Exclusive Interview with Solomon Trimble, Part 3

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EM (Rosalie): So this next question, do you want the abridged version, or do want the little scenario?

Solomon: …scenario.

EM (Rosalie): Okay. *laugh* Alright, you escape a mob of Solomon thirsty fan girls by magically jumping into the Twilight book. While walking down the street, you run into Sam. What do you ask him and what do you talk about?

Solomon: *laugh* Wow. What do I ask him? What do I talk about? Um, first off, who of the wolf pack is fluent in Quileute? Next, um…what are Sam's hobbies? I've written a lot of poetry in Sam's perspective to Emily, and also to Leah. And, uh, Stephenie Meyer said, 'well, Sam's not really a poet.' So I'd ask him, 'what do you do?' You can't just be a disgruntled guy all the time. Like, 'you've got to have a hobby. What is it?' Um…does he miss Leah? Like, being in their relationship. Um, so many questions. Um…are they barged from their ceremonies for being werewolves, 'cause I think that they would be, I mean, there are some strict ceremonies of the northwest that I'm sure you'd be barged from if you lost your temper and exploded into a wolf. So, I'd probably ask him that, like 'are you guys barged from that?' 'Cause that would probably add on to the whole angst that most of them have for being werewolves. Like, not only being excluded from having a normal life, but being excluded from their cultural…shindigs, I guess, their cultural gatherings, 'cause they can't lose their tempers anywhere, really.

EM (Rosalie): That's a very interesting point. I wonder; if you think in another language, if it doesn't translate to the rest of the pack. So if you were to think something-

Solomon: No, I've had that question: If Sam and Jacob are the only ones who speak fluently and we think in Quileute, could we have an argument in Quileute while we're wolves, and no one knows what we're talking about? I dunno…

EM (Esme): That is so cool!

EM (Alice): That's good!

EM (Bella, Rosalie, Bella): That is cool!

EM (Alice): That would be a good question for Stephenie Meyer.

EM (Rosalie): That would be a good question for Stephenie.
     My brother, he went to Guatemala, and he said that when he came home, he kept on thinking in Spanish, and he had to translate back to English when he got back.

EM (Alice): Oh, wow!

EM (Rosalie): That's just interesting!

EM (Alice): Our next question: I noticed that Twizzlers seem to be the preferred candy of Twilight? Like in the beach scene, Bella and Jacob are eating them, and also in the parking lot in front of the school. Any thoughts?

Solomon: Uh, they were left in that van.


Solomon: I don't think it was necessarily part of the scene, that anyone planned it. They were like 'ooh, Twizzlers!'


Solomon: And, we started eating them, and then we're like…'okay, we're rolling!' I don't know if it was planned or not. I just think someone brought Twizzlers, left them in that van, and wherever the van went, we were eating Twizzlers.


Solomon: They were good, too. Like, they weren't hard or anything, 'cause it was freezing, but, like-I don't know who kept them warm, but they were warm.


Solomon: They'd come out of that van, and they were warm. And now that disturbs me. Hmm.


Solomon: I don't know why they were warm. Anyway…

EM (Esme): Have you seen any the Twilight Parodies? If so, which one is your favorite so far?

Solomon: I haven't seen one yet.




Solomon: I was like, 'wow, I haven't really…" Hmm. I don't know, I haven't.

EM (Rosalie): I am shocked!

Solomon: You guys should just e-mail me and make me a list, and I'll totally answer your questions a little bit better.

EM (Rosalie): Is there an e-mail address we could send them to you? I am surprised! I am shocked! I am--


EM (Rosalie): I thought that would be one of the first things you'd do, like 'ooh, I've been in this movie, I wonder what the fans think!'


Solomon: Okay, whoa, whoa, wait, wait, there was one, but it's not public anywhere. There was, uh…. Twilight Awesome had one, that they shot. And I don't know if they posted it anywhere. But it was my favorite one because it was two of my friends hopping on each other's backs: Amy was a photographer, and my sister-and-law, Shannon. I think it was both of them were in a scene and they like; Amy jumped on Shannon's back and was like 'hold on tight, spider monkey.' And, the only reason it was funny to me was because, they couldn't get the line out, and then they both fell in the dirt, getting dirt all over themselves.


Solomon: It was just funny to see my friends lose it over Twilight. It was great.


EM (Rosalie): I'm shocked. Well, um, if you get bored before we send you a list, um, if you just go to YouTube, there's one by Evil Iguana, you know, evil lizard, Evil Iguana, and then you just put in Twilight parody. It's probably one of the funniest one's I've seen. It's really good.

EM (Alice): My favorite.

Solomon: Okay.

EM (Bella): My favorite so far has been the latest one by the Hillywood Show.

EM (Alice): Oh, yes.

EM (Bella): Yes, that one…. They do one of my favorite songs in it too, so that has to contribute.

Solomon: That's cool, I'll totally look into that.

EM (Rosalie): …I am surprised.


EM (Rosalie): I am shocked and appalled at you, Sam!


Solomon: Wow, I've looked up a lot of stuff… Mainly, I've looked up a lot of interviews with everyone else and, you know, what they had to say. But, you know, the director, and working with different people, 'cause everyone has their own different perspectives. And just seeing if they said anything about me annoying the crap out of them, you know, pulling so many pranks. Me and Krys got in trouble a couple of times. I was just wondering if they were going to be like, 'yeah, and Krys and Solomon, and stupid peanut butter breath!'

Solomon: Krys-every time he was trying to be serious, or in a scene, everybody could smell his peanut butter breath. I don't know why.


Solomon: Cracks me the hell up. But I'm like, 'There's peanut butter breath in my face.'

EM (Alice): Now, while we're talking about Krys, what is his real last name? He's only ever told us his last name is 'Smokey-Desperado.' *laugh*

Solomon: Oh, it's hilarious. Well, it's legally changed to 'Smokey-Desperado' now.


Solomon: Yeah, so, that's his last name. No, I have no idea! I asked him, like 'do you not want to pay homage to your father or your mother? Like, I don't even know his last name, honestly. I don't know. But I don't press 'cause, you know I'm like, 'whatever man, your Smokey-D to me, that's fine.' I don't know why, I don't understand it. I have no idea. But I'm sure if I pressed, he'd probably give me a nickname, and I wouldn't like it.


Solomon: Like, everyone calls me 'Sollywood' now.

EM (Esme): Sollywood?!


EM (Bella): I like that.

EM (Alice): I like that, too!

Solomon: I'm like, my family…somebody said Sollywood, and Krys says 'Sollywood is great! We love Sollywood!' And a horrible Krys laugh. But it was hilarious.


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