The Center of My World 2

Book 1: Renesmee

     My family's faces were all mixed emotions. Sad, mad, scared, frientened. My mom's looked the worse though. She was frozen in place, whiter than the most purest white you've ever seen. It was silent for what? Three seconds? But it was the longest three seconds in history. What is wrong that is making them act this way? I'm having a baby for petes sakes! I mean isn't that exciting? It was to me. I looked over to Jacob and he froze too. As if he thought this was bad too. I thouched his face to ask him why. It was too quiet in this room that I didn't want to make any noise. He took my hand and held it at his face. "Nessie." Dad said. I turned towards him. "It's not exciting. In one way, yes it is. But we never told you the whole storie of how you were born." Dad said. His face still looked afraid. "You told me that everything was fine when I was born..." I said, surprised that there was more to the storie. I only remebered very little. My mind is part human so I can't remebr much after I was born. "Yes. There is more to the story." Mom whispered. Grandpa Carlisle still had his head in his hands. Aunt alice and Aunt rose looked like two statues next to each other, standing by the couch. My jacob Burst through the back door. i stared after him, wanting to run after him. "Nessie. Stay here and we will tell you the real storie." Dad said. I looked at dad and back at the door again. After a minute I sat in the middle of Mom and Dad. I took a deep breath and waited for what the big problem was about this storie. "It is a problem. Nessie, your half vampire,half human." Dad seamed to have trouble saying that I'm half human. And? I thought. "And, Your mom was human when she had you." He said. I just stared at him. Confusion spread across my face. "You didn't mean to. But when she carried you you were...basiclly...killing her." dad struggled. At that moment I think I understood. The Baby could be werewolf or vampire or even human! If he or she is anything like I was...I could get hurt too. "Yes. Your right nessie. Thats why we need to take it out as soon as possible." Dad said. Sadness washed over me. No! I couldn't do that! no. No is no and I will not do that. Dad sighed. Grandpa got up and came over. "Come on nessie. We need to do this as soon as possible. Like your dad said." He held out his hand. I ignored that. I needed to think. I looked down to my stomach, it changed just the slightest. It looked a little bigger. I put my right hand over top of the tiny bump. "No." I said to grandpa. He lowered his hand and stumbled backward. "Ness, we need to do this. I can't let this happen to you." Dad said. I felt my mood change swiftly. I shot straight up out of my seat. "I don't care! You will not touch him!Just go AWAY!" I screached at everyone before storming out the door. I ran as fast as I could to my house. I slammed the door open and saw Jacob on the couch. I think he was crying but I ran past him and went into my room. I threw my self under the covers and put my face in the pillows and started crying.

* * *

Jacob came in at some point because I felt his hand on my back. I think I slept a little bit but I mostly cried all night. "Nessie? Do you want to go to the house and sort this out?" Jacob asked. I don't have any idea what time it was but I knew it was early. "No..." I sobbed in my pillow. "You are just like your mom. You know that right?" He chuckled. I nodded. I knew that. I get told that all the time. "I don't want anyone to hurt he or she." I whispered. My hand clutched at my stomach again. "Renessme. I won't let anyone hurt it or you." He said. I waited a few minutes. But the minutes felt like hours.

my eyes were running dry and I didn't want to lay still anymore."Fine." I said. I slowly sat up. I wobbled on the bed from getting dizzy but Jacob helped me stay in place. He held my waist all the way to the house. We walked slowly. So slow that I bet a snail could beat us to the house. Jacob was silent the whole way, the only noise was my broken sobs in my throught. Jacob would pat my back trying to soothe me but nothing worked. While we were going half a mile per hour I thought of our honeymoon.......

* * *

      "You ready to go?" Jacob called from the front door. I was still in the bathroom getting ready for the best honeymoon ever! I ran the brush through my hair...again. I brushed my teeth...agian. Then I looked over my outfit...again. I was wearing jeans and a pink blouse. "Ness! We are going to miss the plane!" He yelled from the steps. "I'm coming!" I said while running down the stairs, but i was looking at my feet so I ran into him. He cought me but he stumbled backwards. We both laughed. "A little excited?" He asked after he was done laughing. I nodded. I looked around him; there was five suit cases by the front door. I raised one of my eyebrows. "Alice." Was all he said, he looked at them too. Mom and dad were surprising us of wicth place we would be going to, I hope it's good. Mom and Dad came in the room with an envlope in his hands. He smiled at my confused expression and tossed the envolop to Jacob.. Dad winks at him and turns to me. "Be good." He looked in my eyes. I rolled my eyes. Mom came over and hugged me. "have fun." she let go then looked at dad. She giggled and couldn't stop. Dad rolled his eyes. Obvislly Mom put out her sheild and she was talking to him. Dad looked at me and smiled. "have fun. safe." He looked from Jacob to me. I sighed. "Ok. We got to leave." dad chuckled and hugged me. Mom was next. Then finally we left! Hallelujah!

