Why do all of the exciting things happen when we're gone? It's so annoying! But we'll make it up to you (keep checking back, we'll have a treat for you later!).

So while we were gone, filming for Breaking Dawn took place in Brazil! We facebooked and tweeted a lot of the news and pics from Rio, but in case you missed it here is a quick rundown of what went on (SPOILER WARNING!):

-Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Stephenie Meyer arrived at the airport in Rio. They were greeted by tons of Brazilian fans.
-The actors stayed at the Copacabana hotel there in Rio.
-They filmed a scene on the streets where extras danced to music while Rob and Kristen as Edward and Bella shared a very passionate kiss. Summit and the owners of the rooms with windows overlooking the streets being used for filming rented out those rooms to fans.
-They filmed Rob and Kristen in a motor boat at night. Rob had a hard time steering the boat.
-The Isle Esme scenes were filmed at a place called Paratay at a special resort. The area needed some special preparations before filming took place.

-A scene was filmed at a waterfall where Edward (Rob's stunt double) showed off with a high dive into the pool below where Bella was swimming. Rob was sometimes wearing swimming trunks, other times nothing but his underwear while Kristen was wearing a bikini.
-There was also a scene where they were playing chess. That's a very honeymoon thing to do.
-The rest of the Isle Esme scenes were filmed inside the resort, and none of the fans out in their boats on the water could see.

His Golden Eyes has put together this slide show with a bunch of pictures fans took of them filming! Check it out!

Sincerely, Alice
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