The Center of My World 2

Book 3: Renesmee

Pain, pain, pain and pain. Is that all that happens for the past month? Right now is worse. I remember waking up from a nap and feeling pain in my stomach. A pain I've never felt before. I can hear Carlisle asking. "Where?" But I couldn't say anything. I felt myself being picked up by cold hands. I felt myself being laid down on a flat surface. I could feel that my face was wet. Was I crying? I couldn't tell. "We are going to have to opperate." I heard carlisle murmur. No! I hated anything medical. I felt a warm hand in my hand. It was jacobs hand. I dont know how he's taking this but I could tell he wasn't taking it well; his hand was shaking in my hand. I couldn't see anything because I closed my eyes. I forced them open; Carlisle and Dad was running around the room getting things. Mom was standing next to me on one side and Jacob was on the other side. I couldn't stand this; the pain in me, the pain I'm causing to my family. I wish everything in the world would be normal, oh wait, nothings normal anymore. I felt something prick into my skin on my left arm. Then after a few long minutes, everything went black. I couldn't feel. But I could still think. I now know what they did to me. They gave me morphine. They obvisouly didn't put enough in that I'm totally passed out. At least I couldnt feel. Maybe a pich heree and there but nothing to bad. It was a reliefe to not be able to feel the pain I've been feeling for maybe a month now. I let myself drift to sleep so this can be over with.

      Everything was silent. Except for one thing. A baby's cry. It sounded beutiful to me. I knew it was over now. The pain I felt, the pain I inflicted on the others. It was over. My life can go back to normal. Oh,ya. Our lives are never normal. I could tell I wasn't uncouncious anymore. I could open my eyes now. But I was afraid to see my surroundings. The cry still went on. It peirced me. I needed to see my Hayley or Lucius. I opened my eyes and the glare from the big metel light above me flashed into my eyes. "Renesmee?" I heard Jacob ask.. I looked over to my right. There he was, the center of my world, sitting on a chair next to me. Jacob. Not just Jacob, my Jacob. "Jacob?" I said. I tried to sit up but I felt soar so I clumped back down.
"Your going to be soar for a little." Dad said. I couldn't see my baby anywere. Where is my child? Dad looked at the doorway then back at me.
He smiled. "He will be in here in a minute." Once dad said 'He' I felt overwhelmed. Now I know what my baby is. Lucius. My child, Lucius.
I couldn't stop saying the name over, and over in my head. Lucius, lucius, lucius. It was the best sound in the world. Then mom came in with my Lucius. I felt tears slip down my face as I examined my child. He looked beutiful. He had black hair, ait was a little curly, and it was down to his ears. His skin was slightly tinted with the russet color of Jacobs. He had Brown eyes but just outside the puple -instead of hazle or light brown lines- there was red.It wasn't noticable to human eyes. He looked like a little angel to me.
Jacob helped me sit up so I could hold him. Mom set Lucius in my arms. He smiled at me. He had teeth. His skin was hard but soft. Definitly part vampire.But his heart beat almost at a normal pase. His skin was hot. Very hot. He was over a foot long already. It amazed me. He was wonderful. He was like a dream
This was like a my little heaven,placed into my hands. He kept his eyes on mine. "Hey, Lucius." I said. Then I had the most random thought, He might be hungry. Dads head cocked to the side in curiousity. "Huh." Dad said. Right when I was going to ask if anyone fed him yet."What?" Jacob and mom asked at the same time. "Lucius was thinking that he was hungry would sound weird but. he was saying it in his mind to Renesmee. Then Renesmee had a thought that...maybe he was hungry.." I kept my eyes on my child. "That is something..." Grandpa Carlisle said. I looked at Jacob; he was staring at our child too. He looked at me and smiled; the most wonderful smile. I looked down to Lucius. He was smiling at me too. I had the thought that maybe he was hungry again. "Did anyone feed him yet?" I asked. Grandpa and Dad looked at each other. "We don't know what he wants yet." Dad said. Another thought came into my mind Maybe, he wants blood. Dads head cocked to the side again and he chuckled. "I think he has a gift Carlisle." Grandpa looked at him. "He was doing it again; thinking something and basicly telling Nessie in his mind. He's putting thoughts into Renesmee's head." Dad chuckled at the last part. I looked at Jacob; he was chuckling too. I had more happy tears coming down my face; this the happiest day ever. Jacob had a single tear in his eye. I smiled at him and of course he smiled back. I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Emmett and Rosalie came through the door. "Sweet!" Emmett yelled. Lucius turned his head towards the noise. Rosalie smiled. She came into the room and stood next to me, putting a hand on my shoulder. "He's beutiful." She said to me. I looked up and smiled. Jasper, Alice and Esme was in the doorway. Emmett and Aunt rose stepped out of the room so they could see.

