Written by Suse

Edward's POV

I felt the sudden vibration of the small silver phone in my pocket. At first, I didn't really know if I wanted to answer it.
Staring at the cracks in the ceiling of the tiny one room apartment, I decided to check it, just in case it was Carlisle.

It wasn't. But I was surprised to see that the familiar seven digit number. Why on earth would Rosalie call? For all I knew she didn't mind my absence. I pressed the green button, "Rosalie," I answered in a monotonous tone.

"Edward, Alice saw something. She told me not to tell you, but I thought I should," she told me, having a slightly pleased tone in her voice. I waited for her to go on. "It's Bella. Alice saw her jump off a cliff, or something. Into the ocean. She didn't see her come out..."

Bella...her name struck me fiercely. I had tried to forget about her in the beginning. But how could I? So I didn't go along with that.
Instead, I couldn't help myself but think of her, and force myself to believe that she was living a better life. A human, safe life. Perhaps she had found someone else. Though it was hard for me to take, it was what I wanted for her. To live a good life. Bella...

"I think she's dead, good riddance if you ask me. She brought trouble to this family," Rosalie mumbled. The anger and pure fury boiled in me. Not only the anger, but the sadness. The loss. What had she done? She promised. She promised me to be safe. What had I done?

No. I could not believe it. Rosalie would be far too happy to know Bella was dead. I grimaced at the thought. I quickly hung up from her, and then dialed Bella's house. I knew that the sound of her voice might torture me, make me want to come back, and beg for her to forgive me. The phone rang twice before someone answered it.

"Swan residence," an unfamiliar male voice answered.

It took all I had to find my voice. "Is Charlie there?"

"No," the man answered, sounding angry. "He's arranging a funeral."

My hand tightened, crushing the device into pieces. Was it possible for a vampire to cry? It seemed like I might. My whole body went rigid with anger, and grief. It was all my fault. Bella....I turned my head, trying to hold in the pain and agony. I wanted to yell, but I knew that would not do any good. The world was now an empty place to me. With no reason, no light. My dead heart was torn, broken. It was as if I had felt it tear slowly, making the pain even more absolute. I couldn't live in a world where Bella didn't exist. I knew what I had to do. To see her again. The answer was in Volterra.

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