The Center of My World 2

Book 1: Leah

Ok. Did she just say 'It's the price she'll have to pay?' She is the freakin most weirdiest person I have ever met. She is going to kill herself over this baby? now I know how Jake felt when Bella was having nessie. I hate these bloodsuckers. I don't even know why I came in here. I stood up and stomped my way out the door. I heard Nessie say "What did I do?"

"Nothin Ness. She's juts being Leah." jacob said. I walked behind a tree to phase. I put my clothes under a bush and started running.

What's up? Seth said.

Go away. I said. Although a replay of what just happened played through my mind.

oh. This is deja vu. Seth said.

Leah! Why did you do that? Jacob phased and scolded me.

Nessie is going through a lot right now. You don't have to tell her she's stupid. Jacob growled.

Seth and Jacob met me in a little clearing.

And? I said.

Jacob sighed. It might be a bad decision but I can't turn her down.

Oh, yeah. Imprinting thing. I snorted.

He growled and tunred around towards the house. I felt him phase back inot human.

He's down. Seth said.

No duh. I said.

Seht just rolled his eyes. mom needs you, today.

Sorry. Can't. I started running off into the woods.

Why! Seht whined.

I'm on my own for once. I will just stay here, on the cullen residence..

ugh! First you hate them, now you want to stay with them! What next! Seth complained.

Shut your muzzle. I scolded.

     I actully didn't know why I wanted to stay. Maybe to try to like Nessie, and be a good friend?....Nah, that's not it. Maybe becuase I'm insane? That's a definit possiblitie.

I'm going with insane.. seth said.

shut up! I growled.

Why don't you go to mom, leave me alone for once. I said, keeping my eyes on trees rushing past me.

After a few minutes I felt seth phase.

I turned back around and darted towards the house.

When I got there I laid by a tree and fell asleep.

