The Center of My World

Chapter 6

It has been three weeks since I got my home with Jacob and I am having a wonderful happy ever after. Jacob and I walked over to the house. We got inside and Dad was pacing in the living room.
“What’s up dad?” I asked. He looked at me. “We found the scent that Jacob was talking about a month ago” He said. “Oh.” Was all Jacob said. He walked over to the couch, I followed.
We both sat on the couch, holding hands. We watched dad pace back and forth. Mom came into the room. “Edward you need to calm down.” She said walking over. “But it’s a scent I recognize!” He said. Mom stared at him. They were having there own conversation again. Dad nodded once and mom froze. “You don’t mean…?” She asked, worry spreading across her face. He nodded again. “Who?” Jacob and I said together. Mom looked at us. “The volturi” Her face going whiter then it is. Carlisle came in, Alice also with a worried expression. Emmett followed and so did rose. Jasper was already in hear sitting in a chair. “Why?” Was all Carlisle said. “I don’t know.” Dad said, shaking his head. “Well, I could ask Sam to keep an eye out??” Jacob said. “That would be good.” Dad, said, approving his answer, witch doesn’t happen often. Jacob got his Cell out and went in another room. “Dad, why would they come here?” I asked. My parents told me about the volturi, for a just- in- case. “We don’t know Nessie..” Mom said.
“Wonder why they would want to come.” Emmett wondered to himself. “I am going to take a walk.” I said getting up. ‘Ok. Stay close.” Dad said. I nodded.

      I walked around by the creek. This past month has been the busiest month. It had its good and bad. Behind me, there was a sound in the trees, like someone was walking on leaves. I turned around, not seeing anything. I got my breathing even again then went back to walking. I jumped over the creek and walked in the trees. I heard the same noise again; I turned around and saw nothing. I swallowed and turned back around to keep going on my walk. I needed the fresh air.
“Hello, Renessme..” I heard a woman’s voice. “Yes, hello.” I heard a man this time. Dad told me about all the people and I think I knew who these are. I turned around. “Do you know me? I am Aro and this is Jane.” He said pointing to himself and the girl, who were both dressed in black robes. I stood there. Keeping quiet, I was too scared to say anything. Aro laughed. “I bet your wondering why we are here and not in Italy .” He said. I just nodded once; I could not find my voice. He laughed again. “We heard you had a wedding. With a werewolf too. Hmm. How nice. And we looked at our rules again, and saw that you should be destroyed.” He said, calmly, with a smile. Jane’s smile got wider. I turned to run, but they were faster then me; since I was not all vampire I am not that fast. Aro went in front of me and tossed me to the side. I could feel that something was broken when my right side hit a rock. I groaned and carefully turned myself over.
“Tsk, Tsk, I see you’re not as strong as your family.” He said getting closer. “So.” I growled.
The wind blew. He smelled the air. “Mmm. And you have very nice blood. Must get it from your Mom.” Jane got closer too. “Nessie?” I heard Jacob and dad call. How long have I’ve been gone. Luckily I was wearing a watch and it was turned on my wrist. I looked. I have been gone for an hour and a half. “Renessme!?!” They yelled louder. I could tell they were getting closer. “Nessie!” I heard Jacob, acknowledged that I was found. “No!” I yelled. Then Aro caught dads arm and Jacob and the other. Dad growled when he saw me and aro. Then harder when he saw Jane. Jane took them and Aro came over to me. “What shall I do with you?” He stepped on my wrist. I held in my scream. Dads’ growl was never stopping. I was surprised Jacob hasn’t exploded yet. Aro leaned down to bite me but then Jacob knocked him out of the way. Edward was still in Jane’s grasp. Aro got up and shoved Jacob into the creek. Aro came over to whisper in Jane’s’ ear and then Aro took Dad. Jane took one step then stared at me. Then I felt pain. I had to scream. I sent out a shriek. It wouldn’t stop. I opened my eyes and only saw blur. Then the pain faded away. I saw dad throwing Aro and then tackled Jane. I saw more people come in but then I closed my eyes and waited for my fate.

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