The Center of My World

Chapter 5

“I have one question, Jacob. How am I going to keep this from them?” I asked. “Don’t. We both can tell them tonight.” He said shrugging. “Do you realize what dad will do to you?!” I said, seeming nervous now. “Your mom won’t let anything happen to me.” He said. “Your right.”
I can still hear his heart, it haven’t slowed down yet. “Do you want to tell them now?” He asked.
“I think that would be wise.” Especially since I told my mom last week if anything like this happened I will tell them right away… We got in my car and drove towards the house.
We stopped in the front. “I think it would be better if we told every one at once. So dad has more people to stop him from killing you.” I said. I opened the door. “Start thinking about something else.” He laughed. I concentrated on my home work, and it worked! I forgot a project. I walked through the front door and shoved my right hand in my pocket. “Hey guys.” Mom said from the couch. She was leaning against Edward. “Um, Mom, Dad? I have something to tell the whole family.” I sad. Project, project, project. I thought. Dads face was curious. Just then everyone was in the living room, either sitting or leaning against a wall. Jacob and I took a deep breath and walked to where every one could see us.. I kept think about my project while I thought.
“We have good news to tell you.” I looked at Jacob. He took a deep breath. “We are getting married.” He said slowly. Dad froze. Mom smiled. Alice had a HUGE smile. Emmett smiled also,
Basically everyone except Dad was smiling. “You’re joking, right.” Dad said through his teeth. I sighed and took out my right hand. Mom looked at dad. She must have moved her shield out, because they started having a conversation. Dad would shake his head or nod. Dad sighed.
“I am….happy…for…you…two.” He struggled. I ran over and hugged them both. Mom whispered in my ear, “I knew this was coming. I just felt it.” I got up and Alice was behind me. “So when!” She squealed. I knew exactly what she meant. “I don’t know…maybe in a month or so?” I looked at Jacob. “When ever you want it.” He said, smiling. “Well, since its May…how about June the 23rd?” I asked. Today’s May 23rd so we have exactly a month. “Perfect!” She squealed again. Esme came over hand hugged me. “Congratulations, sweetie.” She said. “Thanks.” Carlisle came over. “Congrats.” He said. I looked at dad. And he was smiling!
He got up and shook Jacob hand. “Congratulations, Jacob. You have my Blessing!” He thought for a second. “Or should I say, ‘son’.” Jacob smiled.


Alice dragged me into her room. I wasn’t surprised to see three hair dryers, brushes that I haven’t even seen in my life, make-up of every color of the rain bow, six pairs of shoes, and three different wedding dresses. “Go sit over there and pick a dress and a pair of shoes.” She said pointing to a chair in front of the shoes and dresses. I sighed and went over. Alice walked out and came back in with more make up and hair clips. Rosalie was coming in right behind her. “Witch one?” Alice said, standing behind me. I looked at them on had sleeves that go to the elbow and it looked like it was two pieces but it was attached. It had a small veil. The second was long and flowy with a long veil. The third was beautiful. It didn’t look new though.. “I like the third one.” I said. “That one,” She said putting the other two in the closet and picking up the one I will were. “Was your Moms. I knew you would like it.” She said, with a smile. I looked at the shoes. I chose a nice white shoe with an inch heel. It was opened toe so I had to get my toe nails painted. They French painted my toe nails. Next was my dress, it fit perfectly. They put my hair in curlers and let them out after in hour. They were tight curls. They kept it long and brushed it through a little. They put my make up on, rose kept on re doing it. “I don’t think she needs eye liner...” She would say, or “No. Blue is not working.” Finally I was done. Just like my moms wedding we were having here, at the house. Dad knocked on the door. “Come in, Edward.” Alice said. Dad came in with some flowers. “Since Jacob can’t come in he wanted you to have these.” He said, handing me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It had white, red, pink roses, and calla Lillis. Dad was all dressed and ready. Alice and rose went to get changed. Dad stood there. “You look nice.” He said. He half smiled. “Thanks Dad.” “You know, I wasn’t happy at first, because I thought you were to young, but I want you to be happy.” He said, his smile getting bigger. I carefully walked over and hugged him. “Thanks dad.”

