The Center of My World

Chapter 8

I finally got out of bed and stretched. I was all healed and ready. I was going to go on a trip with Jacob to Russia , to celebrate that I was all healed. I ran downstairs and almost tripped, but dad caught me. “In a hurry?” He said, chuckling. “I was going to find Jacob.” I said, straitening up.
“He’s in your house, packing.” I smiled and thought thanks and ran to the house.

      I got inside and Jacob zipped up the last bag. There were 4 bags, two was his and two was mine. “Hey Ness ! You look better.” He said. “Do I?” I said, turning in a full circle. “I should rephrase that, you always look good.” He said, coming over and hugging me. “Thank you.” I said.
He let go of me and I went over to change. I grabbed what ever Jacob didn’t pack witch was a pair of jeans a pale pink blouse. I went into the bathroom to take my shower. I quickly got dressed and walked out. Jacob had all the bags in the car and he was on the bed watching TV.
I smiled at him and went to grab my hair dryer and my curling iron. I took them into the bathroom and dried my hair and curled it. I walked out and Jacob hasn’t moved an inch. I sat, crossed legged, on the bed next to him. “Ya ready?” He asked. “Yep.” I said jumping down.
We walked downstairs and said our good byes and went out into my Ferrari.

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