The Center of My World

Chapter 4

I couldn’t sleep. I still held the wooden wolf in my hand. I kept tracing my finger over the shape over and over. I loved the carving and how detailed it was. I thought that it was amazing.
There was two knocks on the door then mom opened the door a crack. “Nessie, can I come in?”
“Ya, mom.” I said looking up from the wooden wolf. Mom came in and sat on my bed with me.
“You should be asleep.” She said, smiling. “I know, but I can’t.” I said, smiling back. Mom looked down to the wooden wolf that My Jacob made. She smiled and looked back at me. “I see Jacob made this for you?” My smile got wider. “Yes.” I said. She looked at it for a moment and then sighed. “He must really like you.” She said, not taking her eyes of the wooden wolf. Then she looked up. “Do you like him?” She asked, smiling. I looked down. I was afraid to tell her. What would she say? “Yes.” I whispered. Mom smiled. “I’m glad.” Then she looked back at the door and back at me. “Your dads worried.” She said, her smile getting wider. “Why?” I asked, sitting up, confused. “Well, ...He’s worried that you and Jacob are going to run off and marry and then never come back…I thought I was the one who worries like that.” She said, giggling at the end. “Why would he think that?” I asked, now getting amusement out of this. “He said he got a glimpse of Jacobs mind before we left. He said That Jacob must really and I mean really, like you. Alls he thinks about is you. Then he thinks of the future.” She said, frowning. “Mom. I won’t run off and get married. If something like that happens I would tell you right- away.” I said. Then I turned towards the door. “Got that dad?” I said. He came through the door. He sighed. “Got it.” He said. I laughed.

* * * * * * * * *

It’s been a week now and nothings happened. As In nothings happened I mean that literally. Alls I did was sit in the other house. Today I am heading Off to La push, instead of Jacob coming here. I got in my Blue Ferrari and sped down the high way.

I pulled up front and got out of the car. I turned around and Jacob was there. “Oh!” I said, jumping two inches of the ground. “Sorry. I herd your car and I was out back.” He said. “That’s Ok.” I said panting and catching my breath. “How long do you think you could stay?” He asked.
“I told mom I will definitely be back before 11:00 pm.” I said smiling. “Cool!” He said smiling a huge grin. “What do you want to do?” I asked. His grin got wider. “I don’t know….Maybe we could just hang out then go to the beach.” He suggested. “Sounds good to me.” I said shrugging.
We walked to the back yard and sat in the grass. Today it wasn’t raining but it wasn’t sunny. I laid down and stared at the thick gray clouds. “I am glad you suggested that I come here instead of you coming to my place.” I said, sighing. “Why is that?” He asked. “All this past week I have done nothing and I am sick of that house right now.” I said Giggling.
We talked some more and Jacob suggested that we go to the beach. I didn’t object.
We talked some more and walked around. The sun was setting and I decided to sit in the sand.
Jacob sat next to me. “Can I ask you something?” He asked. “What is it?” He sighed. “I have two questions.” I waited. “Do you like me?” He asked, looking at me. I giggled. “What?” He asked. “Well, I think of you as the center of my world.” I said. He laughed too. “I wish I thought of that.” He said laughing some more. “What’s your other question?” I asked, curiously.
He hesitated then stood up. I stood up too. “Now I think your dad and mom are going to object but…” I could hear his heart, it sounded like it was going to burst! “Are you ok Jake?” I asked.
“Ya. Nervous of what you’re going to say.” I waited. I took a deep breath, then put his hand in his pocket and slid down on one knee. I gasped. He took out the box and opened it so I can see the ring. It was simple yet beautiful. It was gold with a small, square, diamond. “Renessme Cullen, I have known you for my whole life and wish to be with you for the rest of my life…will you marry me?” He asked. His heart sounded like it was going even faster. I felt a smile on my face as it grew bigger. “Yes.” I said, to happy to say anything else. He stood up and put the ring on my right hand on my third finger.

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