     I woke up to the sun blinding me, witch I couln't believe it wasn't raining. I stood up and shook out my fur. I squinted down the in the tree's. I could see someone coming towards me. Well, not some person, another wolf. My eyes ajusted now and I could see him. Large black wolf. I went behind a tree and phased and slipped my clothes on that I stashed under a bush. When I came out from behind the tree, sam was already phased and had jeans on.
"Hey," I said. He nodded once. "So...what do you want?" I asked. He shifted his weight from his left foot to his right foot. I raised my eyebrows.. "What do you want?" I repeated, a little acid sinking into my voice. "Why are you staying here?" He asked. I rolled my eyes. "Because I want to." I started to turn away. "It's bad enough your in Jacob's pack, now your living here? What's wrong with you?" He asked. I stopped with my foot in the air because I was mid step. I ground my teeth together and spun around slowly. "Why do you care?" I let as much acid as I could go into my voice. He fliched back like I slapped him. I wish I could, that would be the best thing in the world. "" Sam struggled with his words. He lying. Such a liar. "Really? Then my answer is, Because I want to! You got that?!" I sarted to stomp away. "Ya." I heard him whisper. I was about to turn around and give him more crap but I kept going instead. I needed to cool down but didn't know how. I stomped all the way to the back door of the cullens and just let myself in. I'm sure the Mind-reading-bloodsucker could hear me. I didn't bother to close the door; I just stomped my way into the living room and sat on a chair. Only Renessme was the only one watching my little performance. Edward and bellas eyes were glued to Renessme and so was Jacobs. Jacob looked over to me and then said "What's wrong?" Huh. I wonder what my face looked like. "Sam just came." I said. He looked over me and then said "oh." He turned his gaze back on Renessme. She changed since yester day. Her stomach grew just the slightest and she looked horrible. Her hair matted , her skin paler then usaul, she was sweating. Her eyes were closed and she was snoring lightly. Alice was against the wall with her eyes closed and her fore head wrinkled as if she was consentrating. I was going to talk but it was so silent that I was afraid to make noise.
      I didn't feel so angry any more. I still wish I could slap sam though. He deserved it. Just because he imprinted on my second cousin, that's why I'm mad. Or sad.... Oh well, it's the past, right? No, it's not the past because he still loves her. I wishe the imprinting thing would go away. I wish someone would imprint on me...or I could imprint. Nobody knows if I could, I'm the first female werewolf. How should I imprint if I doubt that I even can?
      Nessies snore broke and she coughed. She startled awake and looked around the room. Her eyes spotted me but then She looked back at Jacob.
"How ya doin?" Jake asked. "Fine." She mumbled. After a few minutes her snore picked up again. Even though she looked like a truck bashed her; she looked almost happy on that couch. Her lips were pulled up at the sides; hard to notice though. I looked over her; she did look happy. She looked content but also in pain.
      I still couldn't believe shes doing this. Just like Bella. So much like her mother. From the corner of my eye I could see Edward smile, just the slightest.
I relized at that moment that I become more...calm around the Leaches. Unlike before when I couldn't stand being close to one of them, now I'm sitting in there living room, with a girl that's about to die. Wow. She's willing to die for this child. How are we supposed to save her? She can't turn into a vamp because she is one.
"Not really," Edward said. Bella and Jacob looked at him curiously. "Nessie is only part vampire. She is part human."
Bellas face was getting more and more curiouse. "How is that going to save her?" I asked out loud. Jacob and Bella understood quickly.
"Bella was saved by turning into a vampire. We might be able to turn the rest of her into a vampire." Edward explained. Oh. Guess that makes sense, sort of. Not really. I stood up and stretched. Outside the sun was setting and I decided to go to sleep. "See ya, later leah." Edward said. I nodded. I walked out and phased. Imeditaly I heard seth.
So. How is she? he asked
Images flew through my head.
Not as bad as bella. Seth said.
I compared images from four years ago and pictures of Nessie. Yes, he was right, not as bad. I guess it's not all that much vampire. It must still be some vampire because it's still growing fast. Bella was like that for a month. If Nessie's child is growind half the amount maybe, a month and a half then?
Oh, now you use your math. Seth thought.
Shut up, seth.
Make me. He thought.
Oh, I will make you do somethin alright. I grunted. I picked up my speed and found his trail that he was running. He was running around hear too? Well, duh. Nessie's my friend. I can't leave her unprotected.
I stopped dead in my tracks almost landing on my face-wich probly looked totaly shocked.
What do you mean by 'unprotected'? I growled in my head.
Seth was startled.
You haven't heard?
Heard WHAT!? I yelled at him.
That sam found out about Nessie's child. He's really upset too. He thinks it will be the worst monster ever lived, for it might be part werewolf and vampire. He wants to attack. He thought nervously.
I'm not letting that happen. I turned around and headed all the way back to the cullens house. I must have travled two miles, but i didn't notice. I finally made it to there porch. The Mind-reading-leach or Edward was standing on the porch.
You heard? I asked.
he nodded "I did, yes. I'm not sure why I didn't see this coming. We will have to stop him."
No. If you even try to stop him, he'll just attack you, not like he wasn't going to anyway. I'll stay here though, and seth will. We will stay and make sure thedon't get past us.
He nodded. "Thank you." Then he turned into the house.
I just said that? I was going to protect a Leach? Not like I did before, but I thought I was done with that. I can't be becoming friends with the leaches though...or am I?
I knew you would do it. Seth thought.
whatever. I'm getting some sleep, stay and run. If embry and quil come, tell them to run with you. I though sleepily, even though it was maybe only seven O'clock.
Sure! seth said while starting to run.
I thought about how Quil and Embry joined. Yes, there a pain to be around with, sort of. Embry hasn't imprinted yet. Sigh. The thought of Imprinting makes me glum.
I decided to shut up my voice inside my head and sleep.

