Dark Star
By Victoria Hamilton

What was Victoria doing in Eclipse that we didn't know about?

My stomach sickened as Riley drew his lips onto mine.

     I didn't love him, which was the most sickening. But I did have a great way of acting like I liked it. Just kissing him made a picture of James flash in my brain. The brain that was my friend, that devised my schemes, was giving me nightmares.

     I remembered the night in the third week Riley and I were together. I wanted things to go fast between us, so I could get the army together faster. I needed Bella Swan's heart in my hand, and make Edward Cullen regret the day he was born. So I called Riley, while we were dating, to the inn I was staying at. (The night before, I killed the owners. The inn was practically mine.) He immediately said yes and ran to the inn. When he got there, since he was a newborn, he was very active and had raging hormones?as every eighteen year old has. We kissed harder and harder. Every time he said something sweet in my ear, a picture of James yelling at me in frustration appeared in my mind. It made me feel ashamed, but I was more concerned with vengeance.

     Anyway, Riley pulled away, showing his face full of happiness. I pushed my red hair out of my face. I didn't want him to say how much he loved me again; I immediately asked him something more important than his love.

      "How many are there?" I wasn't that concerned. I knew there were many.

     "Twenty-two, exact," his forehead fell on mine, looking straight in my eyes. He kissed me on the forehead and looked more serious.

     "I was so scared that I might have lost two to the day sun," he looked worried. "Little did I know that they have a hiding spot to escape from us."

     "Who are they?" I asked, sounding observant.

     "Mister Diego and Miss Bree."

      I had no idea who these people were. Well, it's not like I really had to. I nodded. I started to circle the room like a shark and started to rub my chin. "Twenty two against six ... easy." I went closer to him, laying my hands on his cheeks. "You've done a wonderful job," I soothed.

     Another question popped into my head. "How are their behaviors? They should've gotten different over the past year."

     "Everything is working excellent. When they don't work, I just remind them of the thirst. Nothing to it."

     "We will be so happy after everything is finally done," I whispered in his ear. "Exactly twenty two ..."

     I kissed him hard. His lips were hot against mine. They sizzled with happiness and blood. I could taste the human's blood he drank from before he came to see me. It made my mouth water. He pulled away fast, in astonishment.

     "When can we fight?"

     "Don't even think about that! I don't even know yet."


     My anger fired as my nails dug into my palms. I hated when asked that single word. It made my head explode. I breathed out a breath, calming myself. I lifted my nails from the palms of my hands.

     "There is no why, Riley. You already know the Cullen's have great powers. But, no matter what they have, they will be nothing against twenty two." I brushed my long nail along his cheek bone.

     I had a flash of suspicion. I felt someone. Someone was watching us. They smelled young and new. I walked slowly to the window of the inn and opened the curtains just enough to look through without anyone being able look in. No one was there. Just inches and inches of pure darkness. I huffed.

     "Ah, decisions, decisions ..." I walked away from the window, facing Riley from across the room. "I want at least one more handful. I want to be completely sure we can win. How about four more?"

     He rubbed the back of his neck. "Actually, adding more will decrease our numbers," he muttered. "It can sometimes be dangerous when new people come in."

     "Yes, you're right. But I just want a happy environment for us. More will definitely increase our?"

     "Shh," he put a finger to my lips. "Everything will turn out great. The Cullen's may have powers, but we have the army. We have the power."

     We have the power.

     I thought it through over and over again. It was true. We did. But, truth is, I didn't want the power. I wanted vengeance. I wanted death. I wanted ... James. I wanted James to be holding me against him and kissing me. At least until Laurant got disgusted.

     My head whipped towards the inn's front door as it opened. The Italian Cloaks came in, or The Volturi guards. The four lifted the hoods from their heads. The tiny blonde girl stepped closer to Riley and I. We both stepped away from each other, acting formal.

     I opened my mouth to speak, but the girl put a hand for me not to.

     "Don't even speak," she commanded. "You should know who we are." She gave a hushed chuckle.