      Dad and I were waited behind Alice and rose. I held in my tears. We hired some one to come and say the vows so we could repeat. The music started and Alice walked out first., then rose. Then all too soon we started to walk forward. When we walked down the stairs I saw so many people! I didn’t even know some. Alice is so dead. I could tell dad was holding in a laugh. I saw mom in the front, she noticed the dress I was wearing and looked like if she had tears she would be crying a water fall. We got to the front and My Jacob was there, not just my Jacob, The center of my world. I stood next to Jacob and we turned to face each other. We repeated the vows and put on the rings. Finally the guy said, “You are now husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.” Jacob was smiling and I swear I saw a single tear in his eye. He leaned down and kissed me and pulled back. We walked back down the isle and Dad and mom followed. I went into my room and Alice, rose, esme, mom and dad, were there. Mom came over and hugged me. “I love the dress.” She teased. She sounded like she was crying tearless sobs. “Thanks mom” I said. Dad hugged me, then Alice, rose hugged me too, and Esme. I was just going to have a family party. So I got changed into a pink dress that its sleeves went down my arm like a water fall. The length goes past my knees, and it sparkled. I walked into the living room and Carlisle , jasper and Emmett were putting finishing touches on things. Alice over did-it, -sigh- of course. There were streamers, balloons, cakes, so much. “I see Alice got you guys stuck into decorating?” I said, laughing. Carlisle smiled. “Yes.” Emmett was putting streamers on the ceiling. I saw all the food. “ Alice ?” I said. She appeared next to me. “Yes?” She said. ‘Why is there all this food?” I asked. She shrugged. Jacob came over. “I invited my friends. You don’t mind right?” He asked me. “No. I don’t mind. As long as if that’s the only people coming.” Alice looked at me with a worried look. “You didn’t Alice . Tell me you didn’t!” I said, begging. “Ok. I didn’t.” she said.
Dad came up from behind me. “ Alice !” He complained. “Alice, how many people?!?” I asked.
“Err, 86…?” She said, bracing herself. “Eighty- six!!!!” I screeched. Jacob took my hand. I took a deep breath. “When?” She knew what I meant. “Any minute.” She said, right when the door bell rang. She opened the door and a file of people came in. I gasped. All eighty-six people must have come together because the line never ended. Alice noticed too and just left the door open.

It turned out that it wasn’t so bad. Jacob and I got to dance and we got to shove cake in each others faces. Dad laughed when shoved cake first into my Jacobs face. It was finally over and I collapsed on the couch. Jacob sat next to me. “I’m Beat.” He said. I sighed. “Me too. But it was a good day.” I said. He smiled and leaned down to kiss me again. He let go and I laughed. “What?” He asked. “This is true. Today really happened!” I said, giggling. I sat there and leaned away to lay down and with that, I fell asleep.

2 weeks later.

We went through the door of the house. We just got back from our Honey-moon. Dad and Mom were in the living room and so was everyone else. We walked into the living room. “We’re here!” I said, putting my bags down. Dad looked over and got up with Mom. Mom hugged me. “How was it?” She asked. We went to Isle Esme , just like mom and dad. “Wonderful!” I said. Esme got up and took our bags. I don’t know were she went though... she came back and said, “I have a surprise for you two.” I looked at Jacob he looked back and shrugged. She walked outside and we followed. She went a little bit past my mom and dads house then stopped in front of a different cottage. I gasped and smiled. Jacob smiled too. It looked like my moms and dads.
We walked inside and Esme said through the door. “Have fun!” Red-brown carpet with Wood walls. There was a white couch and a fireplace. There was picture of our wedding and there were three doors. One was a bathroom with a big tub and a nice shower. The other was a plain room that we could do anything with. The last one was our bedroom. There was a king sized bed with black satin covers and white sheets. There was matching chairs in there and another door to the bathroom. ‘Wow.” I said, too amazed to say anything else. “Wow.” Jacob said. I was so tired and there was one more door and I couldn’t look so laid on the bed. Jacob opened the door though. “ Alice .” He groaned. “What” I asked, sitting up. “Closet.” Was all he said. I got up and looked inside. It was bigger then my moms! “ Alice !” I groaned too. Jacob turned and smiled and we walked towards the bed. I was tired.

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