      Ah, mornings. Don't you love em? But today I don't. I woke up- or I should say startled awake- to a shreik. Not a very loud one, humans couldn't hear it outside this walls. This shriek was loud enough for me to hear though. I quickly changed back to human and put on some clothes. I went to the door and opened it up.
Nessie. Nessie was arched on the couch, sweating. "Somethings broke!" She whined. Everyone was huddled over her. "a rib." I heard Carlisle say.
Now it was Breaking her bones. Just like Bella. I heard her Panting slow down. "I'm fine." I heard her whisper. Some people moved out of the way but Carlisle satyed there. She was bigger. About maybe two inches. Wow. Two inches? I thought it was slower then Bella had? "Growth sprut." Edward murmured. Oh, that explains it.Wait, growth spurt? How is it getting a growth spurt. But two inches? That's like a werewolf growth spurt. She looked tired, not happy anumore though. Not at all. She looked,...I don't know, nothing can explain how she looked.
Edward went whiter than he already is. "Renessme. I need to take an X-ray, just in case." Nobody waited for an answer; Bella picked her up and dashed upstairs.
"Carlisle? Could you stay for a second. Leah had a thought." Carlisle nodded. I did? I was just thinking to myself, like usual, nobody else likes me. Edward grinned at me, just the slightest. Carlisle didn't see, he was picking up a blanket from the floor. "What's up, Edward?" Carlisle asked.
"You know How Nessie grew two inches last night? Leah thought how werewolfs grow that much in that amount of time. What if this...child is already a werewolf? I mean, starting to grow its growth spurt. Do you think...?" Edwards gaze flickered to the stairs. "Maybe. It could be possible." Carlisle said. They stood there for another second then Carlisle turned around to go upstairs. Edward stood there; his Gaze on the stairs. I felt awkward standing here so I thought I should leave. "Oh, leah?" Edward asked. I turned around. "Some people like you. Some people 'Don't like you'" He smiled. I halfsmiled and walked out the door. I walked over behind a tree and stashed my clothes under a bush and phased.