     I nodded to her. Riley looked at me confused.

     "So don't try to surprise us, or hide, or run."

     The huge guard, by the name of Felix, gave an evil laugh. It made my hands jump.

     "Relax; we are not here to kill you, or your followers."

     "How did you know?" I asked, but she put her hand up again. I decided on another question. "If you are not here to kill us, then what else are you here for?"

     "We need to know your intentions of your creations. Illegal creations. What do you plan to do with all the madness? You are already on television; practically exposing us."

     I took a big gulp. They were going to kill us.

     "We are very sorry, but our plan has to do with the Forks clan. I have been trying to work fast. I don't want any more appearing on the television."

     "You're right, we don't. Then we will have a reason to kill you.

     "But, trust me, we know the difficulty. It is hard to keep the media off. What are you doing with the clan?" She sounded almost heartfelt.

     I stood straight up, looking like I wasn't afraid. I was really deathly afraid. "I am going to attack. I haven't decided yet, but it will happen fast."

     "Sounds like you have everything figured out. Except the question of when. You must now answer when your followers will attack. Or we will have to kill you, right here, right now. Now answer." She commanded.

     "Give us a week!" Riley answered.

     We couldn't do another week. They gave him the murder look. "We will go fast, I promise. You wish for us to win? Well, I must have time for training and being fed enough."

     They all exchanged glances and nodded. "We will give you five days."

     "And what if we don't attack?" Riley hissed.

     "We will rip your heads off in Volterra." Felix growled.

     "And if I had made my attack?" I spoke up. All four looked at each other again.

     "I guess we'll just see," she muttered. "Let's see how it all works out. If you've won the whole attack or you haven't. Work hard and something good will happen."

     "Of course," I answered.

     "Of course," Riley snarled under his breath.

     The blonde girl stepped back to form their line and they exited out of the inn. I looked through the front door's window. They walked to the moon light and down the hill until I could see them no more.

     "Ugh!" I growled and ran my hand through my hair in anger. "Now they know! This could ruin everything! We have to get more for the army now. We have to be sure we can win."

     "The army is fine the way it is. We have?"

     "Any warning matters, Riley! We have five days. We don't have much time. You have to get them fed during those five days. You have to." I commanded.

     "I promise you, I will," he took his hands in mine, sealing the promise.

     He leaned in to kiss me goodnight, but I leaned away and put my head down. I couldn't keep on lying, but I was such a good actress even though how hard it was. The only thing that made me comfortable with Riley hugging or kissing me was if I imagined him as James. I tried to, but not this time. I was just too tired of everything that happened today to play games.

     "What's wrong, Victoria?" He asked me affectionately as he leaned his forehead on mine.

     "Nothing, just tired ..." I mumbled without looking him straight in the eye.

     "Tired? We can't sleep!" He chuckled, leaning back.

     I took his entwined hand and led it with me. I sat down on a couch in the living area with hand still in mine. I gave a fake laugh. I looked down from his eyes and my gaze went to the un-burning fireplace. It never got lit while I was around. One little fire could set me up in flames, and kill me. I always imagined doing that to kill myself and be with James. But I wouldn't have ever finished my goal: kill Bella Swan. Edward killed my love, I kill his?an eye for an eye.

     "I love you," I mumbled as my gaze finally fell upon his eyes.

     "I love you too. Without you, I wouldn't have a meaning of life. Your love, makes me ... me." He laughed.

     I looked down again. "Um, can you go? I just want to be alone for the rest of the night. You know, plan out what we are going to do."

     "Sure, well, actually I was going to go feeding for myself after this. Do you want to come with me?"

     I was pretty sure I wasn't thirsty, but whenever someone mentions feeding, your throat burns for it. Your throat becomes burning and scratchy, your heart beats so much you can hear it through your chest, and you can feel your muscles harden in defense. It was sometimes a scary feeling, but also thrilling.

     "No, I'm perfectly fine." I answered.

     "Okay, I'll come see you tomorrow. Bye," he said sweetly.