      It took forever to get where we were going! First we took two planes then we took a cab then we went on a boat. actully we are still on the boat.Jacob and I have no clue where we are going, at least I think he doesn't. It must have been an hour until we saw an island. Jacob looked back to me. "Welcome to isle esme!" He called over the engine.

* * *

This place was beutiful! The water is so clear! The sky was clear from clouds and the sun was setting. There was a big house maybe a half a mile from the shore. "Did you know where that we were coming here?" I asked jacob, still not taking my eyes of off the beutiful site. "Not at first. But when your dad handed me an envolope filled with tickets for two different planes and a boat I knew we were going to the same place your dad took your mom." He shrugged. I sat there, unmoving. It's so beutiful! "You want to go inside?" Jacob asked me. I just nodded; my mouth hanging open like a fish. Jacob rolled his eyes and picked me up from the boat because I wouldn't move. With one arm he carried me and with the other he carried our bags. He set me down in front of the door and I opened it. His hands were full with our luggage. The house had the same colors as grandma Esme's. Jacob and I stood there in the entrance. "I'm going to put the things in our room." Jacob broke the silence. "I'll come with you." I said, still looking around. We headed up the stairs and into a blue room.. There was a large bed but the head board was broken and dented. Jacob eyed it with an eye brow raised then shrugged. He set the stuff down on the floor and flopped on the bed with a content sigh. I smiled at him and climbed on the bed. I snuggled into his side. He put an arm around me and I could tell he was smiling. We must have been laying there for an hour until I heard a grumble. "Hungry?" I asked. I laughed. "Of course." He sat up; still holding me with his arm. I stood up and stretched. My hair was still a little curly from the wedding. I went over to a mirror and combed through the curls. I heard Jacob get off the bed and start going down the stairs. I felt uncomfortable in this outfit Alice made me put on, so I dug through my luggage to find my PJ's. I found pink, silk ,striped pajamas that I bought at boscovs on our way here. I went into the Bathroom and changed and wet my hair. I pulled my hair into a pony tail and went downstairs. Jacob was almost inside the fridge. I pulled out a chair from the table and sat down. Jacob backed out of the fridge with an armfull of things. I saw, bread, Sliced turkey, ham, letice, and tomatoes. He closed the fridge with his foot and set his things on the counter. "You want anything?" He asked. I shook my head. "No. I'm good." He shrugged and went to his sandwitch making.

      When he was done eating we sat on the couch and watched some TV. I don't remember what we were watching because I think I fell asleep because I woke up in the bed with sun blinding my eyes. Next to me I could hear Jacobs light snore. I sat up feeling really tired. I flipped my legs around the side to get out of bed. I walked into the bathroom and found my toothbrush. i brushed my teeth and brushed my hair. When I was done in the Bathroom I walked into our room. I saw Jacob sitting up. He was sluoching and roubing his eyes. "Morning." I said walking over. He stopped rubing his eyes and looked over. "Hey." He said sleepily. He got out of bed and closed the blinds on the window. I relized -like I always do but I did again- how wonderful he was. He was only wearing sweatpants. He was shirtless, like usual. "Come on. Lets go eat." I said. "I could use some food." He said. I laughed.

      We walked hand in hand down the stairs. I made pancakes and bacon. We ate in silence except for the crunching of the bacon. I was about to clean up but Jacob made me ignore it. He said, "Don't worry about the mess. I'll clean it up.." I shrugged and went upstairs to shower. The rest of the week was the same. we went swimming with dolphins and hiked. Two weeks were up and we went home.

