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Stephenie Meyer Day Fundraising Initiative

Image for Entry 1361762205 Here is the official press release from Forks, WA:
Organizers seek $5,000 in fan donations to help fund annual celebration of all things TWILIGHT

FORKS, WA -- For some, the release of THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN, PART II was the end of their journey with TWILIGHT. But for others -- including the residents of the famed Forks, Wash. -- the desire to keep the sparkle alive will always be there. Now in its seventh year, Stephenie Meyer Day (SMD) is seeking $5,000 in fan donations to help fund its annual celebration of all things TWILIGHT from Sept. 12-15, 2013.

"Stephenie Meyer Day has grown as an event every year, and unfortunately, our current budget doesn't meet the fan demand for events and activities," said Staci Chastain, organizer of Stephenie Meyer Day 2013. "In most cases, fans are traveling thousands of miles to attend Stephenie Meyer Day, and we want to be able to offer them a weekend they'll never forget. For most people, this may be their last opportunity to attend."

Fan donations will be used to supplement the weekend's current budget of $3,000. Donations will go toward event sponsorship, such as signage, venue rental, and catering; posters and merchandise; and accommodation and airfare of special guests, including the Stephenie Meyer Day cast of impersonators. The cast consists of professional impersonators acting in the roles of the Cullen family, Jacob Black, James, and Victoria, who help to fully immerse fans into the TWILIGHT world.

"Stephenie Meyer Day weekend is like Disneyland for TWILIGHT fans," said Chastain. "Every experience, every event, is designed to bring the world of TWILIGHT to life. We want you to see what Bella saw, feel what she felt, and most of importantly, experience the beauty and charm of Forks."

Fans can make contributions in $5, $25, $50, $75, and $100 increments. Everyone who donates is eligible to receive recognition based on his or her level of contribution. Fans can have their name listed on the Stephenie Meyer Day website as an official sponsor of SMD 2013; a signed poster of the Stephenie Meyer Day cast; a Stephenie Meyer Day prize pack; and a vlog shoutout from the Stephenie Meyer Day cast, among others.

To donate to the SMD 2013 fundraising initiative, or to learn more about the drive, please visit http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/stephenie-meyer-day-weekend-2013/.

To learn more about SMD 2013, please visit http://stepheniemeyerday.com/.

Stephenie Meyer Day is an annual celebration of the world-renowned author of THE TWILIGHT SAGA, held in the series setting of Forks, Wash. Designed to coincide with the September 13 birthday of Bella Swan, the series heroine, Stephenie Meyer Day has grown to include an entire weekend of festivities. An estimated 100,000 TWILIGHT fans have visited Forks per year since the surge in popularity of THE TWILIGHT SAGA.

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