     "Bye." I opened the door for him and he slowly walked out. I quickly closed the door and locked it. I was safe.

~Five Days Later~

Today was the day. My heart pounded in my chest as I waited for a right time to go and check to see if I was winning.

     Now, was the time. I quickly threw on the inn's owner's wife's jeans (which surprisingly fit me) and an old ruffled, purple shirt with a brown, vintage jacket. It was a fight; not church. I ran out the door, in lightning speed, to the northeast. I stopped and looked all around. I wasn't where I was supposed to be, but something felt like I was.

     The smell.

     I looked around. I was centered straight in a meadow full of lilac colored and sky blue flowers. The smell attracted me like a lightning bolt. It made my nostrils flare. The smell was of Bella Swan. It was so strong that it gave me a headache. I clenched my fist and clawed my fingers in the dirt full of flowers. My hands dug deeper and deeper until I hit the dirt. I took the pounds of dirt and flowers in my hands and flung them at the trees. I screamed at the top of my lungs, in anger. Tears suddenly start to stream down my cheeks and I mumble.

     "James ... I love ... you. I swear! Riley is ... nothing," I yell to the wind. "I will kill Isabella Swan! For you."

     My nostrils inspected something near me. I did not just smell her here, she was near. I looked up to the west. There sat a mountain. The smell was coming from there. The smell of Edward Cullen came as well. She wasn't at the battle. I was going up there, but I had to get Riley and check out the battle first.

     I ran north, smelling my army more and more as I ran. I came up upon a clearing in through the bushes. I looked through them. Every one of the Cullen's, except Edward, were ... crushing my army. Most of them were all ... gone. About eighteen of them were lying on the ground with their heads cracked and bleeding. I didn't know what was happening. I was failing. No, I couldn't. I had to win.

     Riley met up with me the next minute and looked where I was looking. He was horrified like me. "How could this be happening?" He asked.

     "I don't know!" I said, surprised. "Ugh!" I yelled.

     I quickly told him that I knew Bella Swan was up at the mountain with Edward Cullen. He and I ran towards the mountain, east. We ran up the edges up of the mountain, in our speed. Bella Swan's scent came stronger and stronger. It made me thirsty. I advised Riley to stop. I put a finger to my lips?signaling him to be hush.

     "Why did we stop?" He whispered.

     We stood in front of a bunch of trees, making us invisible. But I had a clear view of what was up ahead. I took a glance behind the tree. My red eyes focused as I looked at a tent sitting at the edge of the mountain. I looked over at Edward Cullen and then I looked beside him. Isabella Swan stood, in the flesh of my eyes. I gave a low growl. I looked back at Riley and started to use my keen hearing. Edward was telling her what was happening at the battle. I heard him mention my name and my actions. I felt special and angry at the same time.

     I started to silently walk toward them, still invisible. Riley followed behind me. I noticed there was a tall snow bank up ahead. "I'm going to hide behind that snow bank, okay?" I quietly asked Riley. I pointed to the snow.

     He nodded. "I'll stay behind this tree."

     "No, I will signal you to come out." I made my finger look like it was signaling for him to come.

     He understood. I tip toed towards the snow bank. I heard my name suddenly.

     "What's she doing?" Bella Swan asked her beloved.

     "She's close," Edward Cullen explained. He looked all around them. "Too close."

     I gave a devious smile. I was finally behind the snow bank and I felt it. All the snow was piled on a rock. Behind it, I couldn't possibly hear or see what was happening. So, I took a long jump up on top. My hands dug deep into the snow, keeping my steady on top but still invisible. But he heard me.

     Edward Cullen's head flew towards where I was sitting on the snow. I gave a silent growl as Isabella Swan back away behind him. I ground my teeth at the clear sight of her. I used the signal for Riley. Riley slowly came in to the snowy clearing, looking ready to fight.

     "Riley Biers ..." Edward murmured to himself. "Riley, before you even try anything, you have to know the truth."

     "I already know the truth!" Riley screamed.

     He looked at me for observation. I nodded to keep threatening.