      I remebered about after the honeymoon. When we went to Russia.That was more like a honey moon. That's how I got the baby that's inside me now. Before I thought about anything about russia jacob interupted. "Ness. Were here." We were inside Esme's house now. I must have been deep in thought because I don't remeber walking through the door. My hand was still clutched to my stomach, jacobs arm still around my waist. i looked around the room; Everyone was in the living room looking at me. I raised my other hand to wipe away tears that was streaked across my face. "Renessme. come sit down." dad said. He didn't say it meanly though. He said it very nicely, like he was trying to soothe me. I kept my eyes on my feet while I walked over and sat on the couch next to mom and dad. Mom put an arm around me. Jacob sat on the floor next to the couch. Everything was silent for a few minutes. "Ness.What do you want to do?" Grandpa asked. I just looked at him. "I want to have my baby." I whispered. Grandpa sighed. "Renessme. This is going to be really dangerouse. Since your human and vampire and jacobs a werewolf. We don't know what it will be. if it is going to be anything like you were..." Dad trailed off. I looked down. There was only a small tiny bump. Not that noticeable. Dad sighed and muttered something like "So much like her mother." I rolled my eyes. I stood up to make myself clear. "I want this baby. I will have this baby. No matter what happens. I will have him no mater what the price is, I will pay it. If it's pain, I don't care. I need him." Everyone listened. "Renessme. I can't have you in pain." dad whispered. "Just let her, Edward. It's what she wants." Jacob said. I sat back down and took jacobs hand. "Fine." Dad said. Everyone looked at dad with wide eyes. "Don't look at me. This is her decision." Everyone shot there frantic glances my way. "I'm not changing my mind." I said. we sat there in silence for about five minutes until there was a knock on the back door. Jacob stood up and wnet towards the door. I could here parts of the conversation. "hey there leah." Jacob said. "why so sad?" I heard Leah ask. "Not now, Leah." I heard jacob growl. "Why not now.. Your right here and I'm right here." Leah asked. I heard Jacob say that I was pregnant. "Wow. Deja vu. So whatcha gonna do?" she asked. "I guess play it by ear."Jacob said. "That's wise." Leah snorted. But before Jacob could say anything Leah said, "I see ya later, jake. Oh and seth said Hi." Then she left. Jacob came in and rolled his eyes. I laid my head back and closed my eyes. I think I fell asleep because I felt some one lay me down on the couch so I wasn't sitting up.

     It's been a week and I grew. Not taller but my stomach grew. Not much only a coupke centimeters. I agreed to sleeping on the couch so grandpa can keep an eye on me. I haven't been eating much either. I must look like a truck hit me or something because I feel like it. Now I can feel the Baby kick inside me, sometimes it hurts and sometimes I liked it. The days always seemed to take forever. I'm surprised I lived through my bordem. I'm surprised Jacob's living thorugh this! He mostly sleeps, eats, runs around outside with his little pack, or watches TV. I can't stop thinking about what my little one might be. It could be human or vampire or even werewolf. That was a topic we always talk about. "If it's a vampire the volturi are going to come. If it is werewolf they most likely won't. If it's human the sgouldn't come, but if it's two of them we don't know what they will do." dad would say. Or Grandpa would beg me to do an ultra sound or something but I won't let him. The only thing I let him do is put an IV on me and measure me. Nothing else. Charlie knows we are vampires now, he doesn't visit often. Every time he does visit he is all quiet and his eyes dart around the room a lot. He know Jacob and I are Married. He doesn't know what's happening now; he thinks I'm sick.

      I feel bad for him; he has to take all this stuff into his life. Every now and then CHarlie will knock on the door trying to see if we are here.

     There was a knock on the back door. We knew it wasn't charlie because we would smell it. Jacob opened the door. "Ugh! Not now Leah!"

"I just want to come in for a minute." She snorted. Jacob didn't move so Leah went around him. "Hey, Nessie." Leah said as she walked to the kitchen. Then she took three steps backwards and turned around to face me. "Wow." She whispered. "It was only a week ago that you found out?" She asked. I nodded keeping my eyes on the TV. "Ok, Leah nothing to see here." Jacob started to push her out the door. "I want to stay." Leah growled. "Ha! That's a first!" Jacob snorted. "She can stay if she wants." I interjected. Jacob took his hands off of Leah slowly. She walked over and sat on the couch. It looked like she didn't know what she was going to say. "So... Do you know what it is?" She asked. I shook my head. "I won't let them do anything." I said. "Oh." Was all she said. "I guess you don't know what it will be, then." She muttered. I shook my head again. "I have a question. Why are you doing this?" Not again. I sighed. "Because I want to."

"That's stupid." Leah muttered. "No, it's not." I whispered. "Yes it is! You could kill yourself!" Leah said, more agrassivly. "Leah, chill." Jacob growled.

"No." Leah said, stubbernly.

But I answered her anyway even though it wasn't a question. "Yes, it would hurt me. yes, it might be a little stupid. But, It's the price I have to pay."

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