The Center of My World

Chapter 3

Today’s Saturday! I love Saturdays, I get to hang out in the other house –not like we don’t do that anyway. - But usually Jacob and Seth come over on Saturdays. Jacob called and said that he was going to be late but Seth was coming at normal time. My homework is done. Home work is just something that occupies me. School is just to easy. Before, when I kept growing, I had to be homeschooled. So mom and dad taught me. I basically learned every grade. I was sitting on the couch just flipping through channels when there was a knock on the door. “I’ll get it.!” I said, needing a distraction from the channel- flipping. I opened the door and Seth was there. “Hey Seth.” I said smiling. “Hey Nessie!” Seth said, excited. “You grew!” I said, not really that surprised. “Ya. A full 2 inches since last Saturday.” He said smiling. “You look like your you look like your…23! Not 20!” I said. “Really?” He asked. I opened the door wider so he could get in. When I said that he was 20, I realized how old my Jacob was. He was supposed to be turning 22 but because that he is a were wolf he going to look seven-teen, so we still say what their real age is supposed to be. I sighed. Dad, Mom, Carlisle , and Esme was making a lot of food. With a werewolf in the house you need a lot of food, but with two werewolves in the house, you need a feast!
Seth and I walked into the kitchen that we only use when Seth and Jacob come over. Mom was putting a tray full of cookies on the table. She went to the fryer and took out chicken and put more inside it. She looked over at Edward. “Err, you have to stir it.” She said laughing. Dad laughed. “I am glad you were a good cook when you were a human, and still know how to cook when you don’t even eat!” Mom smiled. Mom looked over. “Oh! Hey Seth. Did Jacob come yet?” Seth nodded. “Nope. He said he was busy working in his garage and he would be hear an hour late. “Ok.” Mom said, turning back towards the fryer. Carlisle finished what he was doing then washed his hands. “Sorry. I have to stop cooking and go to work.” He said with a smile on his face. “Oh. That’s Ok. We are almost done.” Mom said. She never liked any one feeling bad. Although I knew they weren’t half-way done though. Dad looked at me and nodded. I giggled.
Carlisle kissed Esmes’ forehead and left. Esme was chopping and cutting vegetables. Dad moved on to cleaning some areas up. Just then there were 3 knocks on the door. I walked to go get the door. When I opened it Jacob was standing there. He was pulling something from his hand. He looked up. “Hey Ness !” He said, all happy. “Hey!-looked at his hand- Are you ok?” I asked.
“Ya. Just a few splinters. That’s all. I opened the door more and he ducked through the door.
“I smell food!” Jacob said walking into the kitchen. “Hey Jacob” Mom said, putting three more plates of food to the table. “Hey, Seth.” Jacob said, taking a cookie from the tray. “Hey, bro.”
Seth said high fiving Jacob.
      Today went rather quick, and so did the food. Jake and I were sitting outside by the creek.
“I made something for you.” He said. Reaching into his, enormous pocket. He pulled out a round piece of cherry wood it looked like. He handed it to me. It was centimeter think and it was round, maybe an inch wide. It was nice and smooth, I flipped it over and on it was a carving of a wolf that looked like it was howling. Almost like moms. “Do you like it?” He asked. “Jacob. I love it!”
I said laughing. “Really? Well, you said yesterday that you really liked your moms’, so I thought I would make you one.” He said shrugging. “I love it Jacob!” I laughed. I reached over to hug him. He hugged back then let go. I half smiled. I kept the carving in my hand.
“Renessme! Time to go home!” Mom yelled from the house. I groaned and got up. “Thanks again, Jacob.” I said getting up. “You’re welcome, again.” I hugged him good night and went to mom and dad to go to the house.

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