If you've seen our hit film The Spoof Saga: New Moon, then you have already seen the amazing Tom Durham, who plays Aro! He is a proffesional director (and, of course, a wonderful actor) and actually helped edit the final Italy scenes of our New Moon spoof.

Well, he's working on making a movie of his own: an indie sci-fi film called "95ers: Echoes" (which Kate, Charlie, and I got to be in). This is something he has been working on for years, and the movie is so close to being completed. But it needs $12,000 more to finish up post-production. That's where you come in! If you donate to the film, they're offering several very cool rewards for the cash help! Click here to donate and watch a cool behind the scenes video of 95ers: Echoes!

Sincerely, Alice
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