After all the congratulating, Everything became calm. Like averything was over. He was definitly part Vampire because he drinks blood. But he is part human because he will eat regular food, we started off small, with bread, but he has no patiance for it. He wanted something better. We made him waffles, he ate them but didn't like it. He was stubborn, just like me and mom.I let Jacob take Lucius while I sleep. He was thrilled to have a son.
When I woke up Billy was in the living room with Jacob. I was aloud to get up and move around now so I walked down stairs. Alice was holding Lucius on the couch next to Jacob. I sat on the other side. Billy was facing Jacob in his wheelchair. He was smiling and laughing. Alice interuppted when Jacob was going to ask something to Billy. "Have you noticed what Lucius smells like?" She turned to Dad. "He has a scent like a wolf but he also smells like a vampire and human." Dad nodded. "He does, indeed." I was too tired to understand. So, what if he smells like a human and werewolf and vampire?
We let that thought pass. We laughed and joked around with billy. I held Lucius for a while. It must have been two hours when alice gasped. We all looked up at her, we knew that gasp. Dad froze and muttered, "Knew it was coming." Everyone else was staring at Alice with a confused expression.
"The volturi." Alice whispered. The volturi. My parents said they are very nasty people. Why would they come? "Lucius." Dad answered. I felt my face go blank. Everyone else was frozen too. Especially mom. Her face was whiter then white. She started sobbing tearless sobs. Dad went over to her and wrapped his arms around me. Jacob put an arm around me too like he needed support to keep from falling off the couch.
Billy looked umcomftorble so he said, "Er, I think Sue needs me today." He wheeled his wheel chair over to Jacob and hugged him good bye and took his cell phone out to call for a ride. He went outside to wait for his ride. Everything was silent. Lucius was looking back and forth from face to face in the room. Then a thought from him came into my mind. What's happening? It didn't sound like his voice though, it still sounded like mine, but I knew it came from him. Nobody answered and his face slipped into a pout, he folded his arms across his chest. He was so smart already. "When alice?" Jasper said, breaking the silence. "Hold on, let me check." Alice's eyes went blank as she searched. after a few minutes she whispered. "When the leaves fall off the trees. So in...Fall." She gazed out the window. The leaves were starting to turn colors. When the leaves fell. So about a month.. I looked out the window too. Only a month till they come. Not for me this time, for my son. My -maybe- only child. My perfect little lucius. I looked down at him; he was still in put mode. He looked so much like Jacob with his little eyebrows mushed together. I half smiled at him. He looked up and couldn't help himself by smiling at me. I held him up to me with his face on my shoulder so he couldn't see my face. I sighed and let my face go blank, alnog with everyone elses.

      It's been a week -a very long one that is. But Lucius's life is not looking long. a couple days ago he watched Jake run out the door to talk to quil. Lucius was so fasinated by Jakes running that he wanted to try so he stood up and started running around the house. at that moment I didn't know what to do.
And just yesterday he started talking. Out of nowhere either too! We were all sitting in the living room talking about charlie and what we should tell him when Lucius said, "Who's Charlie, Mom?" Then he looked around at all the faces and said, "What?" His voice was like a ten year olds voice. Not fully devolped yet. He doesn't like to talk because we look at him funny. He puts his thoughts inside our heads instead. He's been getting good at it now.. It backwards from dads almost; Dad reads minds, Lucius Puts thoughts inside peoples heads. Now Lucius can actully say something in my mind; I can hear the sound of his voice inside my head, instead of my own.

