Not Again
By Lacey Sled

Told in Bella's point of view...

Renesseme was now in the 9th grade. She was somewhat like most teenagers, except from being a half vampire. She was a cheerleader which meant she had to be even more careful, because so many people are watching. Edward wasn’t a huge fan of the cheerleading he thought that the skirts were too short but Edward knew how much she enjoyed it and decided to go quietly and support her. Edward and I were on our way to her game. When we go into the tiny gym Nessie saw us and waved. We took our seats and then I realized just why forks doesn’t have a football team because it rains so much the field would be muddy and hard to play on. I had left my shield down so Edward read my thoughts and he chuckled to himself. I asked why he said “it took you that long to realize why forks didn’t have a football team”. Then I started to laugh too because I have lived her for almost 6 years. Then the whistle blew and the game started, instead of watching the game I watched Nessie she had grow up way to fast. Edward was watching the game like most guys. During halftime the cheerleaders did a performance. After that Nessie walked over to us and I could tell something was on her mind. I said “Nessie is something wrong”? She said “no” and continued to talk, “mom, dad the other girls were talking and they are having a sleepover tomorrow night. Can I go”? Edward already said no, and before I could say anything Nessie had to go back and cheer. I dropped my shield and asked Edward why not? He said “because she isn’t ready she still isn’t aware of her strength and she doesn’t like to eat human food, it just wouldn’t go well.” That was the last of that conversation. After the game we waited on Nessie to come find us and we waited and waited and waited which was weird because she has never taken this long. I looked at Edward for reassurance; his face was as blank as ever. I decided to go ask a few of nessie’s friends if they had seen her. They all said she went into the locker room and that’s all they know. I walked in to the locker room the lights were off; I turned the lights on and noticed that nessie’s bag was still there. I said “Nessie…….. Are you in here”? There was no reply I grabbed her bag and walked out to Edward who was concerned. I told Edward there was no one in there and she left her bag. He grabbed his cell phone; “Carlisle put me on speaker phone, we have a big problem. Nessie went into the locker room after the game and didn’t come out. Bella went in there to check and see if she was in there all that was left in there was her bag. There wasn’t any scent not even hers that has never happened. I have no idea what’s going on and I don’t even know where to start. What should we do”? I have never seen Edward in such a confused panic. We listened to the family’s opinions. Then all the sudden we hear Jacobs voice he said “what’s going on? Nessie should have been back by now. Jasper told Jacob what had happened, because jasper could make sure he wouldn’t burst into a wolf. Then Edward hung up. Edward and I were sitting in the gym, until the school janitor said we had to leave so we walked out and got in the car and drove it to a hiding place. We broke in to the gym to investigate more. This time we both went into the locker room to see if there was anything there to help us find Renesseme. When we opened the door there was a shoe I picked it up and on the tongue of the shoe there were the initials R.C.; Renesseme Cullen. I showed Edward and he took the shoe and walked around then we saw a piece of paper on the mirror. I said “Edward the shoe and the piece of paper weren’t in here when I came in”. Edward said “then someone must have seen us leave and came in here and left the shoe and the note”. Edward grabbed the note and read it out loud “Dear Cullen’s, I have your precious Renesseme again. That’s right; you all thought that you had killed me. Well you didn’t, and I’m here to get revenge. Signed Benjamin. P.S. you will get to see your daughter again when I get what I came here for in the first place. Edward grabbed the phone and told Carlisle, while he was telling the story, I felt lightheaded and weak, and I felt myself start collapsing. Then Edward grabbed me and said “Bella, I know your worried I am to, let’s get home”. Once we got home Alice ran out the door and grabbed me. She told me that “Benjamin had Nessie hidden somewhere and that all she could see that it was dark”. We ran into the house and decided to just have to wait till Benjamin sends another note. When morning came the whole family ran to the cottage to see if he had left any notes, there weren’t any notes. Then we got to the school gym and we started searching, I ran into the locker room and found a note it said “Retrace your steps”. So we ran back to the cottage and found a note on the front door it said “Roses are red, Violets are blue, check the meadow and I might find you”. We took off running for the meadow and what did we find. We found Benjamin but no sight of Nessie. I saw him and a growl rose in my chest but Edward shushed me. Edward walked forward Benjamin stayed put. When Edward was about 6 feet away from Benjamin he stopped. Benjamin said I know how much you all miss Renesseme because she has no shut up you all. Edward said “Benjamin, where is Renesseme”? Benjamin replied “still in hiding, I still don’t think that you all have suffered enough”. Edward said “we have suffered dearly, what is it you want from us? We are sorry we tried to kill you but it was because you were a threat to everyone and you couldn’t be trusted”. Benjamin said “that was quite touching but you all must know that I am in Love with Isabella”. Then I froze because I didn’t even know this guy and he was hurting my daughter because he loved me. I walked closer and asked him “how can you love me when you know nothing about me”? Benjamin said “Isabella I have been watching you I know everything about you”. Edward grabbed me and growled. Benjamin said “I have been watching you since the first day of high school in Arizona. You probly don’t remember me because I was a grade ahead of you and I never talked to anyone. Isabella I was turned into a vampire the same year you left Arizona. I have loved you for a long time and I hope you can love me” I hide myself behind Edward and told Benjamin that “I am in love with Edward and I always will be”. Benjamin looked heartbroken and said “Fine love him but I’m keeping Nessie till you change your mind”. That set me off I lunged at Benjamin and knocked him to the ground. Then we were both on our feet and I lunged at his throat but Benjamin grabbed my face and started kissing me. That lasted not even a second before I started ripping his arm off. He fell to the ground then Emmett and jasper grabbed Benjamin. Edward was so mad that he yelled in Benjamin’s face and demanded him to take us to Nessie. Benjamin gave up the fight and said she’s up on the mountain, she’s not harmed. Jacob burst into a wolf and I climbed on his back and we raced up the mountain to get Nessie. She was curled up in a ball crying. I ran to her and hugged her and told her everything is alright. I put her on Jacobs back and we went back to the meadow. Benjamin was at the point where he just wanted to give up. Edward scooped Nessie up in his arms and asked her if Benjamin had harmed her. She said “no he wasn’t mean at all besides not letting me come home”. Edward put Nessie down and walked over to Benjamin and said “Benjamin if you promise to never come back and leave us alone forever, we will let you go. If not we will have to kill you. What’s your decision”? Benjamin looked me and I turned my head. He sighed and said I will leave and never come back. Emmett and jasper released him and Benjamin said “I’m terribly sorry, I will never come back”. Then he ran away. We went back to the house and we all were so happy that Benjamin was out of our life for good. A few days later Renesseme decided since she couldn’t go to a sleepover that she was going to have one. Alice and Nessie planned it all. The day of the sleepover we decided to send the guys off on a “camping trip”. That night around 5 all of Nessie’s friends came over, they were like most teen girls sat around drinking soda and giggling about everything. Esme, Rosalie, Alice, and I just sat around the table watching them. Then Alice decided that they could do makeover, she took the girls upstairs to her bathroom where all the make-up was and the girls had the best time, but soon they fell asleep. When they woke up in the morning Esme and I cooked them breakfast and then the girl’s parents came to get them. Once they left the guys showed up. So everyone in the family was happy, and we loved each other dearly.

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