to live longer.
      Edward says he would rather turn human any day rather than changing her. This will work well. They will be happier than before if that happens. They just need to see and wait what will happen. If he can't change, just have fun with the rest of their lives. The probability of him changing is very slim but the probability of them being happy if he changes is great.
      Almost everything is based on the future. You can't truly see what exactly is going to happen. Something is bound to happen that Bella will wish didn't. Those sad things will most likely happen because of what she has become, because of all the reasons above.

Notes/Comments: We are not basing this on what Stephenie Meyer will do. She hasn't done anything yet. We are basing this on what is best for Bella and facts and opinions. What ever Stephenie Meyer has made clear does not count. If you have to use Stephenie Meyer to prove your point, give up. I will not read the whole thing if I see the words "Stephenie Meyer."

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