      I was sitting on the couch waiting for Jacob to come back with Lucius. Lucius is not pateint. He sat on the couch next to me with his pout face on and his arms folded arcoss his chest tightly. He let himself sink into the couch coushins. His pout face was too cute. He smushed his eyebrows together -like Jake- but then he pinched up his lips like he's never talking again. Jacob burst through the back door, laughing. I didn't know how he could be laughing at a time like this. but I put a smile on my face and asked, "Whats so funny?" He was laughing really hard. He came over and sat on the other side of Lucius.
"She'll want me to tell." He said between laughs. He looked out the open window and yelled, "Whimp!" I saw Leah standing out there rolling her eyes. Embry was next to her, but I saw something else. They were holding hands! "Jake, I'm confused." I giggled. Jacob tried to put on his seriouse face but that didn't work it just made him laugh even more. Lucius climbed into Jacobs lap and folded his arms across his face and did his pout. "ok, ok. I'll tell!" jacob laughed. "Embry imprinted."-laugh- "On leah!" He burst out laughing again, holding onto Lucius so he didn't fall off his lap. "How is that funny? It's good news, not Funny News." I said. He looked at me. "You will not understand." Then he took a deep breath to calm himself down. I let it go. I probably won't understand. Dad came down and said, "Tomarrow tanya and the rest will be here." Jacob looked at him. "The denali clan? Why?"
"Well, like with Nessie, we need some wittnesses to Proove to the volturi that Lucius is no harm." Dad mumbled. "Will they like Lucius?" I asked. dad was quiet for a few seconds. "I hope so." He muutered before turning for the back door. I looked at Jacob. He didn't look happy anymore. He looked stressed with a mix of saddness. Lucius was looking at Jacobs face then mine. He put a thought in my mind, What's wrong? I didn't answer, afraid too.
He saw that I wasn't going to answer and instead of telling us through thoughts he said, "What's wrong?" It still took my breath away to hear my baby talk and he's only a week old. "People are coming, Luce." Jacob said. Now he has a nick name for him? I liked it. It saved some time from saying his name. "Who?" Lucius asked in his ten year old voice. "Not nice people, lets call them the bad guys ok?" Jake asked. Lucius smiled. "Like a Cartoon!" He said. "Yes." Jake said. "Good guys are coming tommorow to help us beat the bad guys." Jacob said. Lucius back flipped off of Jacobs lap and landed on his feet. "and we will save the day!" He said. He put his arms out in front of him and circled the couch. I looked at Jacob. "Yes, we will." Jacob said. jacob looked at me. We both knew the day won't be saved like a cartoon. I looked out the window, it was sunset. "Come on, Lucius, time for bed." I said, getting up. "Aw! But I'm not tired!" Lucius said; still circleing the couch. I waited till he came back around and when he was close enough I picked up and tickled him. He laughed and squirmed. "But, I don't want to go to bed, Mommy!" He said Between his laughs. jacob got up. 'Listen to your mom. It is time for bed. even I'm tired." Jacob did a fake strech and a fake yawn.. I smiled. "But I'm" -yawn- "Not." Luce said. Jacob grabbed Lucius by the legs and turned him upside down. Jacob was holding his waist against him. alice and Jasper came into the room then. "Look! Everyones on the ceiling!" Lucius said while laughing so it was hard to understand. Jacob rolled his eyes and said, "Ok, bedtime for the little one." jacob started walking to the back door while Lucius protested, "But I'm not little! And I'm not" -yawn- "tired!" I giggled while I watched. Jasper and alice watched with their eye brows raised. I laughed. "He absolutley despises bedtime." I said. alice laughed too. I went around the living room, picking up pillows and toys Lucius got out this morning.

