Exclusive Interview with Solomon Trimble, Part 1

EM (Rosalie): First question, when did you first hear about Twilight, the books and the movie? And I'm not talking about when you auditioned; I'm talking about before that. And, being a guy, what was your initial reaction. I have brothers who were; um…they heard about it and were like, 'okay, why not?' But I've heard other guys who are absolutely; 'it's a vampire romance, burn it.' So I'm just wondering if your reaction was more favorable to the book or more anti?

Solomon: Oh yeah, of the genre books that I read. Just my reaction to the book in general? Twilight?

EM (Rosalie): Mmhm, yeah.

Solomon: Well, um, I'm sure if I knew Bella, I would probably get tired of her complaining, I guess.


EM (Bella): Thank you.

Solomon: I really liked the next three books. The first book, it wasn't like the writing was bad, it was just…the story line and the way that she just…I don't know, moped around.

EM (Alice): Mmhm…

Solomon: It was kinda hard to get through…. Actually I love vampire books, anyway.

EM (Alice): Sweet.

Solomon: I've read other ones, but I'm not going to admit to them, so.


Solomon: No, no. I really, really love vampire books. A kind of strange thing, I had a conversation with my sister-and-law like three years ago, and I'm like 'I want to be in a vampire movie.'


Solomon: I brought it up the other day, 'you remember that conversation?' You know, I thought I just made it up in my head, I don't really…I vaguely remember it 'cause we were staying up late, playing video games…


Solomon: And talking at random, you know, like 'I want to get famous,' and then it happened.


Solomon: It was like, 'yeah, I want to be in a vampire movie,' and that's what happened. *laugh* But yeah, uh, my reaction to the book…it was favorable. It was one of the better ones. I liked how it was just about the story. Again…yeah. Yeah, if I knew Bella, I don't know, like, it would be strenuous on our friendship, to try and phrase it, if all she talked about was Edward and mopped around, I don't know. *laugh*

EM (Alice): Next question: Are you team vampire or team werewolf?

Solomon: Werewolf.


Solomon: There's so many vampires, and so many different ways, and all of it. I don't know. Just basically…'cause, their history is…

EM (Alice): And you play a werewolf.


EM (Bella): Yeah.

Solomon: Uh, I don't know, I'm just going to say wolf. I just like the wolves better. I don't know…uh, the whole belief system, shape shifting is awesome, and all that stuff. And it doesn't necessarily, like, you have to live off the life of others. I don't know.

EM: Yeah.

Solomon: I don't know, I mean, it was just kind of clear to me. Until the fourth book I was team Jacob. Well, until the third I was team Jacob.

EM (Alice): Team Jacob.


Solomon: Well, because Bella…well, she has to choose between bestiality and necrophilia. It was just…I don't know, the werewolf fantasy getting really just because…I was cast as Sam, and then… *laugh* It was kind of like 'good for you,' and then after a while I just thought… I'm pretty sure the rest of the wolf pack is tired of hearing Jacob think about Bella all the time.


Solomon: Werewolf's radio, you can't shut it off. It's just, uh, you know, it's just team Edward after that.


EM (Bella): Alright, here's the next question: Do you have a favorite quote from the movie and book?

Solomon: Ooh, the movie quote is just really dumb and hilarious. It's when Edward's reading everyone's mind, and he comes across the guy and says 'cat.' That caught me off guard.

EM (Bella): Oh yes, I laughed at that one, too.

Solomon: …and then the book. I'm sure I have it highlighted, but I don't have the book with me. I have it like tore up, it looks like a delicate bible, it's like highlighted.


Solomon: And then, I don't know. I have no idea. Well, I'll have to get back to you on that one. 'Cause I'm sure when I get home, I'm totally going to open up the book and be like 'this is it. This is the one.' Yeah, next question, I'll totally get back to you on that one.

EM (Rosalie): Alright.

Solomon: Unless you totally mind getting another call from me. *laugh*

EM (Esme): Which book out of the Twilight saga was your favorite, if you have a favorite?

Solomon: Um…Eclipse. *laugh*

EM (Alice): Eclipse?

Solomon: Yeah. Well, I do like the last one a lot, though. I don't know.

EM (Esme): Breaking Dawn?

Solomon: Mmhm.

EM (Alice): Why is Eclipse your favorite?

EM (Alice): Is there a reason?

Solomon: I don't know, it's just… I guess it's between New Moon and Eclipse. Like, between those two, the werewolf things and how they split up.

EM (Alice): The werewolves.


Solomon: Yes, there's more werewolves.


Solomon: Well, I mean, the thing about the books is that I like Stephenie Meyer, she wrote the Native American characters as just characters and a lot of books kind of…I don't know, they get lost in their own fantasy world. When your working in a fantasy world, what you tend to do, well fantasize Native Americans, and it just kind of…I don't know. 'Let's not emphasize on this, we'll emphasize that they're werewolves, not that they're Native Americans.' She wrote them as characters, and I really, really enjoyed that part of it.

EM (Bella): Yeah.

Solomon: It's really, like, between New Moon and Eclipse. The way that Taylor kind of refreshed them, too. Read up on them.

EM (Rosalie): Yeah.

Solomon: You don't read a book with Native American characters that were …characters, you know, part of the story and not just thrown in there for some added good flavor. You know, like…

EM (Bella): Yeah.

Solomon: That's New Moon and Eclipse, and that's why I like them the most.

EM (Bella): Yeah, and that's very rare, you rarely find fans of New Moon.


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