The Center of My World

Last Chapter

We came home, nervous and excited. Nervous because we were afraid if our news was bad, excited, on the other hand, because this is very …well, exciting! We arrived at the house I took a deep breath and said, “Think of something else.” He laughed, he must have remembered when I told him that before we told mom and dad we were getting married. We walked inside and I was shaking. “Mom? Dad?” I said. This time I was thinking of Spanish. Hola, hola, hola. I thought.
“In here.” Mom called from the living room. We walked in. Everyone was in there. Dad looked confused. “Why are you thinking of Spanish and you….hot dogs?” HE said chuckling.
I gulped. “Err, I have…news.” I whispered. Dad froze. Man! I forgot to think Spanish. “What is it Nessie?” Mom asked. “Err, Mom, dad. I am having…a …baby.”
Everyone stared in shock.Carlisle froze and stared and put his head in his hands. Mom and dad looked at each other. “Uh, oh.” They said together.

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