      I woke up to Lucius crying early in the morning. It must have been five O'clock in the morning. I got up with a groan and looked at Jacob. He is sleeping right through Lucius's crying. Way to notcie your son, I thought to myself. I went into Lucius's room, good thing we had an extra room or else he wouldn't have a room. I saw him on his toddler bed. His blankets were kicked everywere.
“What’s up?” I asked, sitting down on his bed. He sat up and whipped tears away. “I saw shadow.” He whined. I smiled at him. “Why is this shadow scary?” I asked. “Well, First I had a nightmare about the bad guys winning. Then when I woke up I saw a shadow and it scared me.” Bad guys. Except he had No idea what the bad guys that are coming look like. “What did these bad guys look like?” I asked while picking Lucius up and setting him on my lap. “They were black ghosts! They had eyes like kitty cats.” I gave him a hug. “Why did the shadow scare you? There are shadows all the time here from the trees.” HE shook his head. “It looked like a person’s shadow. There were arms and legs and a head. The shadow walked across my room but stopped in the middle as if it was looking in my room and then walked away. It scared me mom.” He hugged me tightly.

I processed that in my head. A persons shadow looking into my son’s room. I stood up with Luce still hugged tight to me. I walked into my room. Jacob was still snoring. I walked over and shook Jacobs arm. “Jake! Jacob!” I said. He rolled over and sat up. “What is it, Ness ?” He rubbed his eyes and looked at me. Lucius fell back to sleep in my arms. Good, I can explain to Jacob without scaring him. “Jacob, Lucius said he saw a persons shadow outside his room. He said it was walking across his room. Stopped in the middle of his room, as if he or she was looking into his room and then the shadow continued walking.” I whispered. Jacob got up and stretched quickly. “I’ll go look outside.” He said. I nodded. “I’m going to Esmes’ house.” We both walked outside together. “I’ll be there in a minute.” Jake said. “Ok.” He quickly kissed me and ran away.

I ran to the house as fast as I could; if someone was out here, I didn’t want to be caught. Just like a couple months ago when Aro and Jane came. They found me walking around and wanted revenge for what happened now almost five years ago when I was born. I reached the door and dad was already there holding the door open for me. I walked inside and set Lucius on the couch; he was fast asleep. Mom was here too. “I heard what you were thinking when you were running here.” Dad said. Mom looked at dad curiously.

“What is it, Edward?” Mom asked. “Lucius said he saw a shadow walk across his room then stop as if it was looking into his room, and then moved on.” Dad said. “It couldn’t have been the volturi, could it?” Carlisle asked. “I would have seen it.” Aunt Alice said.

     Dad nodded. “But you didn’t see anything. Obviously it’s someone you can’t see.” Alice nodded too. Jacob came into the house then. ‘There only a scent out there, but no person.” Jacob came over to me. “Hm.” Dad said. “Ill be right back.” Dad said. Mom and Carlisle followed when dad motioned them to come with him. They came back a few minutes later. “Very familiar.” Carlisle said. Dad had his Deep-in-thought-face on. Mom was just as stumped. We all stood there in silence still mom s eyes widened and she whispered, “Nahuel.” Everyone looked at her. Dad’s eyes widened too. “Your right. The scent is exactly like Nahuel. Hmm. But why would he come?” Alice ’s eyes went blank as she saw something. “What do you see, Alice ?” Jasper asked. “I see someone talking to the volturi. But the person is a blur; I can’t even see some of the colors of this person.” She murmured. Dad stiffened. “It’s Nahuel.” Dad murmured. I looked at him with shock spread across my face. “I can hear the conversation there having, sort of.” Alice said.

Dad growled. “He is talking about Lucius.” Carlisle ’s eyes were wide with shock. “I was wondering how they found out about Lucius…” Carlisle said. Dad nodded, “I guess that’s how.” Dad said. I can’t believe it. Why would Nahuel do this? I sat down on the couch. Jacob sat down with me. “That might help Jacob.” Dad murmured. “But I don’t know how much it would help. The others might seem like a threat and make more reason for a fight.” Dad murmured. I looked at Jacob. “The pack wants to help.” He explained. I looked out the window. The sun was coming up now. It must be six or seven.

I leaned back against the couch. The Denali ’s are coming soon. I know they like me but will they like my son? A part human, part vampire, and maybe part werewolf child? I guess that’s what we will find out.

      I waited in the kitchen with mom while Jacob and dad were in the entrance way waiting for Tanya and the others to come. I could hear the car’s wheels on the dirt road, coming towards the house. We explained to Lucius that People are coming and we want them to help us be good guys but it’s up to them. He was sitting on my lap waiting while I waited.