Hey, Leah. whats up? Quil asked. Oh, they came. Sometimes they go back and forth to sam and Jacobs pack. There minds aren't linked to sams but they still hang out in there pack.
Nothin. I said, but images of Nessie flew into my mind.
Oh. Embry said. I picked up there trails they were circling.
Hey. Seth said. He sounded dead. Dead sleepy.
Seth, go to sleep. I said.
He didn't answer but he didn't disagree. He was gone after a few seconds. I met up with Embry and quil in a clearing. Quil was looking at me but Embry was looking at the ground. He never looked at me. Sometimes it looks like he's looking at me but he's really looking above my head.
No trails. We were just with Sam. He definitly wants to attack. Quil said.
That news sent a rock in my stomach.
oh. I said.
Embry seemed uncomftorble so he ran off. Quil watched after him.
Well,...I better get goin. Clair's waiting for me. Quil said.
He ran off and I felt him phase back to human. Everything was quiet.Seth is asleep and Quil and Embrys gone.
Ah. Peace and quiet. ........ I should like that but I don't. I want to check on Nessie. But what if she doesn't want me? Maybe she doesn't like me. I want to like her though. I want a friend like her. Maybe I could be her friend....
I don't think she's going to worry about friends right now though.
I walked to the back door and opened it. Nessie was on the couch now. Jacob was with her but Carlisle, Edward, and Bella was talking.
I could her some things but they were talking extreamly fast. Bella looked over and smiled. Her eyes were sad though. There conversation slowed down and now I could hear.
"Do you have an estimate?" Edward asked.
"Not really." Carlisle said.
I walked over and barged into there conversation.
"Estimate about what?" I asked.
Carlisle turned to me. "What it might be. At first it was growing slow, Now it's growing faster- like Nessie did. And like you guys said earlier, it could be having a growth sprut...already." I nodded, trying to fit in. Bella grabed Edwards hand when he said that.
"How is she..going to....survive?" I asked, being careful so I didn't hurt them somehow.
"No clue. But maybe we can turn her into a full vampire...." Edward trailed off, shuddering.
"What if it's normal? The child birth, that is." I said. Edward and Carlisle was staring at each other.
"It could be possible..." Carlisle frowned in thought. Edward nodded in argreement.
I din't want to talk anymore so I walked over where Nessie was. She was awake; staring at the TV. She looked at me when I came over. "Hey Leah." She whispered. "Hi" I said. I sat down on the floor next to Jacob. "Hey." He half sighed and half said 'hi' .
Nessie looked at her stomach and sighed. "What's wrong?" Jacob asked, although she just sighed.
"Nothing." She reasured him. "I'm just trying to figure out names." She said. I could tell everyone was looking at her now.
"Do you have any ideas?" Jacob asked. " One girl name and one boy name." She said. Everyone waited.
"I was thinking- if it was a girl- she would be named...Hayley, Isabella, Black." She looked at Bella. Bella was smiling.
"If it is a boy; Lucius, Jacob, Black."
"Say that again?" Jacob asked.
"Lucius? It sounds like; Luse-E-us. Only spelled L-u-c-i-u-s." Nessie said.
"That's different." Jacob nodded in agreement.
"well, He or she will be different." Nessie sighed..
"True." Jacob said. "any reason for this name, Lucius?" Edward asked. "No. It just came into my mind and I liked it So I went with it." Nessie said.
We sat there in silence.For a long time. Many shows started and ended on the TV. It must have been hours, but it felt like seconds. Everything was moving so fast. Eveything was silent. Nessie eyes were staring at the ceiling; probaly lost in thought. I felt awkward being here so I stood up.
"Leah?" Nessie asked. Nobody looked at her except me and Jacob. "Yes?" I asked. She lifted her hand and took my hand. "Thanks for being hear for me. I really apreiciate it." She said, smiling at me. I squeezed her hand. "No, problem." I let go and said, "See ya later." And walked out the door.
I wanted to go home and sleep in my bed and take a shower in my shower and watch Tv on my Tv and do what I want, but, I have friends to take care of. And I can't get everything I want. I walked slowly for a few minutes until I decided to phase. I had a string on my leg now too to put my clothes in. Its a lot easier. Once I was on all fours I could hear the other three.
Oh, Look who came back! We thought you fell asleep or something. Quil said. He was running around making a half circle. Embry was doing another half and seth was doing a full Loop so theres no way Sam could get through.
I started running around to make a loop too just in the oppisite dirrection the seth.
I was with Renessme.
The whols day played in my head, showing what happened. I didn't mind, its better then explaining it.
Lucius? Cool name. Wish I was named that! Quil laughed.
Embry snorted. We all metted at one point in the same clearing we were in earlier. We were all panting from running I sat down and so did seth.
Embry was looking at the ground again and quil was still standing.
Hey, Seth. Want to come spy on sam! Quil asked, excitedly.
I rolled my eyes.
ok! How will we? Seth asked.
Easy! I do it all the time! Quil snorted.
Don't get cought. He will have your heads. I said.
Yes, mommy. Seth teased.
Be quiet.. I said. They laughed and ran towards the east.
Embry was still looking at the ground. I sighed and ran towards the cullens house to get some shut eye.
Embry, Could you and Seth run a few hours tonight? I asked.
Sure.Embry mumbled.
I walked towards the Cullens house and paused; trying to hear whats happening inside.
"I'm fine!" Renessme yelled. "I heard something crack though!" Carlisle explained. I could hear Nessie pant in pain.
"Come on, Let's take you upstairs." Carlisle mumbled. "No" Nessie whispered. I heard the rush of wind. They went upstairs most likely.
Poor girl. I decided to go to sleep, hoping this is a nightmare.

