The Werewolf for the Vampire

Written by Hannah

     Edward strolled quickly down the street, Rennnesme not far behind him, and me in the back with Alice who, I could tell, wanted to go faster. By the time we arrived at the new store, Emmett and Jasper were there, leaning on Emmett's jeep, and Rosalie was inside sitting directly in front of the A.C. and trying to apply last minute make-up.
      "Well," I said brightly."we're just missing Jacob." As if on cue Jacob came bounding around the parking lot curb. He pulled Renessme, who was as big as a small 12 year old, into a tight embrace. He shook Edward's hand and kissed my cheek. Rosalie made a gaging noise as him and Emmett high-fived. Over the past years Emmett and Jacob had become really close friends and Rosalie couldn't stand it!!
      "Ok lets get crack-a-lackin." Emmett yelled, and even Jasper smiled as we walked into the shop to look for things to buy Carlise and Esme for their anniversary.
      Of course what do you get a couple that has everything? We had already been to so many shops that we weren't sure there was anything we could get them. Emmett had insisted we come to this shop, so to this shop we came, honestly who could resist that grin of his?! After hours of shopping this store Jake pulled out a very pretty necklace that was Esme's favorite color and so many text book on the "next evolution" that his arms were shaking. Edward rifled through them and tosed aside a few Carlise already had, but there was still anough to make Jake look puny. Who would have thought, the WEREWOLF found something for the VAMPIRE!!!!!