We heard the car doors close and them running to the door. They knocked. Dad let them in because I heard Tanya say, “Edward! How nice to see you again.” “Nice to see you too.” Dad said. “You said this a important visit?” Another female said, I think Carmen.

“yes.” Dad said. “Is Renesmee alright? And Bella?” I heard Elezar ask. “Sort of. Let me explain, please.” Dad said. It was quiet. " We...need to show you something, but I'm afraid it's something you will not like." Dad said. "Why wouldn't we like it?" Another female asked, maybe kate. I heard dad and Jacob sigh. It was silent for a moment then I think tanya said, "I hear another heart beat...Edward! You guys didn't have another child did you?" Her voice rose a pitch at the end. "Not us...Renesmee? Come here and bring Lucius, please." dad called softly. I got up and my legs felt numb. I walked into the entance way; Lucius cruled up in my arms. When I stepped in and when they saw lucius there reaction surprised me. Of course they jumoed back a little but they stopped. "What was that I heard?" Asked carmen. Dad smiled. "Of course since Lucius is part vampire he has a gift. His is just about oppisite of mine. I read thoughts, he puts thoughts into peoples minds." Eleazar was inching closer and closer towards carmen. "He's harmless." Dad said.

"But-but, he's part vampire and human and even werewolf!" Eleazar explained. "But he is harmless." Dad explained. "That's what we need to explain to the volturi." Dad sighed. Carmen eged closer. Lucius noticed that she was coming towards her and smiled at her. "He is something. He looks so much like his father, and yet has so much of his mother in him." She smiled at him. "You have an amazing gift." She said to him. " I know." Lucius said. Carmen was shocked that he could talk but also was laughing at his response. Carmen looked at me. "May I hold him?" I nodded, "Of course." I said. I handed Lucius to her. He was smiling. Jacob came by my side and took my hand. "When will they come, Edward?" Tanya asked. "Alice said when the leaves are on the ground. So about three weeks now." Dad sighed.

     Tanya stepped closer and took Dad and took his hand “we will help you, Edward. All of us.” Dad nodded. “Thank you.” He took his hand out from hers gently so he wouldn’t offense her. Her eyes showed the smallest of hurt by she smiled. Eleazar was quiet, looking at the walls. “Yes we will be having others come. Carlisle is calling people right this instant.” Dad answered an unspoken question. Tanya nodded. Carmen was singing a lullaby in Spanish to Lucius. Everything looked somewhat peaceful. Dad and Eleazar were talking in one corner; Tanya and Carmen and kate were cooing to Lucius and Jacob and I were just standing here. I walked over to the stair banister and leaned against it and slid down to sit. Jacob sat down next to me. I leaned my head against the pole and closed my eyes.

     The next thing I knew, I woke up and the sky was dark. I stretched because I was stiff from sitting in the same position. I could hear talking in the living room so I got up and nearly tripped for my legs were asleep. I walked in rubbing my eyes and smoothing my hair down. “Hey,” Jacob said. He was on the couch with Lucius in his lap sleeping. “Hey.” I said my voice thick with sleep. I sat down next to Jake. Dad and Carlisle was talking about who is coming. “So only Zafrina can come!” Dad said. Carlisle nodded.

“They to not be offended but they don’t want to be involved with this again. Zafrina said she would be happy to help.” Carlisle explained. Dad groaned. I sighed and pressed my back against the couch cushion. Jake took my hand to comfort me. I smiled at him. "When will she be hear?" Dad asked.

"In a week." Carlisle said dully. Dad nodded. I looked around me; esme was humming in kitchen cleaning the counters, Mom was walking around, or more like paseing around. Emmett was playing Chess with Jasper.. Rose and alice were talking in a corner. I was holding lucius's hand when my head started hurting, or throbbing is a better word. My hand flew up to my head; as if I could rub it off. "Ow," I mumbled. Jacob, Dad and carlisle looked at me. "What's wrong?" Jacob asked me. "My head hurts." I mumbled. "How so?" Carlisle asked. "Almost worse then a migrain," I mumbled, rubbing my forhead. "Are you feeling ok?" Carlisle asked. "Ya, I was fine actully. It just started hurting." I said. Carlisle eyebrows furowed in consentration. "Hmm," Was all he said. I went into the kitchen to find some Tylenal or something. I took two and came back in to the room. Lucius woke up and looked around, noticing nothing changed much. He saw me and crawled into my lap.

