The Center of My World

Chapter 7

I woke up to a bright light. I couldn’t sit up and I felt strange. “ Ness ?” I heard Jacob. I turned my head. Jacob was sitting in a chair next to me with his arm in a brace. “Jake?” my voice thick from sleeping. “Nessie! I am so glad you’re awake!” I struggled but I sat up. Jacob came over to help me. I was in Carlisle ’s office. My left arm was in a brace too, my right wrist was in a cast and I could feel that some of my ribs were broken too. I looked back at Jacob. “What happened to you?” I asked, looking at his arm. “Oh. When he tossed me into the creek I hit a rock.” He said, shrugging. Just then Carlisle and dad walked in. “oh. You are awake.” Carlisle said. Dad came over to me and brushed his fingers across my face. “I’m sorry.” “For what, dad?” I asked. “I should have told you to stay in the house.” He said. That reminded me of what Aro said. “Dad, he said that I should be destroyed and that he was mad that I was married to a werewolf.” I said, wincing as I remembered. ‘That’s not true though, it was an excuse.” I waited. “They were going to destroy you when you were a baby; he wanted revenge because he didn’t win the fight four years ago.” I winced again. Mom came in.. “Hey, sweetie.” She said coming over. Dad stepped back so mom could see me. “Hey. Mom.” I said, wincing at my broken ribs. “Are you ok?” She asked. “Fine.” Was All I said. I looked out the window and saw that it was evening. “How long have I been sleeping?” I asked, looking at Jacob. “Only a day.” Jacob said shrugging. “Oh.” I said. I looked out the window, lost in in thought. “You should get your sleep.” Dad said. “I’m not tired.” I said. Two seconds later I yawned. “Yes, you are.” Carlisle said, smiling. I half smiled and looked at Jacob. He helped me lay back down and I soon fell back to sleep.
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