Exclusive Interview with Solomon Trimble, Part 3

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EM (Alice): Have you pre-ordered your copy of the Twilight DVD yet?

Solomon: I didn't have to. Someone's sending me one. Like, a fan is. And then I wanted to write to her and tell her 'I think I get one for free in the mail when it comes out, just before you do. I'm not sure.' But, whatever, I'll take it all wrapped and give it to a fan. I'll give it to…the transit girl. I don't know what to call it now! It's not transit! Uh…the bus girl?

EM (Esme): The bus girl?


Solomon: It wouldn't be the first time that I got something from a fan and gave it to someone I liked. No, just kidding. That's horrible.

EM (Bella): Alright, next question: What was it like working with Taylor, Kristen, and Krys?

Solomon: Krys is freaking adorable, and shy. But when you get to know him, he's the funniest man you will meet. Ever. He's just hilarious. He's genuinely…like, whatever he's into, he's genuinely into it. He's really genuinely Krys. Cracks me the hell up.
      From the time that I got to spend with Taylor; the man's professional. Anything he does, he does to the tenth degree. That's such a nerd thing to say. Anyway…ya know, he's crazy professional, crazy into…he really submersed himself into this, he just impressed the crap out of me.

EM (Rosalie): Did Krys really try to hold your hand while you were filming?

Solomon: Who?

EM (Rosalie): Krys. You mentioned in a different interview that Krys kept trying to hold your hand while you were filming?

Solomon: Oh no! No no no no no no no no no no!


Solomon: To ruin the scene! Somebody said 'Krys is really shy.' And he's like 'I'm not shy.' And they were saying 'need me to hold your hand?' the whole time. And it was a figure of speech.


Solomon: So he'd hold my hand, and we were holding hands, and I could just see the look on a couple of the crew people's faces, like 'ugh! We're going to have to shoot this again! Ugh! It's freezing!' And then of course I'd say, 'well, I did a lot of research, and I think the Quileute would hold hands.'


Solomon: They didn't get the joke. But anyway, I was trying to read my lines in a bunch of different ways. And I swear that the one that they took was like a sound check. But we did a part…it was great. It was great because it was funny, but we had to keep re-shooting and re-shooting, because every now and then I'd squeak and be like 'the Cullen's don't come here. Ah! Quit holding my hand!'


Solomon: He's all like, 'uh, you got that right,' 'cause I've got two lines, and he never let that go. Great. It never made it, but it was funny. It cracked me the hell up. I'm gonna see him later. We're gonna go snowboarding.


Solomon: Which is crazy hilarious, because he's probably ten times better at it than I am. He's going to watch me fall down the mountain.


EM (Alice): I cannot ski either.

Solomon: I would like to do skateboarding, but I gave it up to do long boarding. It's just a longer board. It's like surfing on concrete.

EM (Bella): Long boarding's fun.

Solomon: But, he [Krys] tells me how lame it is everyday. But he hasn't ridden one yet, so I'm sure once he gets on one, he'll always want to be on it. But he can't do tricks, ha ha ha, on a long board. Anyways…we can talk about me and Krys all day. Back to the question.
      Kristen Stewart was like…really crazy mature. Like, I didn't know how old she was when we were on set. I was just kind of blown away by her professionalism. She was just really down-to-earth, like really, really cool.
      Plus, she knew who I was. Like a couple of days before the shoot, I went on set just to meet people, and she was like 'you're Solomon Trimble!' And I was like, 'you know my name!'


Solomon: I was like, 'wow.' I guess I was star-struck to some degree.

EM (Bella & Rose): *laughter*

Solomon: But, uh, yeah, that kind of blew me away. But, anyway, she was really cool. Really down to earth. Really…nice.

EM (Bella): That's good.

Solomon: Like we had a whole bunch of conversations about Randall Creb, and she was just, like, honest, I mean, cool.

EM (Bella): Yep, that's good.


Solomon: So, let's re-cap: Krys is a dork. *laugh*


EM (Rosalie): Can we e-mail him and tell him you said that?


Solomon: (sarcastically) Yeah. And tell him his favorite name is retarded.


EM (Rosalie): You write your own poetry, is there a particular piece you're really proud of?

Solomon: Um, I like the Dear Emily poem the most just because it stretches the bounds of…I don't know. It kind of like bridged my sweet poems and then my more, like, adult poetry. I don't know, it kind of encompassed the way that I write, and it actually rhymed. Like, I hate rhyming. I just can't stand it. And a lot of people are like 'how do you write a poem that doesn't rhyme?' 'Cause when you think 'poem' you think line schemes. Some people do a lot that's just like spoken word. I do slant rhymes, like words that almost rhyme together, so your brain decides that it rhymes.

EM (Bella): Yeah, I get that a lot.

Solomon: Yeah, I think that's my favorite one. I can sort of recite it off the top of my head, but I'm sure I'll get one of the lines wrong, and then someone's gonna say 'you got your own poetry wrong! Ha ha ha!' I'd be like, 'okay, whatever.' I write it at four in the morning…

EM (Bella): I do, too!

Solomon: …Crazy high on sweet tea…

EM (Bella): Yeah, that's when I write, too.

Solomon: …I can't get enough sweet tea. I want sweet tea right now because I'm talking about it. *laugh*

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