It's been ten-minutes and the pain hasn't died a fraction. I thought this medicine was supposed to work in like ten minutes? "That's strange." Dad mumbled, He read my thoughts No-doubt. He smiled at me. "Her head-ache hasn't died down yet." He told Carlisle. "It could be a cold or something." Carlisle mumbled. "Yea. A cold with a really bad migrain." I mumbled. It was hard to think with this migrain. It annoyed me. I stood up and looked at jacob. "Let's get luce in bed." Jake stood up and followed. When we were walking we 'Casully' talked. Or tried to. "How could you sleep, you just slept for like, eight hours!" Jacob tried to act casual. I shrugged, my head hurt to much to talk. Everything got quiet. Almost to quiet, the quiet was to much, but the throbbing in my head was just too much. Lucius seemed impaitent too. I don't like the quiet. He put his thought in our heads. I'm sure Jacob heard because he chuckled. We reached our cottage and I walked luce into his room. I let him walk but he stopped right in the doorway. "What's wrong, Hon." I asked. "I don't want to see the shadow again." I sighed and kneeled next to him. "No shadows are coming tonight." I said. "What about the one behind you?" He asked. I looked behind me. My shadow was there from the dim light in his room. "That's my shadow." I said as happy as I could and tickled him. He giggled then looked at me, a thought from him flew into my mind like a gust of wind, Can I come into your bed? I half smiled at him and held up one fingure, "This one night." He squeeled with joy and ran as fast as possible to My bed. I walked in slowly and saw Jacob on one side, his eyebrows raised while jumped up and down in the middle of the bed. I walked over and sat down. "He want's to sleep with us. But he won't if he keeps jummping." I dericted the last sentence towards Lucius. He stopped jumping and sat there his legs crossed and his hands in his lap, he smiled up at me with all his teeth showing and his eyes squinting. I crawled into bed without bothering to change into PJ's. I laid Lucius down and I settled down.

I turned out the lamp beside the bed and sighed in reliefe. To me Night was the best time of day, During the day, theres always somewhere in your mind where there's hate or anger. But at night, everythings seems to drift away. When you dream, your fantisies come true.

I just closed my eyes when Lucis interupted my hapy moment, "Mom? I'm thirsty." I sighed and turned on the lamp. I looked at him and asked, "What do you need?" He thought for a second. "Water!" He said happily. I got up with a groan and went into the kitchen. I reached into a cabnit and found a cup with a lid so it wouldn't leak everywhere. I filled it with water and came back into the room. Jacob had a pillow covering his face; sheilding himself from the light. I smiled, holding in my laugh. I handed Lucius his cup. "Thank you, Mommy." I nodded. "Sure thing, sweety." I mumbled. I sat back laid back down and turned off the lights. I just got into the best dream ever. In my dream, everything was peaceful; the volturi exsisted (but that will change), we didn't have to live by there rules. I could live with familiy happil-y ever after. I was just getting to destroying the volturi when I was shooken awake I sat up and looked around. I reached over and turned on the lamp. Lucius was boucing up and down on the bed. "what's wrong?" I asked. "I had to wake you up because because..." He whispered in my ear. "I have to go to the bathroom." I thumped back onto the pillow. This is going to be a long night.