     "No, you don't." Edward's eyes fell upon me. "She's just using you."

     Riley's eyes mocked disbelief. Edward Cullen was ruining my plan. He made me scream in frustration inside my head.

     "I don't believe you." Riley took a step towards them and they stepped back.

     "You should. She's just using you to avenge her true mate, James."

     Riley looked at me. He actually believed Edward Cullen. But he believed me more. "Don't listen to him, Riley."

     He looked back at Edward. "You don't know anything!"

     "Yes, I do. She's avenging him because I killed him. Now, she wants to kill my mate. And feel satisfied because ... after this, Riley, you are going to be dead. Again," he convinced.

     "Remember the games," I reminded him as he looked at me again.

     He took one believing look at Edward. Edward's face looked relaxed but he was smiling inside at thinking Riley believed him. Riley looked down and looked back up at him.

     "You're dead to me." He said.

     He flung himself at Edward and Isabella stepped back behind the trees. Yes! This was working out perfectly! I just had to kill Edward first, then, without him, I could enjoy killing Isabella Swan.

     I jumped off the snow bank and ran towards Riley and Edward fighting. Quickly, Riley twisted his arm up, making him growl in pain. I crooked his other arm and pressed my nails into his vein. Blood started to drain from it. Edward gave another growl. Suddenly, a huge white and brown wolf jumped toward Riley and started to drag him off.

     "Victoria! Help me!" He screamed in pain.

     I didn't listen. "This is for James!" I dug another nail into his vein. He growled so loud, people at the bottom of the mountain could hear. I took out the nail and his blood silently dripped off my finger.

     "Victoria!" Riley wailed again.

     I looked back at him. The wolf was dragging him off the edge of the mountain. The wolf's fangs closed on Riley's arm and yanked it off. Since I was distracted, Edward ran out of my clutch and was now in front of Bella again.

     "You want to kill her." He said through his ground teeth.

     My eyes darted from him to her. I tried to think of a way I could maneuver behind Edward and grabbed her. There was no chance. My gaze focused on her. My red eyes sliced into her and chilled every bone in her body.

     "You want to kill her because I killed the one you loved most! Isn't that right?"

     I watched her so carefully that it made her not want to look at me. I tried to think of more ways to grab her and kill her as a moment of dread silence past through all of us. Nothing could work. The only way to easily kill her was to kill Edward first.

     I looked back at Riley. He yelled my name one last time before the wolf flung him off the ledge of the mountain. The wolf started to run fast toward me but Edward put his hand up before he could get me. The wolf ran off. Edward's calm face suddenly turned to anger

.      "You want me to feel the pain you had when I killed James. You want me to feel the pain ... and torture you went through. You want to snap every bone in her body and burn her to death, to make me suffer."

     I gave a low hiss at him.

     "Well, that isn't going to happen!" He yelled.

     He leaped at me. I quickly darted away and jumped up upon an oak tree covered with snow. He ran towards it and I saw her mouth widened in astonishment. He couldn't catch me up here. I could fly down the tree in a milli-second and be able to grab her. Then, I saw Edward push his hands on the tree and push it down hard.

     My plan fell to the ground, literally. I was covered in snow but Edward still jumped on me and tried to strangle. I tumbled off of his clench and ran toward the middle of the snowy clearing. I sped towards me but as soon as he came near, I grabbed his head and tilted it up so much it hurt.

     Then came the last minute of my life. I died of stupidity.

     In the corner of my eye, I saw Isabella grab something off the ground but I ignored it. I twisted Edward's head while tilting it. I saw his hands go into fists. Suddenly, I smelt it.

     Fresh, unique, blood.

     Isabella Swan had a clear, open wound in her arm dripping of fresh blood onto the snow. I got completely distracted and the scent came like a rush. I wanted that blood. I leaped toward her, with my hands out to grab her arm. But a masculine hand grabbed my head. I looked up at Edward crashing down an iron fist down at my head.

     Last thing I felt was air whisking through my head.

The End

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