The Center of My World

Chapter 1

I am now officially four years old. Yep, its true. Ok, so four is young but, I look like a 17 year old! My growth spurts have slowed down so now I can pretend to go to school, just like mom and dad. Thanks to Jacobs’s dad, my Jacob can be in the same school with me! Now, we all go to forks High School. I got in my new car that dad bought me – witch I can now drive, because I can pass for 17and it was a shiny, Blue, Ferrari . - And went to pick up my Jacob. I went down the curvy path till I got to the road.

     Mom and Dad always tell me to drive the speed limit but, I cheat sometimes. The little line reached over 110. I loved to drive fast! I got to Jakes’ and stopped in front of the house. I waited two minutes until I got impatient. I honked the horn two times, rapidly. Jacob leaned his head out the door with a tooth brush in his mouth and his hair was all jagged from new hair gell he had to try the other day. He put up one finger to tell me to wait a moment. I sighed. This is another normal day. I am going to be late; moms asking why, Dad seeing in my head why, then dad scolding Jacob that he needs to wake up earlier. Yup, everyday seemed to be the same.

Jacob came out slipping on his jacket. I opened the door just before he got to the car. He got in and closed the door. I sped off onto the road again. “Sorry, that I was late, Ness .” He said buckling.. “It’s Ok; it’s just that, like any other day, dads going to scold you.” I sad sighing.

He sighed too. “I know. I, accidently, slept in. We were running around late last night.” He said.

I just nodded. The school was a few seconds away, so I slowed down. I parked next to my dads, silver Volvo and got out.

     Mom and Dad were talking inside; I could see them through a window. I walked inside because it was about to rain. This was the only place where I can call them their normal names.

Mom looked over. “You’re late.” She said coming over to us. Here we go again I thought.

Just then the bell rang. Dad sighed and we all walked in a human pace to our class. Jake and I sat together and mom and dad sat together. A different teacher walked in. Oh, A substitute.

This ought to be fun. “Bella?” He called, holding an attendance sheet. “Here.” She called, looking at her hands.. “Jacob?” the teacher called. “Here.” Jacob called, smiling at me. “Renessme?”

Only he said all the E‘s with an A sound. “Um, it’s Renessme.” I corrected. Then said “Here.”

The teacher looked puzzled for a moment then called some other names. My dad was last. “Edward?” He called. “present.” Dad said. How formal. The teacher turned around with a piece of paper in his hands and started writing stuff on the chalk board. He wrote his name: Mr. Vurbert. What a strange name, yet cool.

   I had one question in my mind from earlier. Why was Jacob running around last night? They haven’t for a awhile. I got my piece of paper and started to write,

Ok. One question Jacob.
Why were you out- and- about last night??

I passed my note to him. He looked at it then turned the paper over.

We came across a scent we didn’t know. But, it smelled washed out so we decided to quit early in the morning. And I have a question too. How does your hand writing improve so well?

I held in a laugh. He was trying to distract me. I erased my other note and wrote:

Well, when I have nothing to do, I write and draw. Any way, what scent?????

I passed him note. He sighed. And wrote something else. He passed it back.

I don’t know. I was going to talk with Edward when we get to your place later on.

That sounded like a good Idea. Although, Dad could probably hear our thoughts right now.

I looked over to dad and he smiled, still looking straight ahead, but turning his eyes to look at me.

Jacob passed another note.

Can you write better then that?

He challenged me, witch meant he was changing the subject.

I handed the note to Jacob. His mouth fell open.

The other classes seemed to take FOREVER. Finally it was lunch, and I was starving.
Although I’m part vampire, I am also part human. Witch means I need Blood, and Real Food.
Jacob got in the line and I walked right behind him. As usual Jacob filled his plate like a mountain. I filled mine like a normal person. We sat at our usual table with Mom, Dad, Alice , Jasper, Emmett, rose, Jacob an me. Dad looked over at Jacobs’ food. “How can you eat so much? It’s disgusting!” Mom looked over. “You will gain what you eat.” She said, looking at Jacobs food, her eye brows mushed together. “ Not for me.” Jacob said, biting into a massive slice of pizza. I rolled my eyes.

School was finally over, and Jacob, Alice and jasper rode with me back to the house.
Of course I had to go the speed limit or else Alice will tell on me, so it took forever!
We got inside and I went to the kitchen table to get my homework over with. Jacob sat on the couch. “Aren’t you going to do your homework? “ I asked. He looked at me like I was joking, and then turned on the television. Dad walked in and sat on the loveseat, away from Jacob.
“ So you came across an unfamiliar scent last night?” dad said. Yep, he was reading our thoughts in class. Jacob didn’t take his eyes off the tv. “ M-m-m H-m-m.” He said, trying not to bring the subject up. “Hm.” Dad sighed and sat back, getting comfterable.

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