     I woke up and didn't hear anything. Nothing. Totall silence, except for the others; there paws digging into the dirt.
I stood up and shook out my coat. I phased to see whats up inside.
Nessie was sleeping and boy did she grow! Maybe three inches now! Over night though? How is that possible?
"We don't know." Edward mumbled. I looked at him, he was sitting on the couch at the end of renessmes feet. Definitly a growth spurt. Edward nodded, just the slightest. I shook my head in amazment. This can't be happening.
      I was about to sit down when I heard three howls. Everyone looked out the window. Jacob and I ran out the back door. He phased with his clothes on so shreds flew everywhere. I quickly took my clothes off and phased. Before my legs hit I started running.
What's wrong? Jacob growled in his head.
Sams coming with paul and jared and collin. In a few minutes they'll be here. Quil thought.
Jacob pushed with all his might to meet up with them. I still beat him even though he got a head start.
hear they come. It's most likely not an attack because they left some people back. Unless... Embry thought.
We all met up were sam was just coming. He was in human form and so was Jared. Paul and collin was in wolf form.
"Let me make this very clear" Sam said. Jacob growled. Puals lips curved over his teeth. "Pual." Sam warned. Paul didn't move.
Sam turned back to us. "We won't attack." Sure. I thought. That's what you want us to think.
Quil snorted. sam looked at quil then at me. "We want you guys to come home." Why was he looking at me? To bug me? Well he certainly did. I feirce growl slipped through my teeth.
Keep it together Leah. He wants us to get angry and have us start the fight. Jacob thought. I stopped growling but I kept my my teeth showing.
Jacob shook his head as a 'No'. Sam looked at me, or rather stared at me. I glared back. "Come home, Leelee." He's doing this again? Didnt we do this four and a half years ago? This hurt me. No one can call me that name ever again.
oooh. Quil thought. He knew that too. I let another feirce growl slip through my teeth.
Leah! Jacob scolded. When he scolded he growled at me. sam looked at Jacob. "I see we are not welcome. we shall leave." He started to turn but he stopped and looked at Jacob. "We will be waiting, Jacob." Then he left. I kept my stare on the him until he fully out of sight.
I'm going back to Nessie. Howl if he comes back. Jacob said. He ran out of sight and phased back to human.
I brought my clothes with me this time so I went behind a tree and changed. When I came out from behid Embry and quil was human too.
"I have to run. Clairs waiting for me." Quil said. He turned to Embry. "See ya later, bro." He slapped Embrys shoulder and left..
"I can't believe sam did that." I mumbled. Embry looked above my head. "Ya." He looked at me for once but very breifly. He does that a lot too. He knows when I get irrated if he completely ignores me so he looks at me briefly.
"Embry why don't you look at me." I said. "Cause." He mumbled. He looked at me briefly and then at the ground.
"Because why?" I said. "I'm weird?" He chuckled. "Everyone knows that Leah." I nodded "True."
"See ya later, Leah." He turned around and left. I huffed a sugh and started towards the house.

      Two weeks passed and everything was fine, exceept for Nessie. In the past wo weeks she grew six inches. I couldn't believe it.
I was inside sitting with Nessie.. We treat each other like friends now. The birth should be soon. anyday now. Time flies I guess. Nessie sleeps a lot now. For a while she couldnt sleep at all. Now alls she does is sleep. Sleep,sleep,sleep. Well you get the point. Everything is so quiet in the cullens house. Too quiet. I hate quiet. It's too....Quiet. Then Nessie coughed and woke up. She looked around and layed back down with a groan. Her eyes weren't closed so I'm guessing she wasn't going back to sleep. She groaned again. Carlisle came over. "Renesmee? Are you ok?" she shook her head.
"No. It hurts." Carlisle looked at Edwrd and back to Nessie. "Where?"Carlisle asked. She groaned again. "Ness?" Jacob asked. "Ow!" she groaned..
"Take her upstairs!" Carlisle ordered. Edward came over and picked Nessie up and flew upstairs. Bella and Jacob followed but everyone else stayed down here. I stared after them, dumbstruck. "Yes! I'm going to be a great uncle soon!" Emmett boomed. Jasper rolled his eyes. Oh. I know whats happening now. I felt umcomftorble in the house so I walked outside. Embry was outside with Seth talking. I came out and stood with them. They were talking about something like, how the price for cars isn't fair or something like that. When I came over they looked at me. "What's up?" Seth asked.
"Nessie's having the baby." I said. Seth didn't answer. We didn't know if she was going to survive. "Well, I'm going home to mom. I haven't been with her for a while. Call if..." Seth trailed off. I nodded. Embry was with me now.
"Hey, I need that ten dollars." He said. "Then actully look at me." I said. He smiled. He liked getting money for silly reasons. Then he looked at me.

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