A week later

I stumbled out of bed; my head still hurting, Lucius still hasn't slept in his bed making Jacob and I not get sleep which almost made my head gurt even more! I walked over to jacobs side- I was going to reach over shake him awake but Lucius finally went to sleep and I didn't want to wake him up- I shook Jake lightly. His snore broke and his eyes squinted open. "Time to wake up. Zafrinas coming today." I whispered. He moaned and said, "I'll be up in five minutes." I knew he would try to but just sleep more then five minutes. I knew how to wake him up; make food! I walked into the kitchen and took out a pan. I walked over to the pantry and took out two loaves of bread. I went to the fridge and got out eggs and bacon. I whipped up some french toast, the sweet aroma filling the kitchen. I just started to fry the bacon when Jacob walked into the kitchen. He smiled at me and I smiled back. I finished the french toast and started to put the food on the table when Lucius walked out of the bedroom, smelling the air. He looked at the food and ran over to a chair. "So much like his father." I mumbled. Jacob laughed then, but not at my remeark. I looked over and I laughed too. Little Lucius was trying to reach the high table. Alls you can see was his hands upraise in the air and his forehead and eyes. I walked into my room and found a couple phone books. I brought them to the table and lifted Luce up and set three phone books down and set him on top. Jacob laughed and sat down. We helped ourselves, I ate two peices of french toast but Jacob must have eaten a whole lofe, Lucius ate almost the same amount. He had a big appetite just like Jacob. After I cleaned up and dressed myself and Lucius we left to Carlisle and Esme's house. Zafrina should be here very soon. I was also going to talk to Carlisle about my non-stopping migrain. We walked inside and everyone was doing the normal thing. "Hey, sweetie." Mom said. She ws sitting on the couch. She looked like at any moment she was going to have a panic attack. "Hey, Carlisle? My maugrain hasn't stopped yet." I said. He had his 'deep-in-thought' face on again. "That is really strange." He said. dad nodded in agreement. Just then the door bell rang. Dad walked over and opened it. "Zafrina! Good to see you again!" Dad said, happily. He's good at acting, he should be in a movie or something....

"Good to see you too." Zafrina said. She walked around Edward and came over to me. 'Why, renesmee! How much you've grown!" She hugged me. I half smiled at her. "Where's your little one?" She asked. I looked around, he ran off to emmett and was trying to tackle him, emmett was just standing there laughing. I pointed at him. "Right there." I sighed, smiling. She walked over and kneeled down to his height. "Hello, little one." She said. Lucius stopped trying to beat Emmett up and turned around. He waved. "Hello." He said. "My names, zafrina." she said. "My names Lucius." He said, a little shy. "Do you know what my gift is?" she asked. He shook his head. "I can show you pictures, like your really there." She said in a excited tone. Lucius's eyes lite up. "Can you show me?" he asked. Zafrina nodded. I saw Lucius gasp in wonder. He reached out his hand as if to grab something but only grabbed air. "I feel like I'm really there." He said. Then she must have stopped because he looked at her. He pointed himself "Do you know my gift?" He asked. Zafrina shook his head. After a few seconds she smiled. "It's backwards from your mom and Grandpa's gift." She said. Lucius nodded. For the rest of the day Lucius stayed with zafrina; sharing each others gifts. He would always beg for more. That gave me time to rest. I would fall asleep but wake up from the pain in my head. Sometimes when I wake up I hear Jake talk to my parents about how sams pack will help and that will add some more numbers to our side. I quickly went back to sleep; not wanting to be in the conversation.

2 weeks later

Today is the day we all feared. All the leaves are on the ground. Alice said they will be in the clearing like last time. I told Zafrina about my head ache; she said that's what happened before she figured out about her gift. But I can't be getting a gift, because I already have one. we all ran towards the clearing. Nobody spoke. I din't have Jacob right now; he was away getting Sam's pack and the rest of his. We met in the clearing and stood there. I set Lucius down behind Jacob. we peered into the tree's waiting for them to arrive. I heard Alice whisper "5..4..3..2..1" Then aro appeared from the tree's.

"Well,well,well. We are back for the same reason as five years ago." Dad nodded. Lucius's fingures started to shake. I looked over. He must be scared.

Aro looked at me, and so did Jane. "Well, Long time no see." He said sarcasticly. I winced as I remebered what he did to me just a little bit ago.

