The Center of My World

Chapter 2

Dad just started at my Jacob. I quickly finished my home work and walked over to sit with Jake.
Dad just stared at Jacob. Then he sighed. “Jacob. Can I have a little more information then that?”
“Fine.” Jacob said, picking up the remote and turning the TV to mute. “we came across a scent that we didn’t recognize. So we followed it. It went all the way to your side of the treaty line. So we had to stop. Of course it was one of you guys’, we could tell by the stench.” Jacob said wrinkling his nose at the end. Dad sat forward. “You mean, it came across to our side?”
“Yes. Isn’t that what I said?” Jacob said with a frustrated laugh. “Hmm.” Dad said, sitting back, again. “And someone you did not recognize?” Dad said, double checking. “Yes.” Jacob said picking the remote back up. “You do realize that this could be dangerous?” Dad said, raising his eye-brows. “Sure, sure.” Jacob turned the TV back on. Dangerous? I thought. I looked at dad.
I could feel a worried expression on my face. “Its fine, Ness .” Dad said, comfortingly. I just nodded. Mom burst through the room then, with a small bag in her right hand two big bags in the left. “You went shopping?” dad asked. Then Alice appeared next to her smiling. “With Alice ?” dad asked surprised. “Well, not really for me. ” She lifted the small bag in the right hand. “This is for me.” She said then lifted the two big bags. “This is mostly Alice ’s’ cloths, but there an out-fit for Ness and you, Edward.” Mom said with a half smile spread across her face. Alice frowned. “Ya. Alls she bought for her self was a necklace! And not one with some thing on it! A plain silver chain!” Alice complained. “So.” I said butting in on the small conversation, but I didn’t care. “Silver looks good on mom.” I said shrugging. “Thank you Ness ..” Mom said and walked over to kiss my forehead. “What did you need the chain for?” Dad asked mom politely. He is so formal at times. It bugs me. “Oh.” Mom said reaching into her pocket. She pulled out a diamond heart and a little wood thing. “The chain broke and I lost it. I figured it would look good on a neck less.” Mom said, putting the big bags down and taking the chain out of the small bag. “Hey!” Jacob said laughing. “You still have that!” Mom smiled. “Of course I do silly!” I could only see a little wood piece. It looked like something was carved in it. I got up and went over to mom. I am just about as tall as her now. “What’s that one?” I said, pointing to the little wood piece. “This?” She said laughing, turning it over. On the other side of the red-brown wood was a carving of a wolf. It was beautiful. “I got this one from Jacob. After I graduated Alice had a party, Jacob came and gave me this.” She said smiling. “Who gave you that one?” I said pointing to the crystal heart. “Edward did.’ She said. Dad got up and stood next to her. Dad took it and –from the bracelet, it still had a little clapse on it.. Same thing for the heart. - hooked it onto the chain. He put it on her. Jacob got up. “ I still can’t believe you still have it!” He said laughing. “Mom just smiled. ‘ I remember both nights very well.” She said smiling at Dad. “You still remember everything.” He asked smiling. “Yes. Its one of the human memories I remember.” “I really like the were wolf one.” I said, admiring my moms’ neck less. Jacob smiled. “I made it with my own two hands.” He said, impressed with himself. I was impressed. “Impressive.” I said looking at him. “Thanks.” He said going back over to sit on the couch.

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