E-mail Interview with Maggie Stiefvater
(Author of The Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy)

EM (Rosalie): I can only imagine the amount of pressure a growing audience can be for a writer. Have you experienced any difficulties as a result of your growing fan base?

MS: Ha! The biggest challenge -- and the one that I never really anticipated -- was the e-mail one. I prided myself on answering every email in an orderly and timely fashion, replying to every blog post, nodding back to every virtual nod I got . . . and then, suddenly, it was impossible. I was getting 4,000 e-mails and spending literally half of my month trying to answer e-mails. It was very, very, very hard to let go of that idea of answering every single one, because it's one of the best parts of writing.

EM (Alice): Some people are considering you to be the next Stephenie Meyer and the Shiver series to be the next Twilight saga. Are you ready for that kind of pressure and fame?

MS: Ohimosh. Twilight has become a religion. I don't know if I could take that -- that sort of scrutiny of everything about me. I think Stephenie Meyer must just have the internet turned off and blinkers on when she goes out to keep from going insane.

Though a theme park would be nice.

Okay, no. No, I'm good. Really.

Maybe just paperdolls?

EM (Rosalie): Can you tell us any of your favorite moments that you have experienced as a result of "Shiver" such as funny moments on a tour or unexpected surprises?

MS: Hmmm . . . I'm trying to think of things that are funny without using hand gestures. There was a moment when I was riding in an elevator wearing a shirt that said ASK ME ABOUT MY SHAPESHIFTING and there were two people riding up with me and one of them screamed "OH MY GOD, YOU'RE MAGGIE STIEFVATER." Then she screamed again and then because people were screaming at me in an elevator where I couldn't escape, I screamed, and then she asked me to talk to her friend on the phone and tell her that I was standing right next to her, and I did what she said because when someone is screaming at you and you're in an elevator, that's what you do. Turns out they were reading Shiver for their book club.

EM (Rosalie): Is there anything you (as an author) are hoping that the reader might take from Shiver and Linger?

MS: The idea that you choose the person you turn into. A fondness for German poetry. An undying craving for hot chocolate or chicken parmesan.

EM (Alice): Both Shiver and Linger change to different character's perspectives a lot. Which character point of view was the most fun to write?

MS: Oh, I don't know if I can pick a favorite -- they all sort of speak to different parts of me, so it's more of a mood thing. I would say that Cole was very satisfying to write in Linger, and Sam in Shiver, and .. . I'm not saying who in Forever.

EM (Rosalie): Your books have been highly successful. What has been your favorite impulse item you have been able to indulge in as a result? :)

MS: MUSIC. I'm a terrible person for buying music (I play music myself, so it's near and dear) and one of the things I've really most especially loved doing is being able to go onto iTunes and buy a few tracks without thinking . . . did I just spend the grocery money on The Shins?

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