Aro smiled evily at me. Jane glared. "Well, where is the little monster you created, Renesmee?" I growled. "A little offensive" Aro laughed. Dad took a step forward. "Please, give a moment to explain." dad pleaded. aro nodded and waved his hand. m"Go on." Dd looked at me, then mom, then back at Aro. "Lucius is Harmless. Yes, he is part Vampire, but that's not dominite. He perefers Human food more then blood. He had blood only once or twice since he's been born. I think you should let him live." Dad explained. Aro's eyes flashed with anger. "Let something that could be a nusence to the world! Absolutely not!" Dad sighed. "But he is harmless-" Dad got interuppted. "How people has he bitten? Hmm?" aro asked. "Zero." dad answered. Dad stepped forward another step and held out his hand. "I'll even show you." Dad said. Aro stared at his hand then stepped forward and took a hold of his hand. He bent his head forward; deep in consentration. He let go suddenly and stepped back. "You are correct about this but he is part werewolf, most likely." Dad stared at him. "So?" Aro sighed. "So, Nothing like that should live!" Alice growled. I looked at Jane, she was glaring at me. I waited for pain but nothing happened. Oh, mom is useing her sheild. I looked over at lucius. His whole frame was shaking now. Jacob was looking at him too.. Jacob took a few step and was already over at my side. "Jake?" I whispered low enough for the volturi not to speak. Then Lucius exploded. He was half the size as Jacob. His color was White, pure white. My son just exploded into a werewolf! I started to panic. 1. the volturi is hear to kill my son. 2. my son just exploded into a werewolf 3. he shouldn't be turning int a werewolf now. Lucius was growling feircely and non-stop. Jacob shoved me closer to mom and dad.

I had many mixed emotions right now. Anger, saddness,...Anger! My head was hurting worse then before now. Aro and Dad was agruing. Everything was just too much! I tried to hold back my yell at all the pressure. Suddenly a bright light flashed around us, like the sun was on the ground. Jacob and his pack and Lucius and I were the only ones sheilding our eyes, because our eyes are more sensitive. The it all disapeared. Dad was staring at me in wonder. aro looked like he was blind; he stumbled backwards holding his eyes. I was deeply confused; how come this light hurt the volturi but not my familiy. "alright! We'll will be on our way! Just dont do that again!" Aro yelled. i tilted my head. I still don't get it. Aro looked at us. 'But that doesn't mean we have more rules for you." alice groaned. "More rules." Alice mumbled. Aro answered like he hadn't heard her. "YOu must not let him go to public school. Don't let him go anywere! He can go out acsionaly. And," He turned around. "Nahuelle? I thought you said, this was a most dangerouse species! You liar!" Aro yelled at Nahuelle while he walked up to Aro. "How was I supposed to know. I was going to visit Renesmee when I saw a kid in there house that looked like them. I obviossly jumped to conclussions." He said, ducking his head down. "well, now you are to be punsished." Aro snapped his fingers. I relized what he was going to do. "No!" I yelled. He saved me once, now its time for me to save him. The blinding light came back and this time I didn't sheild my eyes. I could see fine. I relized that I'm making this light. Wow. My gift has changed, or I got a second one...

The light dimmed and Aro and the gaurd was stumbling again. "ok! Don't do that again!" Then they disapeared. My family was quiet, then cheers scattered everywhere. Carlisle and Dad ran over to me. "How did you do that?" Carlisle asked. "I,.I-I, dont know. I was angry and then, happend!" I explained. dad turned to Carlisle, "We were not hurt but the volturi was, Her gift has another side to it. She showed the volturi, pain." I stared into the air in awe. My gift has another side to it. I looked over and Luce was changing back. Jacob was already phased and luckily we brought extra clothes. Lucius ran over to me, "Mom! I turned into a puppy dog like daddy!" He jumped into my arms. Jake laughed. "I perfer, wolf, not puppy dog." We all laughed and talked untill my eyes saw Nahuelle, standing in the same spot as earlier. I walked over. "I'm so sorry.." He said. I shook my head, "dont say sorry." I said. He thought for a second. "Then thank you." He said. I patted his shoulder, "That's better." Carlisle came over then and asked, "Nahuelle, would you like to join our coven?" Nahuelle looked around. "I would love to, but, I have to get home." Carlisle nodded. We said our good byes and he left. I walked back over to my familiy and joined them as we ran off towards home.

I had a werewolf son and husband. I rememebered what I told Jacob, I said that he was the center of my world, now I have room for more, because Luce is now part of the center of my world. My life is now perfect.

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